Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Xuanwus Blood Of Origin Stolen

Jiang Fengs current attack was around 4,000,000.

While Kitazawa Hinata and his followers all had items that boosted their stats, they did not have a lot of HP. At most, they only had 3,000,000.

His one strike was enough to instantly kill Kitazawa Hinata.

When the Japanese Servers Inheritor of the Infernals, Sakaguchi Shouta, and Inheritor of the Spirits, Hanai Mamoru, saw that Kitazawa Hinata was slain instantly, they all attempted to escape.

Hanai Mamoru even used some kind of item similar to the Scroll of Great Movement and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He looked at the others and called out all his followers and commanded, "Pursue them!"

With that, he summoned the Monster Cloud and chased after one of them.

With his high movement speed and the boost from the Monster Cloud and Somersault Cloud, he appeared behind that player in the blink of an eye. He killed him in one strike again.

Next, he chased after the others that were making their escape.

In the end, his followers and he managed to chase down five of them as the Inheritor of the Spirits and the Inheritor of the Infernals had escaped.

He returned to the cave underneath Mount Kunlun and picked up the Blood of Origin and all his followers, he then took out the Teleportation Cauldron to teleport to the Ocean of Frozen Ice.

"To the Ocean of Frozen Ice!"

The Ocean of Frozen Ice was located to the North, and the Shifter faction had no cities up north.

If he were to head to the North from the South, he would need at least seven hours even with the Monster Cloud. It would be too late.


Once he was in the Teleportation Cauldron, he spent 10,000gp and the cauldron disappeared.

Once the Teleportation Cauldron reappeared, it reappeared in the Finger Fingers Mountain.

The Infernal Miasma in this place had been dispelled by Sun Wukong, and plants had started to grow. It was very beautiful.

But he had no time to enjoy the scenic view of the Five Fingers Mountain, and he teleported away.

His second teleportation brought him to the Pacific Ocean. His third teleportation brought him to Lihuo City.

Only after the fifth time did he arrive close to Piaoxue City.

He teleported to Piaoxue City, called the Monster Cloud, and quickly headed toward the Ocean of Frozen Ice.

The Sacred Beasts were the pillars of a server. Once one of them had died, the entire Servers cities level and players stats would decrease. The shockwave would be huge.

At this stage, Huaxia Servers players stats were at the top when compared to all the other servers. Once the Sacred Beasts were lost, their overall power would decrease and drop. This would be very disadvantageous during the World War.

"Before Qinglong turned into a Blood of Origin, he gave me this task. That means that he trusted me. I cannot let the players from the other servers steal their Blood of Origin!" Jiang Feng clenched his fists as he stood on the Monster Cloud holding on to Deicide.

Qinglong had the ability to communicate with anyone, but he did not communicate with anyone else and only communicated with him. That meant that he trusted in his power.

When Qinglong had turned into a Blood of Origin, all the monsters started to mourn. The players had seen it, but they did not know what was happening.

Therefore, only he had the power to protect the Sacred Beasts.

Even if he were to contact the others, no one could make it due to its urgency.


The Monster Clouds speed was at its max.

The Ocean of Frozen Ice was located at the Northernmost location of the Huaxia Server. It was an ocean that was frozen in ice.


As soon as he reached the Ocean of Frozen Ice, he heard a roar of pain and sorrow.


As the painful roar echoed, all the monsters of the Huaxia Server began to mourn.

"No! Xuanwu is turning into a Blood of Origin!"

When he heard the roar and looked at all the monsters that were kneeling down and mourning, he quickly and anxiously headed to where the sound originated from.

After a dozen seconds, he finally arrived at where the sound came from. But as soon as he appeared, he saw a group of elite players from the American Server come out from an ice cavern led by none other than Johns.

"Johns! How dare you!" When Jiang Feng saw them, he teleported next to Johns and attacked him with his staff.


As soon as the attack was about to connect, the Inheritor of the Vampires, James J, blocked in front of him and was slain by Jiang Feng.


As soon as he killed James J, Johns merely looked at him with a sneer and left using some kind of ability.


When he saw that Johns had left, Jiang Feng cursed and killed all the others mercilessly.

After he killed them, he headed down to the ice cavern.

While he guessed that the Blood of Origin would have already been taken away by Johns, he still needed to confirm it.

When he entered the Ice Cavern, he noticed the twelve pillars and the disappearing black chains. The Sacred Beast, Xuanwu the Black Tortoise had disappeared.

"Damn it! How did they manage to find the Sacred Beasts so accurately?!" Jiang Feng scowled as his brain began to tick. "No, even if they have the means to find the Sacred Beasts, they wouldnt dare to attack me directly like this. Looks like the NPCs from the other servers have made their moves!"

He then understood what was happening after giving it a thought.

After Uproar in Heaven and the destruction of the Celestial Courts, no players would logically challenge him directly like this due to his power.

The only ones that would were the NPCs. That meant that the NPCs from the other servers would attack the Huaxia Server. He guessed that he had become too powerful, and they wanted to reduce his power as well as reduce Huaxia Players overall power by capturing the Sacred Beasts.

Since all the other Servers NPCs had allied with each other, some of them would definitely have a way to find the Sacred Beasts.

"Zhuque would also be in danger, but where the heck is Baiyun Village? How do I get there?"

Starter Villages locations were not on the map, and players that were more than level 10 could not enter as well. He could only enter it if his level were reduced to level 10.

Thats right! Moji! He suddenly remembered that Moji appeared once in Lihuo Village.

"No, I wont make it in time!"

Jiang Feng was very anxious. He had also thought of using the lottery system. But even if he could get something to enter the Starter Village, it was still randomized. It still probably would not get him into Baiyun Village.

"Baiyun Village? Baiyun Village! Isnt that the Starter Village that I started in? I remembered that when I left the Starter Village, the Village Chief gave me a scroll to return to the village!" He suddenly recalled something and looked for that Town Portal Scroll in a rush.

"Where is it Where is it" He muttered as he looked for the scroll, proving how anxious he was right then.

He was already blaming himself for losing Xuanwus Blood of Origin, he could not allow Zhuques Blood of Origin to fall into the hands of another server.

"Found it!"

After around three minutes of rummaging, he finally found the scroll to get him to Baiyun Village.

Johns, just you wait! He thought to himself furiously as he used the Town Portal Scroll to return to the village.

Next, white light surrounded him and he disappeared from the Ocean of Frozen Ice.

He was not in that much of a hurry to get back the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin from Johns. He simply needed to snatch it back. Even if the Sacred Beast from his server had fused with it, he could always fuse with the Sacred Beast from the American Server and make it into part of his Bloodline!