Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Whats With The Eyes?

Jiang Fengs wedding had caused a commotion in the entire Huaxia Server.

If it were just the wedding of a normal player, it would not cause such a fuss. However, as the Shifter Emperor and the most powerful being in Huaxia Server, he was always being observed. So of course, it would cause such a disturbance.

But what these players did not know when they went to the Ancient City for the wedding was that a large group of NPCs was also preparing their gifts and making their way to the Ancient City.

Of course, these NPCs were the Inheritors that had joined the Shifter faction or had worked together with Jiang Feng.

But all of them had different motives for going to the Ancient City.

Canaan went over hoping to dispel their hostility with each other.

Hei Tong went over wanting to befriend him.

Xiao Lan went over with a confused heart.


Imperial Dragon City, Stewards Residence.

Yao Qiong looked at the Ancient City from the window, and asked Archmaster Moji, "Archmaster, are you going to congratulate the Shifter Emperor?"

Moji looked at the Ancient City deep in thoughts.

She remembered what happened in the blood pool in the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals, what happened at Lihuo Village, and her thoughts were in disarray.

"Archmaster, Archmaster"

"Hm, what is it?" Archmaster Moji snapped back to reality when she finally heard Yao Qiong, and turned to her.

"I was asking, Archnmaster, if you are going to congratulate the Shifter Emperor?" Yao Qiong looked at Moji, who was not herself, with a strange look.

"Yes, he now has the ability to destroy the Celestial Palace. He is worthy of me going over to congratulate him." Moji nodded and then continued, "Prepare the gifts. We will head to the Ancient City!"


When a group of majordomos headed to the Ancient City, Jiang Feng led Ling Feiyu into the palace. He took the formalwear from Grandma Shang, and the gift boxes that he had prepared for the parade.

Next, Ling Feiyu went into a room and changed into her formalwear despite her excitement.

The formal wear was designed by Jiang Feng himself and was sewn by Grandma Shang, a Divine level Tailor. While it had no attributes whatsoever, it was absolutely beautiful.

Of course, Jiang Feng had a set of formal wear as well. It was created by Grandma Shang beforehand.

It was a more traditional Chinese-style formal wear. It was very eye-catching as it shone brightly.

But at this time, he was waiting outside the room anxiously, waiting for his bride.

At this time, it was as if Xiao Yatou, Mu Xi, and Ye Wufeng had planned it beforehand as they all came in together with their palms extended, "Congratulations, Shifter Emperor! Where are our red packets?"

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at them, then took out three red packets with 9,999gp and threw them at them, "Ive already prepared them!"

When Xiao Yatou saw the 9,999gp, she instantly burst into a smile and asked Jiang Feng, "Idol, not bad! Since when were you and Sis Feiyu together?"

Jiang Feng merely smiled and avoided the question. "Alright, you got your red packets. Now go out and help me with the guests! There are going to be many coming tonight!"

"Seeing how youre so generous, Ill help you I guess," Xiao Yatou said and then left the room together with Mu Xi and Ye Wufeng to greet the guests that will be arriving.


After the three of them left, Ling Feiyu then walked out wearing a crimson wedding dress and a phoenix headpiece.

Every step she took, flower petals would bloom on where she stepped. It was very beautiful.

But Jiang Feng was not paying any attention to what was happening on her feet. Instead, he could only look at Ling Feiyu coming toward him with her breathtaking beauty.

"Youre so beautiful!" Jiang Feng said to her with a smile.

"Youre quite handsome too!" Ling Feiyu said happily with her lips curled upward. She then approached him and kissed Jiang Fengs lips.

"Lets go!" Jiang Fengs left arm was slightly curled, and Ling Feiyu extended her right hand and held onto Jiang Fengs left arm.


The Monster Cloud appeared under their feet and carried them outside slowly.

"We now welcome the newlyweds!"

Yue Lao, who was in the middle of the Great Hall, called out as if he could feel what was happening.

Next, all the Ancient Citys NPCs and players that were in the hall looked at the side door.

Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu walked in with Ling Feiyu holding Jiang Fengs arms. They then stood before the throne.

Clap, clap, clap

Everyone started clapping.

"Roar Boss! Come! Lick!" Heifeng roared as he used his wings to wave at Jiang Feng with his chicken drumsticks.

"What the hell?! Can you look at whats happening?!" Guapi smacked on Heifengs head and gave him a stare.

"Roar" When the other followers saw Heifeng getting smacked, they all laughed out heartily.

When Yue Lao saw Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu come out, he flashed and appeared in front of the Shifter Emperors Palace gate.

"We now welcome all the guests! Canaan from the Canaan Guild!" As soon as Yue Lao had made the announcement, Canaan then passed her gift to Mu Xi and entered the hall.

"Congratulations, Shifter Emperor. May your love be eternal!" Canaan smiled as she came in with Han Qianqian.

"Thank you!" Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu nodded.

Jiang Feng did not expect that Canaan would be the first one to arrive. While he disliked Canaan somewhat, today was his wedding, so he would naturally not start a fight.

"Inheritor of the Waters, Miaoer!"

The Inheritor of the Waters was not that tall and looked a bit mischievous. She entered with an adorable smile and her long dress had attracted the attention of everyone present.

"Inheritor of the Flames, Wen Yan!"

"Xingyu Guild, Su Xingyu and Bai Yi!"

"Heilong Gang, Hei Tong!"


There were about four hundred that had come to congratulate him, and all of them were very well known in the game.

"Inheritor of the Spirits, Xiao Lan!"

"Archmaster Moji and Inheritor of the Infernals!"

At this time, Yue Lao once again made an announcement that had attracted everyones attention.

Even Jiang Feng was slightly stunned as he looked at the gate.

He did not expect that Xiao Lan and Moji would come to his wedding due to their history. He was quite surprised, to be honest.

He was not the only one. Some of the others were also surprised.

Shifters, Divines, and Infernals would come to conflict in the end. While the other guilds all belonged to different factions, they were not the ones leading them.

But Archmaster Moji was different. She was the leader of the Infernals in the Huaxia Server.

"Why did the Infernals leader come? Are they going to start a fight?"

"I dont know, lets just watch. If they really start fighting, lets move out of the way. Both of them are too powerful!"

"Look, Archmaster Moji brought gifts. I guess they wont start a fight after all."


Archmaster Moji and Xiao Lan both passed their gifts at the reception and then walked over to Jiang Feng.

Moji glanced at Ling Feiyu with cold eyes, then smiled as he looked at Jiang Feng. "Congratulations for being wedded!"

It was a cold blessing, and she then took a seat.

Xiao Lan looked at Ling Feiyu with mixed emotions, then looked at Jiang Feng similarly. "Congratulations!"

With that, she also took a seat.

Hey hey whats with the both of you? Whats with the eyes? Seriously? Jiang Feng thought to himself with a headache.

Then, he felt a sharp pain from his back as his lips twitched. And he then looked at Ling Feiyu with a smile.

Ling Feiyu was still giving him the same smile and said, "Oops. That was an accident."

Jiang Feng. "Er"