Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 263

Chapter 263 All Who Stand In My Way Die

Celestial Courts.

It was its own pocket dimension.

In this pocket dimension, Humans lived in the lower levels while the gods lived in the upper levels.

This was equivalent to just another dungeon in Divine Dominion but much larger.


At this time, the Celestial Courts that were floating high up in the air let out a giant boom.

The clouds were dark, with lightning shooting out and thunder rolling. The entire Celestial Courts were shadowy and dark.

"Haha Jade Emperor, release Violetglow to me or I will flip over the entire Celestial Courts!"

Sun Wukong descended as he was stepping on a golden cloud. In one stroke, he destroyed the Nantian Gate and roared into the Celestial Courts.

All the Celestial Soldiers, Celestial Generals, and the Divine Kings rushed out.

The one in the lead was Juling Shen, the Four Heavenly Kings, and Nezha.

"You dare attack the Celestial Courts? You must have a death wish, monkey!" Juling Shen roared as he waved his giant hammer, and bashed it into the tiny Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong looked up at the gigantic Juling Shen. His Jingu Staff instantly grew larger and smacked into Juling Shen, and the latter was knocked away flying in one strike.

"Go, kill that monkey!" The Four Heavenly Kings roared and led the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals into battle.

"Sigh" Nezha sighed and entered into the fray with his Red Tasseled Spear and Wind Fire Wheels.

Sun Wukong had reached his peak, and his power was equal to that of a Sacred Beast. Most of the deities were not his match. In just a few rounds, all of them had been forced into retreat by Sun Wukong. Some of them had even been killed after a few strikes from Sun Wukong.

They were not even fighting on equal footing.

The only one left that could fight against him was Nezha.

Nezha was not to be underestimated as he had almost reached the level of a Sacred Divine.

As he was fighting with Sun Wukong, he yelled out to Sun Wukong, "Great Saint, stop fighting. Give up. Even if you do flip over the entire Celestial Court, you would not be able to save Violetglow!"

Sun Wukongs face became grim as he roared, "What did you say?!"

Nezha then continued, "Violetglow had her Divine Roots destroyed. She can no longer return as a Divine. With the injuries that she has suffered, she is at her last breath now I did my best"

Sun Wukongs breathing became hurried as he went into a Berserk state, flames began to burn on him.

He activated his Slaughter status as his pair of eyes became blood red. Using his last consciousness, he called out to Nezha, "Brother Nezha, move away. I do not want to kill you!"

Nezha answered with teary eyes, "Kill me. Even if you dont kill me, the Jade Emperor would not let me escape for letting you enter this place. I am an immortal anyways, and if you are still alive after this, help me recreate my golden body using the lotus roots. In my next life, I do not want to be a God anymore!"

"I am sorry!" Sun Wukong said as he looked at his bro that came all the way down from the Celestial Courts just to have a drink with him ten thousand years ago.


Memories of the three lives that he had lived together with Violetglow in the Three Generations Tower flashed through his mind. The moment that he realized that Violetglow would be dead soon, he entered into a mindless rage and entered the Indifference state.


He had no more emotion as he looked at Nezha who was blocking him. In one stroke, he broke Nezhas Golden Lotus Root Body. Nezhas Red Tasseled Spear, Red Armillary Sash, and Wind Fire Wheels


He would not still be alive if he were not mad!

And Sun Wukong had completely become mad, and wherever the Jingu Staff hit, nothing would be left but ruins. He attacked from Nantian Gate to Yaochi.



At this time, Deicide had appeared and knocked into the Nantian Gate.

Jiang Feng looked at Yaochi, and frowned as if he had felt something.

He then looked at Nezhas Red Tasseled Spear, Red Armillary Sash, and Wind Fire Wheels on the ground. He walked over and picked up all three of them and put them away.

Ling Feiyu saw that Jiang Feng had suddenly become very sad, she walked over to him curiously and asked, "Little Feng, what happened?"

Jiang Feng said calmly, "Sun Wukong has lost control and become a wild beast. All of you just focus on the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals. Do not approach Sun Wukong, or he would kill all of you too!"


As soon as had said that, the Monkey King and all the monkeys that followed him had become mad and were headed toward Yaochi.

They would become more animalistic after running for a few steps, and in the end enter the Indifference state. They would kill anyone they see in their craze.


All the players that saw this were shocked beyond belief.

"Do not follow me! Just clean up the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals! I cant hold it back, too!" Jiang Fengs body had fused with the entirety of Sun Wukongs bloodline. Now that Sun Wukongs animalistic instinct had been wholly unleashed, even his own beastly instinct was being awakened.

He quickly took out the Moon Essence Pill and ate it, using it to suppress his own instincts. Then, he took out the Golden Cloth and gave it to Ling Feiyu as he softly stroked Ling Feiyus hair. "This is for you. Do not come over during the battle later!"

"Deicide, go!" With his command, the Deicide shrank and appeared in his hand. Next, he stepped on the Monster Cloud and headed toward Yaochi.

Looking at the Golden Cloth in her hands, then looking at Jiang Fengs figure, Ling Feiyus determination was evident in her eyes. In the next moment, the Golden Cloth box transformed into seven pieces of equipment and outfitted themselves on her.

After wearing the Golden Cloth, Ling Feiyu looked very heroic and majestic. She took out a Spiritual Artifact level sword and waved to the front. "Attack!"


All the players and monsters released a howl and headed toward the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals not that far away.


When Jiang Feng arrived at Yaochi, Sun Wukong had already started engaging with Erlang Shen.

Erlang Shen and Sun Wukong were at the same level, and they were both very powerful. He was being kept busy by the crazed Sun Wukong and the victor could not be decided just yet.

He could not aid Sun Wukongs battle since he had already turned animalistic. He would even attack him.

"I have to save Violetglow first!" And that was the only thing he could do.

He took out the map of the Celestial Court that he had obtained from the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals. He looked at the map and found where the prison was, and quickly headed toward the Divine Mountain in Yaochi that was thousands of meters tall.

That was where the prison was at.

However, in order to reach the Divine Mountain, he would first need to cross over the Ruoshui River or the River of Stars.

After flying for a while, he had finally reached the River of Stars.

At this time, tens of thousands of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals were standing at the shores of the River of Stars, blocking his path.

The man leading them was a man that was exceedingly handsome.

He was wearing silver armor and wielding Nine-toothed Rake, and he was leading his army against Jiang Feng.

That man that was exceedingly attractive was indeed the protector of the River of Stars, Marshal Tianpeng!

Huh? Game designers, you guys better explain yourselves! Damn it, why the hell is Zhu Bajie so handsome? Jiang Feng looked at the handsome Marshal Tianpeng speechlessly.

"All who attempt to breach through the Rivers of Stars, die!" Marshall Tianpeng yelled coldly at Jiang Feng.

"All who stand in my way, die!" Jiang Feng said jokingly, then wielded Deicide and attacked Marshall Tianpeng.