Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Grand Duke Jiang

After he was logged out of the game, he opened his game terminal.

Jiang Feng climbed out of the game terminal with some fatigue.

He looked at the nutrient solution in the terminal, and the solution that he had recently just refilled had all but emptied. He was quite troubled by this.

Perhaps it was because his body was extremely active when he was working on the plot quest.

He then remembered something and looked at the game terminal that Ling Feiyu was using.

Ling Feiyus game terminal had already been opened, and there was no one there.


Ling Feiyu pushed the door open as she came in wearing a pajama, and then handed Jiang Feng a glass of fruit juice and said, "You must be tired."

"Are you alright?" Jiang Feng asked Ling Feiyu softly after finishing the fruit juice in one big gulp.

"What could happen to me? Its just a game, I wont really die," Ling Feiyu took the empty glass and put it aside, then sat down next to him with a smile.

"Feiyu, I love you!" Jiang Feng hugged Ling Feiyu tightly as his eyes turned red and his voice honest.

After entering the Slaughter status, he could barely differentiate reality and the game. When he saw Ling Feiyu died, the memories of his second life with Ling Feiyu and Xiao Longnu in the Three Generations Tower had been unlocked.

Their second life took place in a Xianxia world.

Ling Feiyu and he both entered the same sect. They learned together, grew up together, and in the end became so powerful where they were at the apex within that Xianxia world. Ling Feiyu became his wife, and both of them searched the Xianxia world for a way to face their judgment and transcend.

Unfortunately, they could not find anything and instead had a child.

Their enemies found them, and he was forced to bring Ling Feiyu and his child to escape.

During that journey, he was severely injured and was almost killed. Ling Feiyu sacrificed herself for him and his child, and passed over all the Spiritual Energy that she had gained for several hundred years to him so that he could fight off his enemies.

In the end, Ling Feiyu died for him and he had killed all his enemies, while he was successfully judged and he transcended with his child.

The memories were very vivid as if he himself had lived through it.

That was why, when he saw Ling Feiyu again, he felt that they were already bonded as a family and that there was a lot of love and yearning in that sentiment.

He also understood why Ling Feiyu would call him Husband when he was chained and tortured within Li Jings formation.

Ling Feiyu cried a tear of excitement and slapped his shoulder, "You unlocked the memories of your second life?"

"Yes," Jiang Feng nodded and grabbed hold of her shoulder and looked at her with love. "Im so sorry. You have gone through so much."

He felt that he was very lucky to be able to find Ling Feiyu as his girlfriend. A woman that was willing to stand behind him to protect him, settle his matters for him, unafraid of being in trouble or becoming tired, and would even sacrifice herself to protect him when his life was in danger

Ling Feiyu had done a lot for him, but he did not really do anything substantial for Ling Feiyu. He felt useless because of that.

Ling Feiyu wiped away her tears, removed her footwear, then sat in front of Jiang Feng as she held onto Jiang Fengs neck. She then asked, "Alright, stop making things so sad. Right, did you successfully complete the plot quest?"

Jiang Feng gave her a smile and flaunted, "Of course. Your husband is the Shifter Emperor, so of course, the plot quest was completed successfully."

"Come on, tell me what happened after I died," Ling Feiyu said as her eyes shone like a child, and looked at Jiang Feng expectantly.

Jiang Feng then picked Ling Feiyu up into bed and told her what had happened afterward.

Maybe he was too tired, he eventually dozed off despite talking about it with a faint smile.

Ling Feiyu smiled, pulled the blanket over, and covered Jiang Feng. She kissed him, played with her phone for a little while, and went to bed.


The second day.

"Xiaohei, go tell the lazy bum to have breakfast."

Ling Feiyus voice came from the living room.

Xiaohei used his mouth to drag Jiang Fengs blanket off with some objection. He then jumped up onto the bed and kept on licking Jiang Fengs face. As he licked him, he barked, "Woof Bum Breakfast"

Jiang Feng opened his eyes sleepily after giving them a gentle rub. As Xiaohei wanted to give him another lick, he quickly pushed him away. "Xiaohei, lick me again and Im going to circumcise you."


Xiaohei ran out of the room with his tail behind his legs.

Jiang Feng felt uncomfortable as he wiped off the saliva from his face. He put on his pants after getting out of bed lazily and headed to the washroom.

"Clean up quickly and get some breakfast," Ling Feiyu said with a smile when she saw Jiang Feng come out.

"Of course."

Jiang Feng entered the washroom, cleaned himself, and sat by the table.

At this time, his father, Lin Bao, Su Qing, the fox family, Xiaohei, Ling Feiyu were all waiting for him at the table.

"Yo, you are all up so early," He walked over, took a slice of bread with a fried egg, and gave it a bite when he saw that everyone else had already started eating.

"For a superstar, youre quite slow," Lin Bao could not help but tease him.

"What Superstar?" Jiang Feng looked at Lin Bao with a confused look.

Lin Bao then rolled his eyes at him and said, "Didnt you know? You have finished the most important of all the Ten Main Plot quests. Theres no one in the game that doesnt know you. Now, the entire Weibo and message boards have pictures of you going Super Saiyan. Do you know how many girls want to confess their love to you? Now, everyone is waiting for you to register your own Weibo account. The number of your fans is definitely going to exceed all of those celebrities."

"Nah, Im not going to do that. My identitys going to get exposed," Jiang Feng ate a mouthful of porridge. He then said to them in a serious tone, "But now, all of you know about my identity. Do not expose them to anyone, or all of us are in serious danger."

While what happened in the game would not affect the real world much, the game was tied up to a countrys interest. While it did not matter much in the past, he had caused Shen Ye to go crazy, made Johns extremely angry, and pretty much angered the entire Japan.

If his identity were exposed, while he could guarantee his own safety, he could not guarantee those of his own family. That was his biggest worry.

"I was only joking. Youre my bro. If anyone wants to hurt you, theyll have to cross over my dead body first," Lin Bao said with a smile, but his eyes were showing his sincerity.

"Alright, lets eat," His father said.

Jiang Feng then asked his father, "Dad, how were your fishing trips? Did you see something interesting?"

His father slurped a mouthful of porridge, then recalled something. "I did encounter something interesting."

"How interesting?" Jiang Feng asked.

His father then said, "You must have heard about the story of how Grand Duke Jiang fished with a straight fishing hook and only fished for those that were willing. I saw an old man just like that in the game. He was fishing with a straight hook, and he couldnt even fish anything for the entire day."

"Grand Duke Jiang, Jiang Ziya!"

Jiang Feng was stunned as he remembered something, then exchanged a glance with Ling Feiyu.