Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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Ding! System prompt. Congratulations on reaching Level 10. You have been automatically placed in the Shifter faction. Hope you will have a good time in the game.

‘Huh? Shifter faction? Don’t tell me the Shifter faction was made for me?’

1One more voice rang from the system and Jiang Feng was slightly stunned, with some hesitation in his mind.

Logically speaking, the system had only unlocked the Divine and Infernal factions. Why would there be an extra Shifter faction?

He couldn’t get an answer in his head and so he could only shake his head. He had already become one of the Shifters. Since it had already become fact, he wouldn’t dwell on it.

1Now that he was the top of the three leaderboards, he had once again become the topic of conversations within the game.

However, Jiang Feng had no time to focus on that. He only wanted to deal with the pieces of equipment on him and then leave the Starter Village. He would then choose a main city to grind for levels.

1Beep! Beep!

After joining a faction and preparing to leave, his Friend Panel began to blink.

‘Hm? I haven’t changed form yet. How could I receive a Friend Request?’

With some hesitation, he opened the menu. What surprised him the most was that the Trading Hall, the Honor Shops, Friend Panels, and all the other systems were available to him.

‘Was it because of the new update that allowed me to use these functions when I’m not transformed?’

Before the update of the game, he couldn’t even see these functions when he wasn’t transformed. Now that all the functions were available to him, he guessed that it must have something to do with the game’s newest update.

He had decided to not be fixated with how the functions appear. He opened his Friend Panel and looked at it.

He took one look, and he was surprised.

All of them were friend requests, and there were around tens of thousands of them.

1He had only been online for a minute and there were already so many friend requests. It was a testament to how popular he was within the game.

He didn’t even look at the friend requests and hid them all.

Just when he was going to close his Friend Panel, he remembered something and search for an ID called ‘Canaan.’ In the next moment, the friend request from Canaan jumped out from the hidden list.

2After a short while, he chose to accept.

This was the ID of the pretty lady boss of Canaan that asked him to join them. All of those that had filled up the employee application forms were required to add her as a friend in-game regardless of whether they had been employed. Once they had been employed, they could then receive their salary.

After agreeing to Canaan’s friend request, the other side then sent over a message. ‘Hello, Jiang Feng. I am Canaan’s owner, Xue Li. Congratulations on becoming a member of our big family!’

Looking at such an official message, he replied with a simple, ‘Thanks.’

‘Jiang Feng, I called you yesterday but you didn’t pick up. I would like to know why you would join our company when there are so many other big companies out there. Of course, I’m not trying to look down on my own company, but I am merely curious and wanted to ask you this question.’

Just as he wanted to close the chat window, he saw another message from the sender. He replied without telling them the truth. ‘Because your company gives me freedom!’

‘Freedom. Yeah, right!

‘If it wasn’t because I look like a monster, I would have agreed to the other companies that are trying to recruit me with a higher salary!

‘If it wasn’t because of the short duration of my Polymorph skill and I couldn’t finish my quests and turn them over within one day, I wouldn’t choose your company. I would have gone to the cities and do the quests myself.’

To him, if he could complete quests and get some money without going online in the company, without meeting anyone from the company and without exposing himself as a monster, then it would be best especially if he didn’t have to do it solo.

Not to mention that joining the company was only temporary. It was only for money, experience, and some information that he could gain from the company. Once his forces had grown powerful enough, he wouldn’t need a guild.

Xue Li: “”

After closing the chat window, he sent a message to Nangong Tiaotiao and then left the Piebald Tiger’s area. He circumvented some players and ran towards the Newbie Village.


Now that he was close to the Starter Village, he had used Polymorph to shift into his human form and walked straight into the Starter Village.

“Sis, he’s here.”

Just as he had entered the village, Nangong Tiaotiao, who had been waiting at the entrance, found him. He pointed at him and said happily to Mu Xi, who was next to her.

“Tiao Tiao, long time no see.”

Since he had asked Nangong Tiaotiao to wait for him here, Jiang Feng wasn’t surprised to see her at all. He walked forward with a smile and greeted Nangong Tiaotiao.

