Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 277

Chapter 277 I Will Kill All The Servers Sacred Beasts

He looked at the 111 drops of Divine Beast Bloodline in the Lianyao Flask.

Jiang Feng took out 100 drops and consumed them all.

Ding. System Prompt: Shifter Emperors Bloodline Purity 100%.

After using 100 drops of Divine Beast Bloodline, he only had 11 of them left.

He had spent 120 drops of Divine Beast Bloodline to rank up from rank 1 to rank 3. He wondered how many drops he would need to raise his ranking to 4?

"Its alright since my Luck has become even higher. All I need is to get myself back to my peak form, and then I can increase the Divine Beast Bloodlines purity by fusing with more bloodlines or transmute a Divine Beasts corpse!"

As he already had the ability to kill Divine Beasts, he was not afraid that his bloodline could not increase at all.

He then took the second Evolution Pill and evolved once again.


Sacred flames covered him once again as he screamed in pain.

Ding. System Prompt: Evolution successful. Your Shifter Emperor Bloodline has increased to rank 3. Base stats +20%.

He successfully evolved within 20 minutes.

His base stats had once again increased by 20%.

"I have 6 lottery chances, and my two evolutions have given me four extra chances. Now that I have 10 chances, lets see if I can get anything that can remove the fatigue status!" He mumbled as the lottery wheel appeared in front of him.

He took out the Ruler of Hakai, increasing his luck to an extremely high 220.

His luck was high enough that he could pick up money when he walked on the streets.

"Come on, give me something good!" Jiang Feng said as he began to roll for the lottery.

The indicator began to spin and stopped at the pill category, and a prismatic chest appeared in front of him.

The prismatic chest opened, and there was a white pill within.

Fatigue Removal Pill: Divine-level Pill

Can temporarily remove the Fatigue status for 2 hours.

"As I thought. Now that my luck is high, I have a 90% chance to get what I need. Unfortunately, it seems that the lottery system can only give me Divine Rank items. Looks like I need to level up the Monster Transmutation System again." He smiled as he looked at the Fatigue-Removal pill.

While it could only temporarily remove the Fatigue status, 2 hours was more than enough for him.

After flying for 50 minutes, he was very close to Mount Kunlun.

To stop himself from being killed by his enemies, he ate the Fatigue Removal Pill without hesitation.

After being sealed and without Deicides attack boost, his stats were:

HP: 1,000,000

Attack: 400,000

Defense: 170,000

His stats after evolving twice were:

HP: 1,440,000

Attack: 576,000

Defense: 244,800

If he were to include Deicide, his attack and movement speed would increase by six folds:

HP: 1,440,000

Attack: 3,634,560

Defense: 244,800

That meant that without needing to break his seal, his attack and speed were comparable to an ordinary god with just Deicides boost.

That was a testament to how powerful Deicide was.

If he were to use Abbot Lanruos Golden Body or enter the Berserk or Slaughter Status, he could still defeat an Archmaster.

Using "Two Become One" and fusing with Xiao Longnu, he could even challenge the Buddha in a straight fight.

He did not need to explain how he was that strong.

At this stage, no one on the Divine Dominion could defeat him as soon as his seal was broken. Unless the NPCs from Silvermoon decided to appear.

Of course, Deicide did not add to HP and defense, so he could only be that powerful if he were not hit!

However, he had sacrificial dolls and a Resurrection Pill. With his speed, he did not need to worry about getting killed.


Just as he was checking his stats, the entire Mount Kunlun began to shake with explosions that could be heard from within.

With the Monster Clouds speed, he had arrived at the central location within Mount Kunlun in a few seconds. When he was there, he quickly summoned Haozi and had him quickly dig to where the sound came from.

"Haozi, dig!"

"Shifter Emperor I cant hold on any longer. I will transform into the Blood of Origin. Do not let it fall into their hands!" Just as Haozi was quickly digging into Mount Kunlun with him following closely behind, he once again heard the voice of Qinglong.

