Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 261

Chapter 261 To The Heavens

"Ahahaha! Jade Emperor, you old fool! I am back!"

The Linglong Pagoda in Li Jings left hand suddenly exploded and Sun Wukong flew out from inside on a Somersault Cloud heading toward the clouds with the Jingu Staff in his hand as he laughed out proudly.

There were many emotions within the laughter. Sorrow, excitement, rage, and regret

His laughter could be heard in the entire Huaxia Server, and many monkey-type monsters began to cry out of excitement and cried out his name, "The Great Saint who Equates the Heaven! The Great Saint who Equates the Heaven!"

Other than the monsters, all the players that watched from below all cheered.

Sun Wukong was the childhood of many players. When the players that were spectating saw that they could see a real Sun Wukong from within the game and that his appearance could save Jiang Feng from his danger, they had all become infatuated.

"The Great Saint who Equates the Heaven!"

"The Great Saint who Equates the Heaven!"

"The Great Saint who Equates the Heaven!"


Their cheers were loud enough to reach the very heavens.

When many female players saw this, they screamed and cried in excitement. However, it was no longer because of sorrow. When people become excited to a certain degree, they would start to cry because they were touched. The tears were tears of joy.

"Im Impossible!" Li Jing was shocked as he looked at the shattered Linglong Pagoda in his hand.

And just as he was distracted, Jiang Feng, who had used his Sacrificial Doll to block a fatal strike, immediately used Blink and used the Ruler of Hakai to break the array when the tridents were not attacking him.

After escaping Li jings array, Jiang Fengs body was tattered and he was covered with blood. He only had around 10,000 worth of HP left.

He quickly used Deicide and attacked a Celestial General, and used the Drain Blood skill to restore his HP.

Li Jings ultimate skill had forced him to use a lot of his items.

Withering Wood Pill, Coming of Spring Pill, Sacrificial Doll He had used up all of them, and that was how he managed to remain alive.

After killing a few Celestial Generals, he then led all his followers and Ling Feiyu and approached Sun Wukong.

"Brother Shifter Emperor, thank you," Sun Wukong said to Jiang Feng as he was wielding the Jingu Staff.

"If I couldnt bear this little pain, how could I accompany you to have some fun in the Celestial Courts?" Jiang Feng brushed away the blood on his face with a smile.

He then looked at Ling Feiyu who still had not wiped the trails of tears on her cheeks. He was going to help her wipe them off, but when he saw the blood on his hand, he took out a silk cloth weapon to wipe the tears off her face.

The silk cloth was a weapon that was dropped as loot earlier. If the other players were to see the stats of this weapon, they would scream out in excitement.

Jiang Feng smiled at Ling Feiyu, "Everything is alright now,"

"Yes," Ling Feiyu nodded her head and then led the rest of his followers behind Jiang Feng and Sun Wukong.

A woman, especially a powerful mans woman, only needed to help her man when he needed it. Otherwise, all she needed to do was to cheer him on behind his strong shoulders and settle the little things for him.

Every powerful man had a wise and mature woman behind him.

That sentence was no lie.

When Li Jing saw Jiang Feng stand next to Sun Wukong, he could feel a powerful pressure coming toward him. He then yelled out into the sky, "Taibai Jinxing, are you simply going to stand there and watch?!"

Taibai Jinxing then rode on a cloud flying over as he walked toward them with drunken steps. Her face was all and he even burped, "Burp You are done? Is it time to broker for peace? Alright, alright Leave it to Burp! me."

Taibai Jinxing flew over to Sun Wukong and took out a jar of wine, then smiled at Sun Wukong playfully.

"Burp You must be Sun Wukong, The Great Saint who Equates the Heaven? Would you like to go with me to the Celestial Court to get a post? I can get you a post to look after the horses Burp."

Sun Wukong looked at Taibai Jinxing with a frown.

He had interacted with Taibai Jinxing before this. It was also Taibai Jinxing who was the one that had helped him before this, so he did not immediately attack.