“Long time no see. Right, this is my big sis. Isn’t she pretty? But don’t get any wrong ideas! My sis is very ferocious.” Nangong Tiaotiao pulled Mu Xi and warned Jiang Feng with her fist.

“Um” Nangong Tiaotiao’s words made Jiang Feng feel slightly embarrassed.

“Stop the nonsense,” Mu Xi scolded Nangong Tiaotiao, then scanned Jiang Feng from head to toe. She then said emotionlessly, “I never would have thought that the person that sold the equipment to Tiaotiao would be the famous Jiang Feng!”

“Come, let’s go somewhere we can talk.”

Jiang Feng looked around and realized there were a lot of other players around. He was afraid that others would see him, and so he asked Mu Xi to move into an unmanned shop.

When he joined the game, he didn’t adjust his physical appearance. Therefore, he did not look that different from the real world.

5Once he had been discovered by others and his face had been put on the official forum, he would be in trouble.

1While he would not discount the possibility that there would be those that wish him harm, but he could be sure that he would definitely be harassed at his own home.

His father was physically frail. If there were people that disturbed his father’s rest because they wanted to find him, then that would not be proper.

Once in the shop, he took out all his equipment from his Spatial Bracelet and placed them in front of her without wasting a second, “The Black Silver Sword that’s on the Equipment Leaderboard is here as well. Give me a price.”

The Top for the Equipment Leaderboard would be difficult to maintain. The Black Silver Sword would be removed from the top within a few days, so he was prepared to maximize his profit while it was still the top in the Equipment board.

Since he had ways to get better equipment within a short time.

Mu Xi took the Black Silver Sword and checked, then her eyes beamed with joy.

She then checked the other equipment and nodded her head in satisfaction. “Twenty thousand!”

“Isn’t this a bit too little, last time”

“Last time it was because of the skill book and the rune. This time, these are all equipment. While their quality isn’t bad, they get switched out too quickly. Twenty thousand is the highest price I can give you,” said Mu Xi plainly as she pulled back the hair by her ear, without waiting for him to finish his sentence.

“Fine, twenty thousand it is!”

1Mu Xi wasn’t Nangong Tiaotiao and wasn’t someone that can be easily fooled. This batch of equipment was worth ten thousand at most. She had already given him a friendly price by offering twenty thousand.

Once he had traded the equipment over, twenty thousand entered his bank account.

When he was preparing to leave, Mu Xi suddenly called out to him, “Jiang Feng, are you interested in joining the company where I’m in?”

He turned and looked at Mu Xi and answered with a smile, “If I wasn’t already a part of another company, I would definitely agree to an invitation by a beauty!”

2After he said that, he then left the shop and walked towards where the Teleportation Circle was at the Starter Village.

The Teleportation Circle was at the Village Chief’s home.

“Chief, I’d like to use the Teleportation Circle,” Jiang Feng said as he walked to the village chief with a smile.

“Oh, it’s you, my benefactor! This is the map that contains the location of the main cities. Which main city do you wish to go to?” The village chief took out a map.

On the map, there were thirty-six main cities, and the largest one was located at the center of the Huaxia server. It was called Imperial Dragon City and was also where the Emperor resided.

“Imperial Dragon City!”

1As the biggest main city, once players reached Level 10, most players would choose to enter Imperial Dragon City, since the resources surrounding the city were much more abundant.

“Very well. As you have helped me in my quest for vengeance, I would not take charge you for the teleportation. And I have something else for you.”

As the village chief had finished speaking, he gave a scroll to him.

“This is” Jiang Feng looked at the scroll in his hand.

“This is this village’s Teleportation Scroll. All the heroes that have trained from this village would not be able to return once they leave. But with this scroll, you can return whenever you want.” The village chief explained with a smile.

10“Thank you, chief!”

He stepped into the teleportation circle as he packed the Teleportation Scroll.

Once he was in position, the village chief waved his hand and six crystals appeared in the slots at the pointed end of the teleportation circle’s pentagram. In the next moment, the teleportation circle was activated. A bright light flash and his body slowly disappeared within the Teleportation Circle.