Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Great Saint Let Me Help You

The Divine Mountain, Celestial Courts.

Together with Guanghan Palace, they were located by the two opposite sides of the River of Stars.

The Divine Mountain was not particularly huge as it stood only thousands of meters tall. However, this place was the most heavily defended location in the entire Celestial Courts.

This was where the Celestial Courts prison was located and it had many deities that had committed crimes as well as monsters.

Jiang Feng stepped on the Monster Cloud and quickly headed toward the Divine Mountain as he held on to Deicide.

Four Great Wardens protected the Divine Mountain, and their power had reached Divine Level. They were at the same level as other Divine level NPCs.

Other than the Four Great Wardens, there were also around 30,000 Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals.

Not only that, there was a barrier around the Divine Mountain.

He had to obtain the four keys from the Four Great Wardens to open the barrier and enter the Divine Mountain.

The four keys also had another use other than dispelling the barrier, and that was to unlock all the prison cells.

"The Ruler of Hakai is still in cooldown, looks like I have to kill the Four Great Wardens!" Jiang Feng said coldly as he stepped toward the entrance of the Divine Mountain bathed in blood, looking at the Four Great Wardens that guarded it.

"Shifter Monkey, you will stop here, or we shall show you no mercy!" A huge man holding an ax with both his hands yelled out toward Jiang Feng.

"Those who stand in my way, die!" Jiang Feng said coldly and rushed forward with Deicide in his hand.

"Kill him!"

The Four Great Wardens led the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals with weapons in hand, and then all of them unleashed all their skills toward Jiang Feng.

The Four Great Wardens, the Celestial Soldiers, and Celestial Generals that protected the prison all wanted Jiang Fengs life on the first go.

"Dimension Door!"

Seeing all the skills coming toward him, Jiang Feng merely let out a cold smile and teleported, and reappeared behind one of the Wardens. He struck him away in one attack.

Before the other wardens could react, the remaining 30 or so swords flew out of the Orb of Swords, and all stabbed into the three Wardens.

Each of the swords from the Orb of Sword would deal damage equal to Jiang Fengs normal attack.

Deicides attack had increased to more than 500%, making his attack reach around 20,000,000. That was five times more than his original attack, and it was terrifying just thinking about it.

The thirty swords quickly stabbed into the three Wardens, and in the blink of an eye, all of them had been slain and dropped a pile of loot and three keys.

He took out the Lianyao Flask to collect all the items and pursued the remaining Warden.

When the Warden saw that Jiang Feng had instantly killed the other three wardens, his face was filled with fear as he turned tail and ran.

"Dimension Door!"

Jiang Feng would not give him the chance to escape. With one teleportation, he appeared next to him. With one strike from Deicide, he was slammed all the way toward the Divine Mountains barrier. And that was another instant kill.

Once he had the four keys, he decided that he did not want to fight with the remaining Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals. Then, he quickly made his way into the Divine Mountain.

"Monster Cloud, find where Violetglow is!"

Next, the Monster Cloud used its senses to track down Violetglow, and quickly flew through the complex tunnels within the Divine Mountain.

As he went past all the cells, the gods and monsters all called out to him, "Great Saint, let us out! Great Saint, please, save us"

All of those that were locked within the cell saw Jiang Feng as Sun Wukong, asking him to save them.

But Jiang Feng had to first save Violetglow. Only Violetglow could save Sun Wukong and release him from his Indifference status. Otherwise, he would be at a great disadvantage when fighting with Erlang Shen and the Jade Emperor.

Not to mention that he would need to be at his peak when facing Tathagata, the Buddha, and the big boss.

In a short while, they had reached the base of the Divine Mountain. And he finally met Violetglow.

He had killed all the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals that he met when he was making his way to her.

Violetglow was covered in scars and lying in a pool of blood. She was holding on to her last breath.

"Fairy Violetglow!"

Jiang Feng quickly moved forward and used the key to unlock the chains on her.

"Wukong! You finally came, I"

"Fairy Violetglow, I am the Shifter Emperor, not the Great Saint! I will bring you to see the Great Saint now!" Jiang Feng picked her up, riding on the Monster Cloud, and flew out of the Divine Mountain.


Within the divine realm, Yaochi.

Sun Wukong was still fighting with Erlang Shen.

However, Erlang Shen was at a disadvantage.

While he had almost reached the realm of a Divine Archmaster, there was still a gap between him and Sun Wukong. He could at most fend him off for a few hundred rounds.

Sunwukong was a First Grade Sacred Beast, a being that could be compared to a First Grade Sacred Divine.

And in the entire Celestial Courts, the most powerful among them had only reached the realm of a Divine Archmaster. The Divine Archmasters were the Queen Mother, the Jade Emperor, Taibai Jinxing, and Taishang Laojun.

The others were mostly at the peak of the Divine Kings, despite a difference in level, skills, and stats.

For example, a usual Divine King would have less than 30,000,000 in HP, 4,000,000 in attack, and 1,500,000 in defense.

Nezha, Erlang Shen, Marshal Tianpeng were at the peak of the Divine Kings. They would have more than 50,000,000 in HP, 8,000,000 in attack, and 4,000,000 in defense.

A usual Divine Archmaster would have double the power of a Divine King at his peak, while a Divine Archmaster at his peak would have triple or even more.

A Sacred Divine would have double the power of a Divine Archmaster at his peak.

Using this logic, it could be deduced that Sun Wukongs power was ten times higher than that of Erlang Shen.

If it were not because the peak Divine Kings had the Pills of Invulnerability that Taishang Laojun had created, they would have been killed by Sun Wukong ages ago.

Also, Sun Wukong was in his Indifference state and was simply fighting without any tactics, and also did not use any of his skills. Otherwise, Erlang Shen would have been killed far earlier.

"What a wicked monkey! You dare to throw my jade ponds into ruins? You must have a death wish!" The Queen Mother appeared, leading a group of deities, and attacked Sun Wukong with the Lapis Lamp in her hand.

The Curtain Lifting General with his Infernal-Binding Staff in hand, attacked Sun Wukong as the Queen Mother began her charge.

The Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly Kong Li Jing, Jinzha, Muzha, The Left and Right Aide, Erlang Shen Yang Jian, Master Sa, Master Ziyang, King Wencang, Tian Long, Qianli Yan, Shunfeng Er, the Twenty-Eight Mansions, the Eight Immortals and the Thirty-Six Heavenly Generals all attacked Sun Wukong, surrounding him.

"You wicked monkey, your power is much weaker than before and you have merely become a Sacred Beast. You dare to be so insolent before us? We will destroy your physical form and your soul!"

The Jade Emperor put on his golden robe and held the Amber Inked Scroll. With a wave of his hand, the Ink Scroll unleashed a violet gas upon Sun Wukong, imprisoning him within it. At this time, all of the gods attacks were heading toward Sun Wukong.

If all the attacks were to hit, Sun Wukongs HP would be depleted and he would be killed once again.

"Great Saint, let me help you!"

At this time, Jiang Feng arrived and appeared next to Sun Wukong via his teleportation as he held onto Violetglow. He then quickly took out the three Talisman of Invulnerability and used each of them on Sun Wukong, Violetglow, and himself.

In truth, he had wanted to use the Lianyao Flask to keep Violetglow safe. But he was afraid if Violetglow had died by the time he took her out, Sun Wukong would become permanently mad.

A permanently mad Sun Wukong would not be able to defeat the gods. And if he were to die, the Uproar in Heaven plot quest could never be completed!