Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Prove That Were A Match Made In Heaven

The Smithy, Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

Jiang Feng stood in the smoking hot smithy room.

He was picking out ores that he took out from the Lianyao Flask.

"There isnt even one Divine level ore All the gods didnt bring any ores when they went outside?" He felt disappointed after looking through all the ores and could not even find one single Divine level ore.

"What should I do if theres none?" Jiang Feng walked in circles in the smithy room.

Today was the day of his wedding, and he had to make the ring something good.

After walking for a while, he suddenly remembered something and quickly took out three Divine Artifacts from the Lianyao Flask.

All the Divine Artifacts were dropped by the gods from the Celestial Courts, but their stats were only so-so when compared to other Divine Artifacts.

"Since I didnt get any ore, then Ill have to smelt these Divine Artifacts!" He muttered to himself and threw all three of the Divine Artifacts into the smelter without hesitation. He then scattered Molten Iron Powder over it.

He had many Divine Artifacts on him now, but he could not use any of them. Other players could not use any of them as well until they had reached level 150, since they were all from the gods that had reached level 150.

Other than those that were dropped by the Celestial Soldiers and Celestial Generals, the pieces of equipment that he got were mostly for show.

Under the effects of the Molten Iron Powder, the three Divine Artifacts began to melt and become a big puddle of liquid metal.

Looking at the liquid metal in the smelter, he did not rush to get them into the mold. Since a mold could create two rings, they only needed very little liquid metal. What he needed to do was to continue to refine the liquid metal so that he could extract their essence.

He poured the liquid metal into the cold water until it was cold, then took out the Thunder Hammer that he got from Lei Zhenzi and used it as a smithy hammer, and kept on hitting the iron plate that was cooling down.

He kept on hitting it and took out an Immortal Level ore.


Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have received an Immortal level Iron Essence!

He threw the Iron Essence into the melt, poured some Molten Iron Powder over it so that it would melt the Iron Essence.

Once the Iron Essence had completely melted, he then poured the liquid iron over the already cold metal piece and continued to strike it.



The sound of smithing continued to sound within the room with sparks flying.

After giving it some good strikes, he then refined another piece of Immortal Level Iron Essence and continued hitting.

The entire process took him 3 hours, from 8 am until 11:30 am.

In the end, a shining ore that was the size of an egg appeared in his hand.

"Whew~ I hope this is going to work!"

He took a deep breath and threw the shining iron ore into the smelter. Then used Molten Iron Powder to melt it.

Very quickly, the small piece of ore was melted. The liquid metal that it melted into was shining as well.

He knew that this should be the effects of something called the Immortal Crystal.

He then poured the liquid metal into the mold and continued to strike it.

After another five hours, he finally managed to fuse all the ores into a pair of shining rings.

The male ring had a pair of feathers carved into it, and the initials "LFY" were also carved into it.

The female ring had a maple leaf carved into it, and the initials "JF" were also carved into it.

He had spent a lot of effort into making those rings. After each strike, he would think back about his past within the Three Generations Tower. He would then become even more pumped as he smiled.

He took in a deep breath, took out the Ruler of Hakai in his hand. He prayed, then used his Smithing skill. "Smithing!"

Ding. System Prompt: Smithing successful. You have gained a pair of "unnamed" Greater Divine Artifacts. Please name them!

When he created this piece of equipment, he changed into his monkey form so that it would not cause a commotion and be announced to the entire server.

Ding. System Prompt: Naming successful!

Ding. Server Announcement: Announcement! The games first pair of special Greater Divine Artifacts, the rings "Match Made in Heaven," have been created. Any couple that receives the Match Made in Heaven would have the equipment bonded to them forever, and receive a hidden skill!

"Er What? A Server Announcement for this?!" When Jiang Feng heard the server announcement, he was completely stunned.

While he was stunned, all the games couples went wild.


Yue Laos spot in the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

A male warrior was just going to put on a silver ring for a beautiful priestess. When he heard the server announcement, the edge of his lips twitched.

The beautiful priestess looked at the plain silver ring, pulled her hand back, and walked away. "Well get married after you get the Match Made in Heaven rings."

The male player looked at the beautiful priestess walking away and threw the ring on the ground angrily as he yelled irritably, "Damn it! Whats going on with the system?! To have something like the Match Made in Heaven appear now And its a damn Greater Divine Artifact Where the hell am I going to find them?!"

Of the couples that were watching the weddings, all the female partners looked at their male partners.

All the male partners could only wipe their cold sweat and answer with a teasing smile, "Honey, dont worry, Ill work hard to get the rings!"


In a forest somewhere, a male player was holding a female player as he said sweetly, "Honey, should we do something wild tonight?"

The female player said shyly, "Youre so mischievous!"

Ding. Server Announcement: Announcement! The games first pair of special Greater Divine Artifacts, the rings "Match Made in Heaven," have been created. Any couple that receives the Match Made in Heaven would have the equipment bonded to them forever, and receive a hidden skill!

At this time, the server announcement rang in both of their ears. The female player suddenly became very passionate and said, "Greater Divine Artifacts? Rings? A Match Made in Heaven? Account Bound? Hidden skill? Honey, I want that, can you get them for me?"

"Er Those are Greater Divine Artifacts, I" The male player could not help but shudder.

"Hmph~ Useless, cant even get a ring!" The female player pushed the male player aside and turned around.

"Damn it! Damn the Match Made in Heaven!" The male player cursed.


On this day, the message board exploded.

All the female players wanted a pair of Greater Divine Artifact rings. The rings were secondary, and most of them wanted them just for being Greater Divine Artifacts.

But on this day, many players also had their hearts broken.

Many of the male players turned their sorrow and anger into action and started to curse at the existence of these rings.

Of course, many of the male players also took on a more active role. For example, some of them were trying to gather information on where they were first created so that they could find the pair of rings.

At one point, there was one sentence that was exceptionally popular in the game.

"If you want to marry me, prove to me that we are a Match Made in Heaven!"

This simple sentence had taken down so many male players that were confessing their love.


And Jiang Feng, the source of all these troubles, did not know what kind of trouble the rings that he had spent seven to eight hours forging had stirred. Instead, he was pleased as he looked at the pair of rings and their stats.