Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Alliance Conquest

The Sky Stealing Hand could be used to steal Divine level items.

However, items that had been bound and were beyond the Divine level could not be stolen.

Ding. System Prompt: Bound items cannot be stolen. Steal failed.

That was within his expectations, however.

That was a weapon that Li Jing was famed for, so it naturally would have been bound to him.

But using the Sky Stealing Hand to halt the Linglong Pagoda for a short time was possible. It could not be used to attack then.

At this time, he used the "Kill" skills effect to instantly teleport next to Li Jings side and used Deicide to violently smack him on his head.


As Li Jing was concentrating on controlling the Linglong Pagoda, he did not react quickly enough and was slammed into the sands by Jiang Fengs attack.

"The duration for his Invulnerability is almost up! Kill him!" Seeing that Li Jing had been struck aside, Qiu Si quickly said to the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals as he waved his Divine Dragon Sword.

Qiu Sis voice made Jiang Feng frown. He engaged with several Celestial Generals with Deicide in his hand, but he was also paying attention to Qiu Si. He was still invulnerable for the next few seconds, but it would be bad for him if he were ambushed later.


Just as Qiu Si was engaged in careful combat, all the cities in Huaxia Server had started their wars.


Just in front of the Imperial Dragon City, darkness had come and covered it. The Infernal Soldiers, Infernal Generals, and several Infernal Kings began to attack the city under Yao Qiongs leadership.

Suddenly, a legion of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals attacked the Infernal army that was led by Yao Qiong, stopping them from invading the Imperial Dragon City.

Once the Infernal Army had conquered the Imperial Dragon City, they would be able to use the geographical location of the Imperial Dragon Palace to slowly conquer the cities around them. At that time, the Infernal Army would be able to become the most powerful faction.

Very quickly, the Infernal Army had engaged the Celestial Soldiers, Celestial Generals, as well as the patrols and guards in the city, in an epic battle.


Lihuo City.

The Inheritor of the Flames Wen Yan led 100,000 fire elemental monsters and said, "We will ally with the Shifters! Attack!"

After he had made his choice, a flag slowly appeared in his hand. On the flag, the giant word "Shifter" was written on it.

As the flag waved, all the monsters close to Lihuo City began to arrive to give them support.

Of course, the flag was a one-use item, and could not be compared to the Flag of the Shifter Emperor.

At this time, a legion of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals all appeared on top of Lihuo City and engaged the Flames led by Wen Yan.

All thirty-six cities on the continent belonged to the Divines, so of course, the ones that defended them would be the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.


Nanhai City.

The Inheritor of the Waters, Miaoer led 100,000 water elemental monsters. With a mischievous smile, she yelled out loudly, "We will ally with the Shifters! Attack!"

The reason that she allied with the Shifters was that most of the monsters in the sea were mostly Shifters. With the Shifters that they had allied with, she would gain a lot of reinforcements this time.

That was the reason why she chose to stand with the Shifters.

After her declaration, a flag with the word "Shifter" also appeared in her hand.


As she waved the flag, a large group of monsters appeared, and together with the 100,000 water elemental monsters, they all headed toward Nanhai City.


Luzhou City.

The Inheritor of the Spirits, Xiao Lan, led a large group of Spirit Soldiers and Spirit Generals and had started to fight the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.

A flag was being held by a Spirit King with three heads and six arms. All the monsters followed it to attack the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.

The word "Shifter" was written on the flag.

Since she had already promised Jiang Feng that she would help him during the Great Divine-Infernal War, when prompted to choose a faction to join, she would of course choose to ally with the Shifters.


Heilong City

"The Darks will ally with the Infernals!" The Inheritor of the Darks said out loudly.

Dongyu City

"The Lightnings will ally with the Divines!" After the Inheritor of the Lightnings declared his alliance, no Celestial Soldiers or Celestial Generals appear in Dongyu City. They were directly garrisoned in Dongyu City.

Ziyue City.

"The Woods will ally with the Divines!" The Inheritor of the Woods had declared their alliance.

Shuchuan City.

"The Winds will ally with the Infernals!" The Inheritor of the Winds had declared their alliance.

Xihe City.

"The Earths will ally with the Infernals!" The Inheritor of the Earths had declared their alliance.

Kunlun City.

"The Lights will ally with the Divines!" The Inheritor of the Lights had declared their alliance.

Tianlong City.

"The Metals will ally with the Divines!" The Inheritor of the Metals had declared their alliance.


At this time, the nine elemental races had all declared their allegiances.

Among the nine elemental races, only the Flames and the Waters chose to ally with the Shifters, all the others had joined either the Divines or the Internals.

Other than the nine elemental races, some other races had also chosen their allegiances.

For example, the Spirits, the Gnomes, the Elves, the Humans, and the Witchers. All five of them had chosen to ally with the Shifters.

Of course, other than the Spirits and the Witchers, the Gnomes, the Humans and the Elves only chose their allegiance and did not conquer any cities.

Robert had been forging equipment every day in the Ancient City and had never returned to the gnomes, and as such, he made no preparations. Naturally, he would not have the courage to attack any city.

While Nangong Tiaotiao had become the Inheritor of the Elves, she did not complete her quest. Therefore, she could not command the elves yet, and naturally, she did not choose to attack any cities as well

The Humans had no inheritor yet, so technically they did not choose who to ally with. But they would undoubtedly support Jiang Feng, and no one would deny that. Of course, they did not choose any cities to attack too.

In truth, if it were not because of Jiang Fengs labor and investment in the early stages, there would not be many races supporting him.

Jiang Feng had told Nangong Tiaotiao that Xiao Bai was from the Shifter race. With Nangong Tiaotiaos stubbornness and love for Xiao Bai, she would naturally choose to join the Shifters.

Robert was trapped by Jiang Feng, so he had been part of the Shifters for a very long time.

Xiao Lan had promised Jiang Feng so she could get the Soul Binding Bag back, so she was just keeping her promise.

Xing Kui was originally loyal to the Myth Group, but betrayed them after he managed to lure him with promises.

There was nothing to say about Wen Yan. After the battle with Jiang Feng, he had treated him as a friend. Since they were friends, of course, he would come to Jiang Fengs aid.

As for Miaoer, she had never seen Jiang Feng before. So she either chose to join the Shifters to gain reinforcements to conquer a city, or she just randomly chose one.

In a short while, battles had started all across the continent covering all 36 main cities, and they were all quite violent.

Some hidden races did not make a choice at this point, and they were not in a rush to swear and declare their allegiance.

For example, the Dead-Cicada Tribe under Tang Sanzangs leadership, the Necropolitans, and the Sands.


Ding. World Announcement: Alert! Alert! The Inheritors of major races had started the conquest of the main cities. Players that are aligned with these races may choose to assist them in battle and conquer the main cities.

After the world announcement, all the players from each server moved to aid the races allied with their factions in their conquest.

However, all the players at Loulan City were left speechless. That was because all the cities that were in the middle of war had shut down their Teleportation Circles and Return Points. Their only choice was to exchange a Teleportation Gate using their honor points and had players on the outskirts of those cities pull them over.

"I wonder how many races will ally with the Shifters. I hope there will be more. The more there is, the more help I can get!" Jiang Feng thought to himself as he was fighting against the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.