Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 270

Chapter 270 The Waters

After checking his status, Jiang Feng then used the Town Portal skill to return to the Ancient City.

The Ancient City had gone through a lot of changes.

And Yaodi Island had become even larger.

The city itself had also doubled in size, allowing more people to migrate over.

He opened the Ancient Citys management panel to take a look with curiosity.

It surprised him that the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor had already reached level 3, but it had very little capital left.

In order to help the 300,000 Humans settle down, he built a new city on a clearing on Yaodi Island and called it the Humans City.

After he had almost spent all the citys capital, he finally finished building the Humans City.

The city could at least accommodate around 500,000.

Ling Feiyu, Mu Xi, Xiao Yatou, and Ye Wufeng who were online made their way there once they heard of the commotion.

Looking at the Humans City that Jiang Feng had built, Ye Wufeng walked next to Jiang Feng and asked, "Humans City? Shifter Emperor, there are only about 30,000 Humans here. There is no need to build a new city just for them, is there? The capital was wasted I think."

"Who said there were only 30,000 of them?"

Jiang Feng rode on the Monster Cloud, entered the Humans City then took out the Lianyao Flask and released all the Humans from inside.

In but a short while, the empty Humans City became filled with people. Almost 300,000 of them.

"This" Ye Wufeng was surprised when he saw all those people.

"These were all raised by the gods like cattle, using their blood to cultivate Divine Trees and create pills through Alchemy. They were even worse than the Necropolitans, so I brought them all over," Jiang Feng explained calmly.

He then once again made his way to where the Humans lived in the Ancient City on the Monster Cloud and brought all the Humans to the Humans City.

In addition, he had also moved his giant statue and placed it in the heart of the city. He still wanted to use the Humans faith to increase the power of the Humans totem.

"Xiao Yatou, you seem to have a destiny with the Humans. I will leave them to you."

The Inheritor of the Humans had yet to appear, and that might be because there were too few Humans in the first place. He hoped that by the time the World War had begun, the Humans Inheritor would appear.

With the Fuxi Zither in her hands, she was the one with the greatest chance to become the Inheritor.

"Okay," Xiao Yatou understood what Jiang Feng meant, and nodded gratefully.

Next, Jiang Feng then left and prepared to head to the Fishermans Isle, to see that old man that his father had talked about.

Before that, however, he had sought out many people to order them to do one thing.

Before he left, he brought along Heifeng, the Thunderclap Mantis, and Yanhu.


He used his Polymorph skill to transform into his humanoid form once again. They then used the Teleportation Circle and teleported over to Canaan City.

Canaan City was the closest to the Fishermans Isle.

After he had reached Spiritual Level, the duration for Polymorph did not increase. It remained at 3 hours.

His guess was that the Polymorph skill that the Monster Transmutation System gave him had hit its highest limit of 3 hours.

He changed his identity and appearance, and he appeared in Canaan City.

He was not sure if Canaan had finally figured it out or was worried that her city would be destroyed, she was keeping a very low profile.

She had developed Canaan City in a steady pace and was no longer looking for trouble at the Ancient City. She would even tell the city to avoid places where there were members and monsters that were aligned with the Ancient City.

But after thinking about it, he understood what was happening. At this point, all the cities in the Divine Dominion had been separated by all the other races. Many of these races were much more powerful than Canaan City. Canaan was a smart woman, and she understood the current political landscape in Divine Dominion. Naturally, she would not want to get into trouble with them.

There were still many visitors going to Canaan City. Many of the players shops had a lot of business, and some of the players partied up to go to the ocean to farm monsters.

It was very lively, and everyone was seemingly having fun.

He watched as he walked, and he exited Canaan City very quickly.

Once he had left Canaan City, he looked for somewhere that had no one, summoned the Monster Cloud, and headed to the Fishermans Isle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

While he was on his way there, he saw many ships. All the ships had a flag, and they would have all their factions written on it.


What made him curious was that after flying for a while and entering the ocean, he saw a ship with a giant flag with the word "Shifter" written on it.

The ship was being surrounded by three pirate ships.

The three ships surrounded the ship belonging to the Shifter faction in the middle, and a group of pirates had boarded that ship.

He then saw a dozen players and a few dozen more humanoids with blue skin and gills on their faces on the shop being attacked and robbed by the pirates. He was becoming extremely agitated, "Attacking someone from my faction? They must be having a death wish!"

"Go!" He yelled out coldly to the Monster Cloud and sped up. He had arrived directly above the ship in an instance.

As soon as he had boarded the ship belonging to the Shifter Faction, he called out Heifeng, Yanhu, and the Thunderclap Mantis and said to them, "Heifeng, Yanhu, Thunderclap Mantis, eliminate all these pirates!"

"Hehe," Heifeng smiled maliciously and then came in front of a one-eyed pirate that had just stolen a bag of gold with a chicken drumstick in his mouth and said, "Bro, want a chicken drumstick? Original price 998, and now give it a lick and its yours!"

When the pirate saw Heifeng he frowned, not understanding what Heifeng was saying, and said coldly, "Where did the black dog come from? Damn ugly!"

"Damn you! This is the first time someone called me ugly after running this show for so many years! Where should I put my face now?!" Heifeng yelled out angrily, raised his tiger paw, and smacked the pirate in front of him away.

At this time, Yanhu and the Thunderclap Mantis had already killed quite a number of pirates.

All the pirates were level 80 humanoid monsters. Only two of them were level 90 Pirate Captains, but they were not that strong at all. They were no match for Yanhu and the Thunderclap Mantis.

Jiang Feng glanced at his three followers that were cleaning up the pirates, then turned around and looked at the dozen players and about thirty blue-colored men with gills.


Xu Feifei was one of the players that bought the and Pearl of Faction Change and joined the Shifters.

She was going to complete a quest together with some friends from the Waters, but she did not expect to encounter the pirates on her way there.

Just as she was about to be overcome by despair, she did not expect someone to drop from the sky to help them.

However, when she saw that Jiang Feng was only level 60, she felt that her situation did not change at all.

But when she saw Jiang Feng summon Heifeng, Yanhu, and the Thunderclap Mantis, her eyes shone as she became excited. Even her face was red.

"You are the Shifter Emperor!" Xu Feifei looked at Jiang Feng excitedly.

"What are you doing this far from the shore? The monsters here are all level 80 and above." Jiang Feng nodded and asked curiously, seeing that Xu Feifei and the rest of her crew were only around level 60.

Seeing Jiang Feng acknowledging her with a nod, Xu Feifei became so excited that she was short of breath, "We are players from Nanhai City. We were preparing to do a quest with some of our friends from the Waters. That was why we are here."

"The Waters?"

Jiang Feng then understood that the people with blue skin and fish gills were the Waters, a race created by the system.

But what made him feel strange was that there would be NPCs from the system having such a good relationship with humans to the point of working together for a quest. He could not quite understand it.

But he was also an NPC in the eyes of the humans, so it was not a good time to ask about it. He would have to return to the Ancient City and ask Ling Feiyu about it once this had all ended.

"What quests are you all working on? Let me give you a hand."

Seeing that the Waters and these players had joined the Shifters, that meant they trusted him and it comforted him. So, he was going to help them.