Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Zhuques Feather

Baiyun Village was the Starter Village that Jiang Feng started in.

He never would have expected that Zhuque would be in this village.

With one look, he guessed that there were at least a thousand players within the Starter Village.

He did not feel that it was strange, since the game terminal was now sold without limit. With the earring-style terminals price being pushed down substantially, many players that could not afford the game at first had jumped into the game.

Basically, there were around 10,000 new players joining the game every month.

Despite that, they would not have any issues with game balance.

As the first and second batch of players worked their way to level 100, another 50 more levels after the World War, they would then leave the Divine Dominion Continent for Silvermoon.

Then this place would belong to the new players.

"Damn it, why would there be so many high-level players in a Starter Village? And they werent even players from our server. Whats going on?"

"Sh*t. I was killing a miniboss, they instantly killed me. Whats with the game? Why would a bunch of level 80 players enter a Starter Village? How are we supposed to play this game?!"

"It sounded like theyre from the Korean Server. Something must be happening. Lets go post this at the message board!"


Once he appeared in the Starter Villages teleportation circle, he then heard some of the players cursing as they walked out of the Respawn Point.

"Excuse me, just now you mentioned that there were some players from the Korean Server here. Can you tell me where they are?" Jiang Feng quickly pulled over one of the players.

He was actually quite happy. Since this group of players had just been killed, that meant that the players from the Korean Server had not made a move against Zhuque.

As long as they had not attacked Zhuque, that meant that Zhuques Blood of Origin was safe.

The player that was pulled glanced at Jiang Feng.

He was instantly stunned as he got a good look at Jiang Feng. When he saw the silver hair and red eyes, he became instantly excited.

"Ah! Youre the Shifter Emperor! My goodness, I didnt expect to meet my idol here in the Starter Village!"

"Shifter Emperor?!"

When the players nearby heard that player call out his name, all of them began to converge.

He was extremely popular both in-game and in the real world.

Even some of the celebrities in the real world were his fans.

"The players from other servers want to kill our Sacred Beasts, tell me where you met them now!" Jiang Feng did not have the time to act like a celebrity and asked him anxiously.

When that player heard what Jiang Feng had to say, he then replied angrily, "No wonder they appeared in the Starter Village! They were coming for our Sacred Beasts! They were running toward the mountain peaks to the North!"

"Thanks!" Jiang Feng said to him and called out the Monster Cloud and used the Somersault Cloud in the sky, and quickly headed to the North of the Starter Village.

When they saw Jiang Feng fly away, many of the players looked at him enviously as they were thinking of getting a flying steed after they had reached the required levels.

Some of the players also put up what happened on the message board.

This had truly irked a large number of high-level elite players from Huaxia Server. All the more powerful players and Inheritors from the three factions gathered together and entered the other Servers using tools and without the system making any announcement.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


Jiang Feng had arrived in the mountains to the North of Baiyun Village.

Very quickly, he saw the thirteen players that were digging a tunnel using their pets.

And they had already dug a deep enough tunnel.

He smiled coldly as he entered the tunnel secretly.

In such a small space, he could instantly kill everyone by ambushing them.

Very quickly, he had arrived next to the thirteen of them.

Just as he was about to make a move, one of the thirteen players started talking.

A man with curly hair said, "Park Eum-Uk, the Japanese server has failed but the American server succeeded. As soon as we get Zhuques Blood of Origin, the Huaxia Server is done."

Another handsome man said, "Do not make a conclusion so easily. The Shifter Emperor from the Huaxia Server is too powerful. We have to be careful."

"What are we afraid of? We used a First Grade Sacred Talisman to enter Baiyun Village. I dont think hell be able to find us."

"Jae-Eun is right. Once we have the Blood of Origin, we should go wipe out that Starter Village and get some points"


Before he could even finish, a tornado suddenly appeared and threw all thirteen of them and their pets that were digging the tunnel into the air. All of them were killed in an instant.

All of their HPs were around 2,000,000. The one called Park Eum-Uk was the Divines Inheritor from the Korean Server with his HP hitting the 3,000,000 mark. However, his defense was not high enough to help him avoid getting instantly killed.


Jiang Feng took the items that were dropped on the ground. There was nothing useful, so he threw them all into the Lianyao Flask. He then called out Haozi to continue digging the tunnel.

After a while, the tunnel had finally opened up to a large cavern down below.

The cavern had twelve pillars, and a giant bird with purplish-red fire was lying at the center.

"Lord Zhuque!" Jiang Feng jumped and landed in front of Zhuque.

The near-death Zhuque blinked his eyes as he looked at Jiang Feng, then called out to him in excitement, "Shifter Emperor!"

"Lord Zhuque, Lord Xuanwus Blood of Origin has been stolen by another country. Do you have any way of tracking it down?"

While he had nothing that he could use to find where the Sacred Beast was, if he were to use the lottery, he might be able to get one. Of course, if Zhuque knew how then he would not need to waste the precious opportunity.

Other than the lottery, the other races must also have a way to locate the other Sacred Beasts. He was alone and there was no one he could depend on, but the other races were different. They all had someone to depend on and they should be able to find some powerful items from the NPCs.

If Zhuque had no other way, he could look for Xiao Lan, Wenyan, and Miaoer and get some items from them.

"The old turtle was caught!" Zhuque was saddened when he heard that Xuanwu had been caught. "I do have a way. I will give you my feather when I transform into a Blood of Origin. The feather can be used to find other Sacred Beasts and their Blood of Origins."

"Thank you!" Jiang Feng bowed in gratitude.

"I see I feel Ya Dis Divine Fate Compass on you. You can also fuse the feather with the Divine Fate Compass and upgrade its abilities!" Zhuque said again.

"Understood!" Jiang Feng replied.

"Alright, all four of the other old ones have died. Without me, the Blood of Origin will not be complete. It is time for me to fulfill my duties!"


Zhuque screeched with his head up high, and the purplish-red flames burst forth despite his body becoming smaller. In the end, he became a Blood of Origin the size of a fist. A feather about 4 meters long with burning purplish-red fire and 30 drops of Zhuque Bloodline floated together with the Blood of Origin.

The Sacred Beast had died, and all the monsters mourned!

This could only happen three times in a day.

Zhuques Feather: First Grade Sacred Level Material.

Introduction: A feather conjured by Zhuque before his death. Let the feather go and it would automatically seek out the location of Sacred Beasts. Once it has absorbed enough of a Sacred Beasts aura and Bloodline, it could make a new Zhuque to rise from the ashes!

Can be used in Alchemy and Smithing.

"I didnt expect that Zhuques Feather could grow into a new Zhuque!" He was shocked as he looked at the feathers stats.

While the feather could grow into a new Zhuque, it would take a very long time. So, he was still going to fuse it with the Divine Fate Compass.

"Hm?" After he had collected the Phoenix Feather and Blood of Origin and was preparing to leave, he suddenly noticed that behind Zhuque was a pail-sized bell.

"Donghuang Bell fragment!"

He walked over and realized that it was the bell part of the Donghuang Bell.

Perhaps Zhuque was on the verge of death, so he did not know that there was a bell behind him and did not tell him about it.

Including this fragment, he would have collected 84 pieces of the Donghuang Bell.

He held up the bell and took a look, and it surprised him that the bell had its own stats and skill!