Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 275

Chapter 275 The Shaking Bridal Car

Moji and Xiao Lan were only small interludes to Jiang Fengs and Ling Feiyus wedding.

Once all the guests had arrived, they would then begin the ceremony by paying their respect to Heaven and Earth with a bow.


As soon as they had finished the ceremony, Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu then took out the Match Made in Heaven rings and helped each other put on the rings. Two lovebirds that looked like they were made of crystals flew out of the rings and surrounded the two.

When everyone present saw the lovebirds and then the rings that they had put on, they could only open their mouths in shock.

"Holy! The Shifter Emperor had the Match Made in Heaven rings?!"

"Damn, the Match Made in Heaven rings were created by the Shifter Emperor!"

"Im so envious! If theres a man who would do something like this to me, I would marry him without hesitation!"

"What are you envious of? You can marry an NPC too, haha!"


Many male players were angered when they saw the Match Made in Heaven rings.

Many female players looked passionate when they saw the Match Made in Heaven rings.

Some of them felt in their hearts that Ling Feiyu marrying an NPC was not right. Some even had more terrible thoughts.

After the wedding, the parade began where they would receive the players and NPCs blessings.

Hand-in-hand, Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu walked out of the Shifter Emperor Palace.

He was not sure when Tang Sanzang and Hua Yan had appeared but they volunteered to be the flower boy and helped Ling Feiyu with her fifty-meter-long red dress.

The children in the game grew up very quickly. It had only been a short while, but Hua Yan had grown up to be an adorable little boy of around four years of age. However, Tang Sanzang did not grow much, if at all.

Tang Sanzang dragged the long dress, then asked Hua Yan with a childish tone, "So, youre Uncle Huas grandson?"

Hua Yan smiled, showing his teeth, and touched Tang Sanzangs smooth, bald head. "Big brother, your head is so smooth," He said.

Tang Sanzang. "Go away!"

Hua Yan. "Big Brother Baldie, did Big Brother Shifter Emperor give you any red packets?"

Tang Sanzang. "No!"

Hua Yan then laughed out cheerfully, "Haha! Big Brother Shifter Emperor has given me one! If you follow me, I will give you a part of it! With this money, I can go find Uncle Du Kang to buy wine!"

Hua Yan took out a few gold pieces and showed it to Tang Sanzang.

Tang Sanzang rolled his eyes at him. "Drink when you are still a child? Are you not afraid that you will not grow taller or get smarter?"

Hua Yan blinked, then came next to him. He then compared his height with Tang Sanzang, and noticed that his hair gave him some advantage. He was so giddy that he sat on the dress and pointed at Tang Sanzang. "You drank wine, didnt you? Haha"

Tang Sanzang. "You!"


The two kids helped with the dress as they were arguing and playing with each other. In the eyes of the players that were watching, the two of them were too adorable. When they saw the bald Tang Sanzang and the red-haired Hua Yan, some of the female players could not help but express their motherly affection.


Jiang Feng took out Deicide and threw it into the air. It then became a prismatic and extravagant bridal car.


As Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu stepped into the bridal car, Tang Sanzand and Huayan left while still arguing with each other. At this time, two of the Golden Crow phantoms that were pulling Yaodi Island flew over to pull the bridal car into the air.

Sounds of whistles filled the air accompanied by loud bangs!

The dark night was covered with vibrant, multi-colored fireworks.

"Prepare the banquet"

Du Kang called out and with a clap of his hands, the main streets of the Ancient City were suddenly filled with countless tables filled with dishes.

"Give out the gift boxes and candies!"


All of Jiang Fengs followers that could fly jumped into the air and gift boxes began to fall from them. All of the players that came to the Ancient City became very excited and began to grab the gift boxes.

"Haha! A Spiritual Artifact! Theres a Spiritual Artifact in the gift box! The Shifter Emperor is too generous!"

"Oh, gods! A pill that can increase my stats! With this pill, my stats can increase somewhat!"

"Oh yeah! The gift box that I picked up had two Dark-Gold Equipment inside! This rocks!"


Once they knew that the gift boxes all contained something good, many of the guilds bosses stopped having their meals and grabbed the gift boxes that were falling from the sky,

Of course, they could try to grab the gift boxes from each other, but fighting was still banned.

Many of the female players were envious of Ling Feiyu. A wedding like this was already much better than many of the weddings of famous people in the real world.

Other than the female players, three female NPCs were also envious of her. In truth, they felt sorry for themselves.

Xiao Lan looked at Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu holding each other in the bridal car with a complicated look. She then bit her lips as she turned and left the Ancient City.

Archmaster Moji snorted coldly and left.

Xiao Longnu looked up at Jiang Feng as a tear fell from her cheek, she then turned and walked toward the Humans City.

The bridal car spun above the Ancient City for a while, then flew into the dark night.

Now, it was time for Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu to be alone together.

Jiang Feng embraced Ling Feiyu, then asked her in joy, "Feiyu, are you happy with this wedding?"

Ling Feiyu then nodded and pushed herself into Jiang Fengs caress. "Very happy!"

"The Inheritor of the Spirits and Moji, they" Jiang Feng remembered something and was going to explain to Ling Feiyu.

But Ling Feiyu simply pushed him back onto the chair and climbed on top of him, and kissed him.

Feeling the wetness and sweetness on his lips, Jiang Feng snickered to himself in his heart.

Ling Feiyu was his wife. She would not care what happened to him in the past. All she needed to know was that he was hers now.


With that in his mind, Jiang Fengs palm waved, and windows appeared around the bridal car and covered all of them inside.

Ling Feiyu kissed his lips and slowly kissed his neck, and removed her wedding dress and the clothes inside.

Looking at Ling Feiyus perfect body, he could feel his blood boil inside as he removed his clothes and responded to Ling Feiyu.

The two kissed for a long time

At this moment, if there were other players that could see the bridal car that was already tens of thousands of meters in the air thanks to the Golden Crows, they would be able to see the bridal car rocking and hear the sounds of moaning.

Ding. System Prompt: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy activated successfully. Stats increased by 5%.

"Lets continue!"

The bridal car continued to rock.

Unfortunately, The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy could only be used once a day. Using it again would bring no additional effect.

While the skill no longer had any effect, his battle with Ling Feiyu continued


Just when Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu were having their private night, a group of people appeared within Mount Kunlun within Huaxia Server.

They looked at a green dragon with five claws that were being bound in chains surrounded by twelve pillars.

"We found it!" One of them said excitedly.