"Great Qinglong, how did you contact me? Can I use the same way to contact the Sacred Beast, the Black Tortoise Xuanwu, and the Vermillion Bird Zhuque?"

"Xuanwu is at the Ocean of Frozen Ice. Zhuque is at Baiyun Village" After saying its last word, the Green Dragon Qinglong did not reply regardless of how he tried to contact him.

While he did not get any more information, he knew the location of the Sacred Beasts, Xuanwu and Zhuque.

"Damn it, who is the one hunting down the Sacred Beasts in Huaxia Server?" Jiang Feng cursed as he had Haozi speed up.

At this stage, the players levels had increased. They had also become stronger and had more resources. Some of the elite players were just like him and had their stats increased, and they were no weaker than the normal Immortal Beasts and Divine Beasts.

A group of elites could still achieve victory against a Sacred Beast that was near death.

While the Sacred Beasts power had been boosted after the games third update, it only boosted them to have similar power to an Archmaster. Because of the bindings, their power had been greatly reduced. If they were surrounded by a group of players that had reached the Divine level, it would still be very dangerous for them.


Finally, after one minute, Haozis tunnel had opened up into a cave.

He quickly entered the cave, and he realized that he was standing on the ceiling of a cave. There were twelve pillars down below, but the chains were all loosened. A crimson red light was condensing, and he did not need to think twice to know that it was the Sacred Beast Qinglongs Blood of Origin.

At this time, there were eight players in the area. And Jiang Feng knew all of them.

They were led by the Japanese Servers Inheritor of the Divines, Kitazawa Hinata.

"Shifter Emperor?! How did you find your way here?" When they heard the noise, Kitazawa Hinata and his entourage all looked up and were surprised to see Jiang Feng in his monkey form.

"Its you!" When Jiang Feng saw Kitazawa Hinata, he squinted and did not even try to conceal his murderous intent.

He really did not expect that the Japanese Servers players would dare to come to the Huaxia Server to kill their Sacred Beast. His guess was that they must have something similar to the Scroll of Great Movement to enter another server without announcement.

In truth, there were many skills, items, and weapons that would allow players to cross into another server without breaching the servers borders. Naturally, there would not be any announcements.

Those skills included his Dimension Door skill, which would allow him to easily crossover such barriers.

As the most powerful player in the Japanese Server, it was not surprising at all that Kitazawa Hinata would have this kind of ability.

"Get the Blood of Origin and retreat!"

When he saw Jiang Fengs arrival, Kitazawa Hinata was instantly overwhelmed with anxiety and quickly headed toward the condensing Blood of Origin.

He was really afraid of Jiang Feng.

While he did not know the details of what happened in the Celestial Courts, they were still something on the message board. He knew that Jiang Feng had the power to kill Archmasters, and they naturally would not dare to clash with him.

"Hmph! Die!" He teleported to the front of Kitazawa Hinata and whacked his head with Deicide.


Kitazawa Hinata used a positioning skill and barely avoided Jiang Fengs attack.

After he had created a distance between them, Kitazawa Hinata then sneered at him, "Shifter Emperor, I know that you are very strong. But whats the use? Eventually, there is something that can defeat you. Also, let me tell you a good news. The other two Sacred Beasts in your server should have been transformed into Bloods of Origin by now."

Jiang Feng looked at him coldly as he listened to Kitazawa Hinata.

"If it werent because of Qinglongs ability, you wouldnt even know that during your wedding, all three of Huaxia Servers Sacred Beasts would be slain. Once we claim the Bloods of Origin and fuse them with our servers Sacred Beasts, Huaxia Servers average power would be decreased. And we would be able to avenge Yamata-no-Orochi!"

"Which server killed the other two Sacred Beasts?" Jiang Feng asked him with a grim face.

"Why dont you guess?!" Kitazawa Hinata sneered.

"Guess? Even if you have stolen the other Bloods of Origin, I will get them all back. You wont tell me which server theyre from? Fine, I will kill all the Sacred Beasts from all the other servers!"


After Jiang Feng had finished what he had to say, he appeared behind Kitazawa Hinata and whacked him into the air with his staff.