Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Heaven Are You Trembling Now?


When Sun Wukong saw Fairy Violetglow in Jiang Fengs arms, he was momentarily stunned as the redness in his eyes began to decrease. He seemed to have found some of himself back from the Indifference status.

"Great Saint, leave this to me!" Jiang Feng said to Sun Wukong calmly.

Sun Wukong glanced at Jiang Feng, then looked at the gods that he despised so. He nodded and flew away with Violetglow in his hands.

"Where do you think you are going?!" When the Jade Emperor saw Sun Wukong withdrawing, he frowned as he controlled the Amber Inked Soul and had it chase after Sun Wukong.


Jiang Fengs figure appeared before the Jade Emperor, and he said, "Old fool, your opponent is standing right here!"

"Very well! Since you seek death, I shall accommodate your request!" The Jade Emperor took out a golden seal and hurled it toward him.

The golden seal was the Jade Emperors Seal, and it instantly grew into the size of a small mountain when it was flying toward Jiang Feng.

"Dimension Door!"

He used Dimension Door a fourth time, and he appeared behind the Jade Emperor in an instant. Decide struck into the Jade Emperor, causing him to be thrown into the air.

He had dealt around 10,000,000. That meant that the Jade Emperors defense was at least 10,000,000.

His HP must be beyond 100,000,000, and killing him would still be very difficult.

After striking the Jade Emperor away, he did not chase after him. Instead, he spun Deicide and then blocked an attack from Erlang Shen.

"Go, slay that treacherous monkey!" The Jade Emperor, who was struck, roared out in fury.

At that moment, all the gods had unleashed their skills toward him.

He did not care about any of those attacks and immediately attacked the gods nearest to him.

Since he had the Invulnerable status from the Talisman of Invulnerability, he need not fear the damage from the attacks.

While he could still feel the pain from the attack, after going through so much, he was becoming numb from all the painful sensations.


When most of the skills managed to hit him, he was immediately struck into the ground, forming a crater.


He could feel the intense agony running through his body, and he let out a painful howl.


There was an explosion as the ground around the crater was all thrown into the air as eleven Jiang Feng flew out from the dust, heading toward the gods.

Out of the eleven figures, ten of them were duplicates that Jiang Feng had created using Infernal Shades.

While they were merely duplicates, they were still more powerful than the garden variety of so-called gods.

Next, the eleven figures were zooming through the gods, and all of the gods that were struck were flung away.


Sun Wukong held Violetglow tightly as he descended somewhere close to Yaochi.

"Violetglow!" Sun Wukong choked with tears as held onto Violetglow in his embrace, who was filled with blood and scars.

"Wukong, I Was right with our beginnings. But I did not guess our ending correctly" Violetglow could only say to him in broken sentences in her last breath, and passed on.

"Ah Violetglow Ah"

Sun Wukong held onto Violetglow as he cried out in pain, and a pair of fangs began to grow. His already cleared eyes were once again being filled with red.

"Wukong, I shall guide Violetglows soul to Dragonquarry. Your time is short as well. I shall wait for you at Dragonquarry." Grandmaster Bodhis image appeared in front of Sun Wukong. Next, he pointed at Sun Wukongs forehead and said, "This is something that I did not teach you. Now, I shall pass it to you!"

Next, Sun Wukong was covered by a golden glow, and the fur on his entire body had become golden. Two flags appeared behind him, and they had on the words "Great Saint that Equals the Heavens."


Violetglows body exploded into pieces before transforming into a green light and disappearing.

Sun Wukong stood up with eyes red, turned, and walked toward where the battle between Jiang Feng and the gods were still continuing.

Every step he took, his body would grow, and both Heaven and Earth would tremble. Golden fire swirled around him.



He took another step, and the ground he stepped on began to sink. Despite the god of rain and the god of thunder making no such attempt, the skies began to pour heavily, lightning flashed, and thunder cracked.

At this moment, all the players and gods that were fighting stopped and looked toward where Sun Wukong was.

"This is a Sacred Dominion"

The Jade Emperor knew much more about what was happening. As he looked at Sun Wukong with the golden fur and the golden flame that was around him, his face paled.

Regardless of whether it was the players or the NPCs, as soon as he had reached a certain level of power or possessed a certain amount of high-level skills, they would be able to activate a Dominion.

There were three types of Dominions: Normal Domains, Divine Dominion, and Sacred Dominion.

Jiang Fengs Fire Domain was just a normal Domain, and he got it from the Sacred Beast Fire Qilin. As for the Sacred Dominion, this was the first time he had seen one.

"What power!" Even Jiang Feng was extremely shocked when he saw Sun Wukong radiating a golden light.

"Shifter Emperor, aid me!"

Sun Wukong walked toward Jiang Feng, and it surprised him that despite already falling fully into the Indifference status, he still managed to maintain a measure of control.

"Great Saint, how?" Jiang Feng asked Sun Wukong as he teleported next to Sun Wukong.

"Aid me Tear this Heaven apart!" Sun Wukong said and suddenly rushed toward Jiang Feng.

Then, a wondrous scene transpired. Jiang Feng and Sun Wukongs body began to fuse together. Even the Jingu Staff and Deicide fused.


As Sun Wukong and Jiang Feng fused, Jiang Feng let out an angry roar as the aura around him got even stronger.


There was a gigantic sonic boom, and Jiang Fengs fur became a golden yellow. The hair on his monkey head had grown so long that they touched the ground. And as those hairs fell to the ground, they pierced through the earth and formed holes in it.

Not only that, but his tail had also grown very long, like a whip.

After fusing with Sun Wukong, even Jiang Feng was terrified of his own power.

1,000,000,000 worth of HP, 70,000,000 worth of attack and 10,000,000 worth of defense.

The stats were beyond overpowered, but he knew that this was not his own and he would not have it for long.

Ding. System Prompt: Sun Wukong had activated the skill Two Becomes One. Sun Wukong and your stats have been combined. Duration of 30 minutes. Cooldown of 5 hours. Level -2.


He roared when he heard the systems voice. The Heaven and Earth both trembled, and all the gods were afraid as they saw him.

"Ahahaha! Heaven, are you trembling now?!"

Jiang Feng roared as he jumped up with the fused staff in his hand. The staff was a product of the fusion between the Jingu Staff and Deicide, and he called it Armageddon.

With one strike using Armageddon, hundreds of gods disappeared in flashes of light and smoke.

The Jade Emperor dodged aside despite his body trembling. He then held up his hand and yelled out with a shaky voice, "Ask the Buddha to come to our aid!"

"Grow! Grow! And Grow!"

Armageddon became unbelievably huge, and even Jiang Fengs body was continuously growing as well.

"I want this Heaven to no longer cover my eyes! I want the gods to all to disappear like smoke in the wind!" And with that, he caught Armageddon in his hands and slammed it toward the gods.