Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Shifter Emperor We Will Help You

Deplete the duration of my Talisman of Invulnerability? Jiang Feng snorted as he looked at the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals that were withdrawing.

He did not waste any time as he immediately took out and used Abbot Lanruos Golden Body.

If he did not use it then, he might be at an even greater disadvantage. That was why he had to use it earlier than planned.

Ding. System Prompt: As you are too powerful, the effects of fusing with Abbot Lanruos Golden Body have been weakened. Attack and Movement Speed increased by 30%, effective for 2 hours. Level -2 after expiration.

With his attack increased by 30% and Deicides 12% increase in attack, his attack had reached 5,680,000.

A Celestial Soldiers power was equal to a level 100 Spiritual Beast, and his HP was around 5,000,000. With his attack, he could kill him in one hit using his skills.

A Celestial Generals power was equal to a level 100 Immortal Beast, and his HP was around 9,000,000. If he wanted to kill him, he could do it in two hits.


The Orb of Swords came out from the Lianyao Flask and he held it with his left hand. He planted Deicide in front of him, then the Flag of the Shifter Emperor appeared in his right hand!

"Shifters from all directions, heed my call!"


With his command, the entire desert began to stir to life. All the monsters that were hidden within the sands all came toward him. All the monsters within 5km rose to action and none resisted his call.

What made him even more joyful was that Medusa did not leave after all. She was watching from the sideline. As she fell under the influence of the Flag of the Shifter Emperor, she even came out to help him.

In a short while, the entire desert was filled with monsters. However, there were only about a dozen Spiritual Beasts, one Immortal Beast, and the Divine Beast Medusa. Nevertheless, they would be of some use to him.


By his command, all the flying monsters flew up into the air and attacked the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals together with him.

All the players that saw this were shocked at the sheer scale of it.

Only some had seen what the Flag of the Shifter Emperor could do at the Shifter-Sealing Tower. And because there was a limit to the number of monsters the tower contained, it was not as shocking. But now that they were seeing it in an open space, its grandeur truly astonished them.

"This is great! Our bro is still the same, hes going all out with this one!"

"This is so cool! With a wave of his hand, all those monsters come to help him! Theres at least 80,000 of them. This can be compared to a guild war already."

"Unfortunately the monsters are too weak. They wont be able to fight the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals for long!


After he fused with Abbot Lanruos Golden Body, Jiang Fengs movement speed had increased to an incredible level to the point where he could move as fast as a tempest.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared next to around eight Celestial Soldiers. Seven swords flew out from the Orb of Sword, instantly killing them.

"Sweep the Army!"

The Deicide had grown, and in one sweep, he killed several hundred Celestial Soldiers and a dozen Celestial Generals that did not have full health.

Qiu Si wanted to stop him, but no matter how he attacked Jiang Feng, it was no use.

Jiang Fengs invulnerability had made him immune to even status effects.

"High-speed Movement, Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff!"

He looked at the Talisman of Invulnerabilitys duration. He still had around 30 seconds left. Using High-Speed movement to further magnify his speed, he then used the Demon-Suppressing Heavenly-Wind Staff to attack.

Next, all the players nearby saw a bunch of monkeys within a group of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals, and they were all defeated soon after. There was no time for them to form the Bagua Formation.

In a short while, Jiang Feng was covered with blood. The more he killed, the bolder he became, and the higher his attack became.

"How is this possible? His attacks are still increasing?" Qiu Si had slain a flying monster as he looked at Jiang Feng with terror.

He had been observing Jiang Fengs damage from the very beginning. What he did not expect was that the more Jiang Feng attacked and killed, the higher his attack became.

And with his current HP, he wouldnt be able to survive even one strike from Jiang Feng.

He felt his heart tremble.


Even higher up in the sky, Taibai Jinxing was holding a jar of wine as he looked at Jiang Feng fighting the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals on a cloud.

"Hehe, that kid is quite good! That weapon that was created from Nuwo Rock must have been created by that old Bodhi. Once that weapon has developed its own intelligence, it would become extremely formidable. Perhaps after the Great Divine-Infernal War, that would happen in a few years time, the entire geopolitical landscape of the Three Realms would change," Taibai Jinxing muttered and smiled as he looked at Jiang Feng.

He was not planning to make a move despite looking at the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals being slain left and right.


"Monster, die!"

When he saw that Jiang Feng had killed so many Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals, Li Jing, the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King, could no longer bear the sight. He came over and threw out the Linglong Pagoda and slammed it toward Jiang Feng vehemently.


Jiang Feng was killing some Celestial Soldiers, and just as he turned his head back, he was instantly slammed on the chest by the Linglong Pagoda, and his body was sent flying.


The violent crash caused him to cough out blood as his figure fell from the sky and into the sand, forming a giant crater made of sand.


Jiang Feng rushed out from the crater with a roar and headed straight for Li Jing.

Li Jing waved his hand once more, the Linglong Pagoda appeared once again in his hand and struck him directly into the crater.

The Linglong Pagoda was a Grade One Saintly Artifact. It possessed both attack and defensive capabilities, and it was not something that could be compared with Divine Artifacts and Greater Divine Artifacts. Li Jing had also become famous because of it, and that proved how powerful a weapon it was.

"Damn it!"

Jiang Feng once again rushed out from the crater, but before he could even fly into the air, he was once again suppressed.

He was smashed into the sands once again, and he spat out another mouthful of blood.

"Shifter Emperor, Im here to help you!"

"Everyone that has joined the Shifters, what are you waiting for? Kill em!"

All of the players that had joined the Shifters flew up into the sky using their flying steed to interrupt Li Jing.

"Kill them all!"

Qiu Si squinted his eyes at them and attacked the players as he wielded the Divine Dragon Sword and led the rest of the Celestial Army against them.


The players could not defeat the Celestial Army, and after a short while, one by one, their corpses covered in blood were thrown down from the sky.

Some of them even fell in front of Jiang Feng.

One of the female players had a bit more HP than the others, and when she fell in front of Jiang Feng she still had a few moments left. She smiled faintly at Jiang Feng, who was slowly standing up. "Shifter Emperor, I love you a lot. You wont let us down"

Before she could finish her speech, she disappeared into white light.

Looking at the player that had disappeared, Jiang Feng held Deicide and stood up with his head hung low, and he muttered, "You think you can do whatever you want just because you are gods? Because you have a powerful weapon? Li Jing, is it? Youll be the first one I kill today!"

With that, he once again flew up and rushed toward Li Jing.

At this time, the Linglong Pagoda once again attempted to slam him.

He looked at it angrily, equipped the Sky Stealing Hand, and held his hand out toward the Linglong Pagoda.

"Sky Stealing Hand, steal it for me!" After he had said his command, a soft light beamed from the Sky Stealing Hand toward the Linglong Pagoda.

"No!" When Li Jing saw what was happening, he became vigilant and controlled the Linglong Tower as he made his way toward Jiang Feng.