"Yo Youre getting angry," Taibai Jinxing had another gulp of wine and continued, "Oh, I see. The post was too small. That is true, a herder of horses is not a post that suits your identity. Well, how about this. I will let you guard the Peach Garden."

When he mentioned the Peach Garden, Taibai Jinxing mischievously said to Sun Wukong, "Hee hee. Let me tell you a secret. If you stand guard at the Peach Garden, you can secretly eat the peaches and no one would care. Also, if the Seven Fairies go to pick the peaches, you can use your immobilization spells to immobilize them, and then hee hee Burp! You know"

Taibai Jinxing suddenly cried as he was talking, but he was still smiling.

"Thank you, I am sorry!" When Sun Wukong saw Taibai Jinxings tears, he understood what Taibai Jinxing meant as his body shuddered.

"Haha! Old Bodhi, wait for me!" Taibai Jinxing suddenly laughed out.

Sun Wukong gritted his teeth as he raised his Jingu Staff and violently crashed it into him.

In one strike, Taibai Jinxings body was destroyed in that attack. His soul was brought away by Grandmaster Bodhi.

"Shifter Monkey, how dare you!" When Li Jing saw that Sun Wukong had killed Taibai Jinxing in one attack, his face paled as he only managed to point his finger at him.

Sun Wukong blinked and appeared next to Li Jing and attacked him violently with his staff.

When he noticed it, he used some kind of unknown technique to withdraw together with Qiu Si and a large portion of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.

When Sun Wukong saw that Li Jing had disappeared, he then turned to Jiang Feng and said, "Brother Shifter Emperor, I will leave this place to you. I shall bring this fight to the Heavens!"

With that, Sun Wukong broke the heavens into pieces using his staff.


In the next moment, a pathway leading to the Celestial Court had been revealed in the sky.

Next, Sun Wukong threw out his Jingu Staff, and it instantly enlarged. He stepped on the Jingu Staff and headed toward the pathway that headed toward the Celestial Palace.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations on completing the side quest of the Uproar in HeavenSaving Fairy Violetglow, Restoring Sun Wukongs Power. You are awarded 50,000,000 experience points, one Sacrificial Doll, one Talisman of Invulnerability, and three Coming of Spring Pills.

After Sun Wukong had left, the systems voice rang into Jiang Fengs ears.

Haha, I didnt expect that the quest would award me with another set of items once my items had almost run out! This is great! Jiang Feng smiled as he heard the systems notification.

The quest was originally to escort Sun Wukong to Mount Fangcun. But when they met Grandmaster Bodhi, it had changed to Restore Sun Wukongs Power. Regardless, his quest was considered complete.


Seeing that Sun Wukong had made his way to the Celestial Courts, Jiang Feng then looked at the remaining Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals. He was not going to let them escape.

He then led all the Shifters members and attacked them.

There were only a few hundred Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals left. He guessed that Li Jing could not bring all of them along when he left, and they were left behind.

In a short while, the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Soldiers were swamped by the Shifter army.

And all the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals had been cleared.

Jiang Feng then threw out Deicide and made it very thick but very short.


He threw Deicide down to the desert.

"Those who wish to attack the Celestial Courts along with me, step up to the plate!" He yelled out coldly, and many of the players down there became excited and jumped onto Deicide.

In a short while, tens of thousands of players and members of the Shifters race stepped onto Deicide. The players that could not fit onto Deicide all sat on the monsters like a pyramid.

"My staff, come with me! Today, we shall commit deicide!"

Deicide began to buzz and tremble, then it started to grow exponentially.

Jiang Feng looked up to the sky with his hands by his sides, standing at the tip of Deicide and toward the path to the Celestial Courts that had been opened up by Sun Wukong.

When the players saw that the staff had begun to grow, all the players on it became very excited.

Meanwhile, the players that did not join them on Deicide were filled with regret.