Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Let Us Not Be Gods In Our Next Life

Marshal Tianpeng was considered one of the greater deities within the Celestial Courts.

His stats were even higher than Jiang Feng.

However, with all the items that he had, Jiang Feng was not afraid of Marshal Tianpeng.

He flailed Deicide toward Marshal Tianpengs head violently, creating a sonic boom.

Marshal Tianpeng raised his Nine-toothed Rake and struck Deicide aside. With a spin, he then striked at Jiang Feng with the rake.


Jiang Feng blinked away, appearing behind Marshal Tianpeng. He then swept toward Marshal Tianpengs waist as he clipped Deicide under his arm, throwing the deity into the air.

Just as he was about to chase after him, he felt the pain coming from his waist as blood began to flow.

He was surprised that Marshal Tianpeng, who he had struck away, appeared behind him with the Nine-toothed Rake piercing into his waist.


He roared out in pain and swung Deicide toward his back. Marshal Tianpeng kicked Jiang Feng away as he himself retreated.

In two simple strikes, Jiang Feng only had around 1,000,000 HP left. He would definitely get killed if he were attacked again.

He swallowed a Coming of Spring Pill to restore his health to full. He roared with fury once more and rushed toward Marshal Tianpeng as he spun Decide.


But before he could even touch Marshal Tianpeng, Marshal Tianpeng appeared behind him again. The Nine-toothed Rake once again struck at him.

"Damn pig!"

He did not expect Marshal Tianpeng to be so powerful. Other than hitting the Marshal the first time, he could not even see where he was afterward. This was a testament to the gap between the two of them.

Marshal Tianpengs HP was around 50,000,000, attack around 9,000,000 and defense around 4,000,00.

Jiang Fengs stats could not be compared to his at all.

Not to mention that Marshal Tianpeng was in control of the River of Stars. That would be equivalent to a Naval Supreme Commander. To be able to have such a post when there were so many other gods around, he had both extremely high combat power and experience to back him up. His power level was similar to Nezha.

And Nezha could fight with Sun Wukong for a dozen rounds, and from that one could deduce how powerful the Marshal was.

"Monkey, you will not be able to defeat me!" Marshal Tianpeng once again appeared behind Jiang Feng, and struck him away.

This time, Jiang Feng fell into the River of Stars and fell underneath a legion of Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.

"Time Stop!"

Marshal Tianpeng once again disappeared, and Jiang Feng quickly used the new Time Stop skill that he had just developed.

In the next moment, everything within 50 meters stopped in time. Even the flow of the River of Stars was cut off.

"Tornado, Tiger Roar, Slam of Mount Tai, Sweep the Army"

The moment everything nearby had stopped moving, he quickly used all of his most powerful skills and used it on the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.

In less than two seconds, thousands had died by his hand.

And because of his Drain Blood skill, his HP had been restored to full.

After he had been fully healed, he then looked behind him at Marshal Tianpeng who had also been frozen in time.

He took out the Orb of Swords. He still had 73 swords left within the orb. He threw it toward Marshal Tianpeng and yelled, "Attack!"

Next, the Orb of Swords became 73 swords and quickly headed toward Marshal Tianpeng.


Each blade left behind a gashing wound on Marshal Tianpeng. Due to the increase of his attack power by the millions, after 5 blades, Marshal Tianpengs HP reached less than 10,000,000.

At this moment, Marshal Tianpengs time resumed flowing. Just as he was going to avoid the remaining swords, Jiang Feng used Deicide to knock him down. He had been waiting for this opportunity.


This attack blew Marshal Tianpeng into the River of Stars.

Next, he planted Deicide into the River of Stars and started churning.

At the same time, all the bright stars within the River of Stars had been thrown into chaos. The entire River of Stars had also become tumultuous.

"Monkey, you dare destroy my River of Stars?! You will die here and now!"

Marshal Tianpeng used his positioning skill to get out of the River of Stars. Looking at the chaotic River of Stars, his eyes were red. He rushed over toward Jiang Feng in a rage without care.

Change. The woman that Marshal Tianpeng had fallen in love with. She was also the most beautiful woman in the Celestial Heaven.

The Jade Emperor wanted to have Change, so she was exiled to Guanghan Palace on the moon, where she suffered the cold and loneliness.

In order to help the person he loved so that she would not be alone again, he had spent ten thousand years using the stars to fill up the River of Stars. He had also moved the stars so that he could communicate with Change in Guanghan Palace.

But now, the work that he had spent ten thousand years to build was destroyed at that very moment. He had become fully incensed.

And anger would lower a persons alertness, creating openings.

Jiang Feng quietly looked at Marshal Tianpeng with Deicide in his hands, then pointed his finger at him and all the swords in the air swooshed toward him.

Marshal Tianpeng only had around 6,000,000 HP left. If he were struck, he would be instantly killed.


At this moment, a woman in a white dress appeared behind Marshal Tianpeng.

Her beauty would literally take others breath away. Even Ling Feiyu was not as beautiful as her.

Her beauty was unparalleled in the three realms. Each movement she made could make men rivet and lose control.

Even when Jiang Feng saw her the first time, he was stunned by her beauty.

But unfortunately, those with such beauty had such short lives.

All the swords stabbed into her, and her white dress was instantly painted in red.


The woman in white was indeed Change. When Marshal Tianpeng saw Change with blood all over her, he carried her in his arms as he shook his head, crying, "Why Why did you do that?"

Jiang Feng looked at Marshal Tianpeng caressing Change, then took all his swords from the Orb of Swords back without saying anything and headed toward the Divine Mountain.

He did not kill Marshal Tianpeng because he had a good impression of him.

Unfortunately, they were in two different factions. It was destined that they would be enemies.

Marshal Tianpeng was only paying attention to Change, and did not care about Jiang Feng.

Change smiled sadly as she caressed him, "Tianpeng For ten thousand years We meet again."

Marshal Tianpeng cried like a little boy, "Why Why when we meet after ten thousand years It is only to say goodbye"

He roared as he raised his head. He felt as if his heart had been shredded into pieces. It hurt a lot.

"Tian Tianpeng Take care of yourself" Change stroked Marshal Tianpengs face with a pale face as she said that using the last of her strength. But before she could finish her final sentence, her hands fell limp by her side as she closed her eyes. The most beautiful female NPC in Divine Dominion had passed.


Marshal Tianpeng cried in pain as she looked at Change. It would be painful for anyone that was witnessing it.

He then picked up Changes body as his eyes lost all focus, and mumbled, "Change, Ill bring you to Dragonquarry. I heard that someone there could reincarnate us. Let us not be gods in our next life."

With that, Marshal Tianpengs body began to immolate. Next, two bright haloes flashed and disappeared.