Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Qinglong In Danger


Jiang Feng was all sweaty as he held Ling Feiyu in his arms, lying in the bridal car.

If someone were to give him a cigarette, it would definitely be a heavenly moment for him!

"Are you tired?" Ling Feiyu lay on his chest with a blush.

Jiang Feng caressed Ling Feiyu and stroked her smooth back, then kissed her head with a smile and said, "Im alright. Sorry about that, wife. I was too rough."

"Im fine. I like it when youre rough," Ling Feiyu said embarrassingly.

"Come on, lets log out and do it for real." Jiang Feng smiled mischievously.

"Stop joking, husband. Let me be frank with you. Its going to be difficult for you to marry me in reality." Ling Feiyus expression darkened as her thoughts dragged her back to reality.

Looking at Ling Feiyu, Jiang Feng knew that Ling Feiyus identity back in reality would be something out of the ordinary.

"I want to know more about you. Can you tell me about your family? I want them to accept me!" Jiang Feng said calmly.

"Then dont be surprised if I tell you!" Ling Feiyu said.

Jiang Feng nodded.

She took a deep breath and said, "My paternal grandfather is the head of the Huaxia Institute of Science, my father is the president of Lingtian Group and my mother is the CEO, she is also the head of Xianghe Hospital. My uncle is the head of National Security, and my maternal grandfather"

"Your maternal grandfather is the general secretary of the Capital City"

Jiang Feng knew the meaning of marrying someone with the same status. Ling Feiyus parents and grandparents were all someone influential, and their partners were all of a similar status.

But he did not expect Ling Feiyu identity to be so terrifying.

Anyone from Ling Feiyus family could easily cause tremors in the entire Huaxia with a stomp. That was how influential her family background was.

Ling Feiyu looked at Jiang Feiyu who had his eyebrows locked, and said, "Dont worry. I am me and they are them. Even if they stop me, I will stay together with you!"

"Yes." Jiang Feng nodded and held her even more tightly.

His personality had dictated that no matter how hard it was to walk a path, he would never turn back regardless of the hardship he might face once he had made the decision to walk that path.

That included getting a wife.

Once he knew Ling Feiyus identity, he would be lying if he said that he did not feel any pressure at all. But the more pressure he felt, the faster he would grow.

He had never been afraid of pressure. The greater the pressure was, the more powerful his motivation would be!

After Ling Feiyu had revealed to him about her background, Jiang Feng had also told Ling Feiyu a lot of things, as well as what his relationships with Xiao Lan and Moji were.

There was nothing to hide from the person he loved the most.

"Its fine. This is just a game. This is the place where you can let your ambition run free. Its fine even if you have palaces filled with women since your kidneys would be fine. But back in reality, you better not think of doing anything like this. Your kidneys are mine forever!" Ling Feiyu hooked Jiang Fengs neck and said to him domineeringly.

Ling Feiyus answer made Jiang Feng feel touched as he kissed Ling Feiyu and embraced her.

"Emperor Shifter Emperor Save Me"

At this time, a voice entered Jiang Fengs ears and it caused his entire body to be stunned.

"What is it?" Ling Feiyu asked as she looked at Jiang Feng who was suddenly sitting up straight.

"Who are you?" Jiang Feng did not answer Ling Feiyu, but closed his eyes and asked in his heart.

"Within Mount Kunlun Qing Long"

Qinglong, one of the Five Sacred Beasts!

And Qinglong was in danger!

Jiang Fengs entire body trembled as he looked at Ling Feiyu seriously. "Qinglong is in trouble. Feiyu, go back to the Ancient City with the two Golden Crows. I will go to Mount Kunlun!"

"Qinglong! The World War is beginning soon. We cannot let anything happen to the Sacred Beasts in Huaxia Server! Go!" Ling Feiyu said as she put on her game face.

"Yes." And next, both of them put on their clothes as Jiang Feng changed Deicide back into a staff. Once he put away Deicide, he then used the Town Portal skill.

After Ling Feiyu had changed back to her normal clothes, she jumped onto one of the Golden Crows and headed back to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.


After Jiang Feng returned to the Ancient City, he brought along Xiao Longnu and all his followers and teleported to Nanhai City. He then rode the Monster Cloud and headed toward Mount Kunlun.

Mount Kunlun had been conquered by the Lights, and they were aligned with the Divines. They had closed it from all other races, so he had to teleport to Nanhai City that had been conquered by the Waters, and then headed toward Mount Kunlun from there.

"The Shifter Emperor? Isnt his wedding today? Why would he be here?" As soon as he teleported to Nanhai City, many players recognized who he was.

"Somersault Cloud!"

He did not pay any attention to any of the players. He used Somersault Cloud to fly toward the clouds, then headed toward Mount Kunlun on the Monster Cloud.

With the speed boost the Monster Cloud gained thanks to the Somersault Cloud skill, its speed had increased by 5 folds. They were like a glint of light and disappeared almost instantly.

As soon as he left, all the Shifter players, the Waters, and some NPC Humans began to talk among themselves.

"The Shifter looked so serious. Did something happen to the point where he had to give up his honeymoon?"

"That had to be it. Wherever the Shifter Emperor goes, theres going to be trouble. I wonder whos going to be in one this time?!"


As Jiang Feng sat on the monster cloud crossed legged, he began to think about what happened, How did Qinglong manage to contact me? If the other Sacred Beasts could contact me, I would be able to collect all of their Blood of Origin!"

Alright. I dont have the time to think about this right now. I need to use this chance to evolve and then go for the lucky draw and see if theres anything that can help me remove the fatigue status! He thought to himself and then took out 19 drops of Divine Beast Bloodline and gulped them all.

After he was sealed, he had only one rank despite having a Spiritual Level Shifter Emperor Bloodline. That was the only good thing about being sealed. Since he could evolve and get more chances in the lottery.

Of course, once his seal had been broken, his bloodline would become Spiritual Level again. If he wanted to evolve, he would need even more Bloodline to increase Purity!

His Shifter Emperor Bloodlines purity was 5%, and one drop could increase his bloodline purity by 5%. After consuming 19 drops, it had reached 100%.

Once he saw that his bloodline purity had reached 100%, he took out an evolution pill and ate it.


As soon as he had eaten an Evolution Pill, his body was surrounded by a golden flame.

Normal flames had no effect on him anymore. But the golden flame was sacred in nature, it was much more powerful.


And that was why when the golden fire began to immolate him, he cried out in pain.

He had to bear more pain due to the sacred flames. It was much more painful than what he had endured in his previous evolutions.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution successful. You have reached rank 2 for your Shifter Emperor Bloodline. Base stats +20%.

Only 20% Jiang Feng frowned. Originally, he thought that by increasing the Shifter Emperors bloodline, his stats would increase by a lot.

But after giving it a thought, he understood why. During his peak, his stats could already kill gods when he was at rank 1. Once he had reached rank 18, he could possibly easily defeat the Buddha.


He still had 111 drops of Divine Beast Bloodline, and he could still evolve one more time.

Ding. System Prompt: Shifter Emperor Bloodline Purity +1%.

"Oh gosh, increasing from rank 2 to rank 3 requires 5 times the amount of Divine Beast Bloodline?! Are you kidding me?" When Jiang Feng heard the system prompt, he could not help but start cursing.

He originally thought that a hundred drops of bloodline would let him evolve around four times, but he could only evolve twice. It made him very disappointed.

Despite that, he could only choose to accept this fact and continue to evolve!