Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Choosing Sides

Their peaceful life has come to an end! Jiang Feng sighed as he looked at the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals in the clouds.

He turned back and saw Grandmaster Bodhi and Sun Wukong that was protected by a layer of barrier some distance away, and he had made a decision.

As the Old City of Loulan had been destroyed, Grandmaster Bodhi and Sun Wukongs location had been exposed.

"Monster Cloud!" He called out as the Monster Cloud appeared under him, raising his body upward.

He scratched his face using his two hands and created two scars.

He enlarged Deicide and made it stand on the Monster Cloud, and he crouched down as he transformed into Sun Wukongs form. Then he looked at the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals on the horizon.


The spectacular scene had attracted the attention of many of the players nearby Loulan City.

"Something big is going to happen! Lets get to the message board!"

"My blood is boiling just thinking about the Shifter Emperor fighting against all those Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals! Ill see you at the message board!"

"Haha! My idol has been quiet for so long and hes finally out! Looks like the Divine Dominion is going to get very lively! It is more interesting that way! Im getting bored just killing monsters!"


The message board, which was originally quite quiet, was suddenly dominated by Jiang Fengs name. Many of the players, when they saw this, all teleported to Loulan City.

Because of a large number of players joining, the players that were online in Huaxia Server had reached 100,000,000.

In only a short while, Loulan City had been swarmed by a large number of players. The surface of the desert and the skies were filled with players.

But the players did not know that when Jiang Feng was going to declare war against the Divines, the other forces in the Huaxia Server had begun making their move.


In a palace within the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals.

Archmaster Moji said to Yao Qiong, "Inheritor of the Infernals. Inform the Infernal Army that we will attack the Imperial Dragon Palace, and take over that important location!"

Yao Qiong looked at Moji with surprise, "Archmaster, your seal has been broken?"

Moji answered, "Yes, my power has been restored and I am now at my peak. The Infernal Kings have also been awakened, it is time to make our move!"

Yao Qiong nodded. "Understood, I will relay the orders!"


A city that existed within the flames of a volcano in the Hengduan Mountain Range.

Within the Stewards Residence, an old man immolated by fire said to Wenyan, "Wenyan, the most important part of being one of the Nine Elemental Races is to ally with the right partner. If we ally with the wrong partner, we will continue to be suppressed. Ally with the right partner, the Flames can then stand on top of all the other eight Elemental Races."

Another old man with a red beard continued, "Before we ally ourselves with anyone, remember to first conquer a city. We have been stuck here for ten thousand years, it is time to take a walk."

Wenyan was filled with determination as he bowed and answered, "I understand!"


A city underneath the waves in the Eastern Sea.

A blue-haired old man said to a cute girl in a blue dress, "Miao, remember to conquer a city and ally yourself with someone!"

"Heehee, I know!" The little girl smiled excitedly, showing her pair of dimples.

She had wanted to go to shore to play after staying in the water for so long.


Many of the races in the Huaxia Server did not choose to remain silent, but instead, all showed themselves and was going to choose the faction that they wanted to ally with.

Of course, this did not happen only in the Huaxia Server but also appeared in other servers.

There was still some time before the World War would begin, and this time it was all about the races choosing their factions.

This was to prepare for the coming of the Great Divine-Infernal War.

Once they had chosen which faction they would stand with, the choice would become permanent. This would become the most important decision that each race would make.

The American Server was similarly a huge server.

They had three factions, the Divines, the Infernals, and the Fallen.

The Fallen faction was similar to the Shifter faction in the Huaxia Server in which they were tasked to return their race to glory. They were destined to be the enemy of the Divines and Infernals.

Perhaps it was all a coincidence, or perhaps it was how the game was planned, or perhaps this was where the plot was going.

The Inheritor of the Fallen, Lux, held a black-colored greatsword as he flapped his wings of black and white. He was leading a group of his followers who had similarly colored wings and was opposing the Divine Dragon Guards, Celestial Soldiers, and Celestial Generals led by Johns.

Johns looked at Lux with pride and said, "So our third faction is the fallen angels. How dare you, an unclean race such as yourselves, oppose a pure angelic Divine like me?"

Lux answered him coldly, "Lord Lucifer was attacked by the Divines and fell from grace into darkness. He then created the Fallen. But then, he was attacked by the Infernals. We no longer wish to be in this war between light and darkness. We only want an untainted place where we can call home!"

Johns then said with a sneer, "Untainted? Only the Light is untainted! All of you are filth to this world and have no reason to exist!"

Lux then raised his head and pointed his sword at Johns and said, "The Divines arrogance and lies. The Infernals cruelty and treachery. These are all filth! Today, I shall cleanse all these filth!"


Just as Johns and Lux were having their little speech, many of the American Servers Inheritors appeared and began to pick and choose factions to join.

In the entire game, other than the Huaxia and American Servers, the other servers Divines and Infernals factions had also begun crossing each other. All the other races had also revealed themselves and aligned themselves with a faction.

This was but a prelude to the World War and the Great Divine and Infernal War.

But all of these races did not come to the aid of the factions they were aligning with. Instead, they were attacking and conquering the cities of each of the servers.

What they needed to do was not to fight, but to aid their factions to gain enough resources.

Ding. World Announcement: Alert! Alert! Pearls of Faction Change had appeared in each countrys trading hub. Only 200,000 are sold on each server, and each player may only buy it once. Each Pearl is priced at 10,000gp. Choose the faction that you love and join them, and write the history of Divine Dominion!

At this time, a world announcement appeared.

Pearls of Faction Change had appeared in the games trading hubs, but it was not cheap and only a limited quantity was made available.

The main reason was for balance. If all the players bought it and joined the same faction, then the Great Divine and Infernal War would become imbalanced after this.

That being said, once the world announcement was made, the players from the Huaxia Server became excited.

"Haha! Finally, items that can let me change factions! I should get one ASAP! I want to join the Shifters! Long live the Shifters!"

"Shifter Emperor! Shifter Emperor! I am loyal only to the Shifter Emperor!"

"Damn it! Joining the Shifters now! The Shifter Emperor is just too cool! Hes making me all fired up!"

"Haha! Bro, you bought it too! Lets all join the Shifters! When the battle starts, lets kick the butts of those Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals! It would definitely be worth it even if I die!"


At one point in time, the Huaxia Servers 200,000 "Pearls of Faction Change" had all been sold out in less than a minute. Around 150,000 players had chosen to join the Shifters.

It could be said that the game company had earned a lot of money again thanks to this opportunity to switch factions!