Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Creation Of The Gods

Heifeng, Yanhu, and the Thunderclap Mantis had quickly killed all the pirates.

Jiang Feng boarded the ship that Xu Feifei and the others were on and headed straight to Black Reef.

The Black Reef was not far from the Fishermans Isle, and it was on his way.

He sat on the ship and chatted with Xu Feifei and the Waters.

From the conversation, he understood that the Divines only had nine cities left. All the other twenty seven cities had been conquered by the other races.

Even the Divines NPCs in the city had all been changed to NPCs from the various races.

The quest that they had received was a quest to build up Nanhai City.

They needed to go to the Black Reef to kill some Black Rock monsters and to farm for some Black Water Stones.

The ships were not slow at all. As they chatted, they had reached the Black Reefs pretty quickly.

They encountered several monsters on their way there, but they had all been eliminated by the Thunderclap Mantis who was patrolling in the air.

Jiang Fengs three powerful followers were the envy of everyone present.

After a short while, they had reached the Black Reef.

It was an island the size of a village.

"Heifeng, Yanhu. Help them complete their quests, then come and find me."

After Xu Feifei, the players, and the Waters had been sent to the Black Reef, he then rode on the Monster Cloud together with the Thunderclap Mantis and headed to the Fishermans Isle.

"Sis Feifei, why does the Shifter Emperor look different than the one in the video?" After Jiang Feng had left, a girl much younger than Xu Feifei asked.

Xu Feifei then explained with a smile, "The Shifter Emperor is very powerful. He might have the ability to change his name and appearance."


The Fisherman Isle was an island that was quite peaceful.

It had hills, rivers, and monsters, but it was very unremarkable when compared to the islands nearby.

He did not know how his father managed to find such a place.

As he flew on the sky of the island, he saw a hut in the middle of the island.

An old man with a fishing rod was fishing next to a river nearby the hut.

When he fell down from the sky, the quiet fishing float suddenly began to move and splash.

"Haha, after fishing for so long, the fish finally took the bite!" The old man with a long white beard excitedly pulled his fishing rod. A golden carp was hanging from a nail that was as long as his finger.

The nail was straight. If it were others, they might feel that it was very strange as a nail like this could even hook a fish. Not to mention that the fishs rank was not low either.

When Jiang Feng saw this, he smiled and did not feel that it was weird at all. At the same time, he had identified who the old man was.

Jiang Ziya: Divine-Level NPC

Introduction: Possessor of the Manuscript of Gods.

HP: 40,000,000

Attack: 3,000,000

Defense: 1,000,000


He looked at Jiang Ziyas stats, then approached him.

"You came." Before he could even speak, Jiang Ziya spoke first. His voice was calm as if he knew that he would come here.

"You knew that I was coming?" Jiang Feng smiled as he looked at him.

"After you have destroyed the Celestial Courts, I knew you would come to me."

Hm? Destroying the Celestial Courts was the key to triggering this plot quest? Jiang Feng could not help but think to himself after hearing what Jiang Ziya had to say.

"I will not waste time. The world is in chaos, especially Silvermoon. The people there cannot even live in peace. You have the ability to destroy the Heavens, then you will have the ability to eliminate King Zhou. Are you willing to accept this task?" Jiang Ziya asked.

Not rebuilding the Celestial Palace? It seems that the quest has something to do with Silvermoon, and I have to kill the Emperor of Silvermoon. Looks like this is not going to be an easy quest. Jiang Feng did not expect that the quest was not about rebuilding the Celestial Courts, but for him to kill King Zhou.

"What should I do exactly?" Jiang Feng asked Jiang Ziya.

"Create the Gods, Crusade against King Zhou!" Jiang Ziya replied.

Ding. System Prompt: Will you accept the first quest of the Creation of the Gods plot quest, "Create the Gods?"


After he had accepted the quest and looked at it, he frowned.

After players had reached level 100 and had changed their class a third time, he needed to choose some of them to bestow them the power of level 100 Divine level NPCs. All of the players that had become gods would have their stats increased by 30%.

All those that had accepted his bestowal and become gods were required to join him in the crusade against Kong Zhou.

"This is the Manuscript of Gods. You can confer them a title when they have reached their requirement. You can only confer 368 players, so please be careful with how you use these titles." Jiang Ziya said as the golden carp that he fished became a golden scroll. He then gave the scroll to Jiang Feng.


He then accepted the Golden Scroll and looked at it.

Manuscript of Gods: Second Grade Sacred Artifact

Stats: Can confer godhood to 368 worthy souls. Conferment requirement, reach level 100.

Prerequisite: Shifter Emperor

Jiang Feng was speechless that the Manuscript of Gods had only one attribute and one sentence. It had no other stats.

This was the first Second-Grade Sacred Artifact that he had seen. He had never expected that it would be so useless.

"Shifter Emperor, I hope that you can complete this task. I shall wait for you on Silvermoon!" As soon as Jiang Ziya had finished his sentence, he disappeared in white light.

"Most normal players would only be around level 75 at this time. There is still some time before reaching level 100. Whatever, I should go back to the Ancient City and prepare for my wedding!"

The quest for Creation of the Gods could only be started once he had reached level 100. He could not do it at this stage, so he made his way back to the Ancient City of the Shifter emperor.

That was because today, he was going to propose to Ling Feiyu and marry her.

Before leaving the Ancient City, he had already asked everyone to help him decorate where the marriage was going to take place.

After unlocking the memories of his second life, he had wanted to marry Ling Feiyu. As he had no other tasks on him other than looking for the Donghuang Bell fragments, he wanted to marry Ling Feiyu first.

After Heifeng and Yanhu came back to him, he had Heifeng and Yanhu go back into the Lianyao Flask. He then used the Town Portal skill to return to the city.

After he had returned to the Ancient City, he did not look for Ling Feiyu immediately. Instead, he ran toward Dr. Fengs residence. He wanted to confirm that all the preparations had been made. Only then would he go look for Ling Feiyu.

"Dr. Feng, is it ready?"

"Its done!"

"I want it big, multi-colored, pretty"

"Get out! If you keep bugging me Ill blow you into pieces!"



"Grandma Shang, are you ready with the formalwear Ive asked?"

"Working on it."

"Grandma Shang, can you do it any quicker? Can you finish it in ten minutes?"

"Why are you rushing me? I have already closed my shop for several days just for something this complicated!"


Dukang Restaurant.

"Brother Du, is the food ready?"

"Burp. About there."

"Then step on it! Once I give you the signal, everything must go!"

"Dont worry."


Herbal Shop.

"Uncle Hua, are the pills ready?"

"They are ready."

"Thank you!"


Next, Jiang Feng went and look for Robert and Yuan Ping.

This was his first marriage. Even if it was only a game, it was still very important to him.

Since he got to know her Ling Feiyu from the game, it meant something to him.

He was very nervous. In order to prepare the last item, he entered the Smithy Room in the Smithy.

He was going to forge a ring that would be unique to Ling Feiyu in the game.

In order to forge the ring, he had used all 3 plot attribute points he gained from Uproar in Heaven and increased Smithing to Divine Archmaster level.

That meant that as long as the materials were of the correct quality, it was very possible for him to create a Greater Divine Artifact.