Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Descendants Of Nuwa And Fuxi

The bell component within the Donghuang Bell was the core of the Donghuang Bell.

Originally, he thought that the bell itself only had an introduction. But what surprised him was that the bell actually had its own ability.

Donghuang Inner Bell: Divine Artifact (Fragmented)

Introduction: The inner bell of the Donghuang Bell, one of the Ten Primordial Divine Artifacts. The rung inner bell contains great power.

Gather: Ring the Donghuang Inner Bell to gather all monsters within 50km. Duration of 30 minutes. Cooldown of 5 hours.

Prerequisite: Shifter Emperor

While the Donghuang Inner Bell only had this one attribute, but its Gather skill was much more powerful than the Flag of the Shifter Emperors Command skill.

Command only had an area of effect of 5km, a duration of 10 minutes, and a cooldown of 1 day.

Gather had an area of effect of 50km, a duration of 30 minutes, and an even lower cooldown.

All in all, it was much more practical than the Flag of the Shifter Emperor.

As the Donghuang Bell was the Primordial Divine Artifact that was used to lead the Shifters, it was much more powerful than a Sacred Artifact. The Flag of the Shifter Emperor was just a symbol for the Shifters, both would not be able to compare with each other naturally.

He put away the Donghuang Inner Bell and then teleported to Nanhai City.

He was going to go to the Japanese Server to eliminate the Japanese Servers Sacred Beast since the Fatigue Removal Pill had one more hour of use.

As Nanhai City was close to the border, he only spent 20 minutes and he had arrived at the border.

"Dimension Door!"

While normal positioning skills could not cross over such barriers, Space-type skills could be used. Dimension Door was a Space-type skill that he had learned, so he easily entered the Japanese Server.

Once he had appeared in the Japanese Server, he threw Zhuques Feather into the air.


Zhuques Feather floated in the air and vibrated for a while before heading straight in one direction. He followed tightly behind the Zhuques Feather as he rode on the Monster Cloud.


When he arrived at the Japanese Server, Yaoqiong noticed the post from Baiyun Village. And then, Moji gave her a chain to chain a Sacred Beast and thirty Infernal Kings to the Korean Server.


Yao Qiongs chain was thrown out, and it took flight in one direction.

At this time, black miasma rose from the Infernal Kings around her and enveloped her as she chased after the chain.


American Sever, a young man, and a young woman appeared at the border.

The woman was very beautiful with a warriors spirit, wearing a God Cloth.

A God Cloths ranking was even higher than a Golden Cloth. It was obvious how powerful the woman was to be able to get a God Cloth from a temple.

The young man wore a blue robe, holding a staff and a Bagua Compass. There was still some baby fat on him, so it was not a stretch to say that he had just come of age.

The blue-robed man said to the woman with his compass in his hand, "Big sis, even if we find a Sacred Beast, we might not be able to kill it with just the two of us!"

The woman rolled her eyes at the blue-robed man and said, "You are the descendant of Fuxi, and I am the descendent of Nuwa. Do you think that we cant take on a Sacred Beast?"

After the two entered the game, they were lucky enough to have found Nuwa and Fuxis ruins and obtained some of their abilities. They were as powerful as Inheritors. With the items and equipment that they had, they might be even more powerful than the usual Inheritor.

"Youre right," Xue Haifeng nodded and began to search for the location of the American Servers Sacred Beast with the Bagua Compass in his hand.

"By the way, Xiao Feng. Theres something I want to ask you. Why didnt you ask Xiao Yatou for the Fuxi Zither?" Xue Yingqi asked as she looked at Xue Haifeng.

Xue Haifeng shrugged and said innocently, "Oh, please. Im the Fuxis Descendent, and I cant be the Inheritor of the Humans. Might as well let that girl have it. Not to mention I dont have any musical talents at all. I dont know how to play "Rise of the Turquoise Tide" or "An Ambush."

Xue Yingqi knocked his head, "Idiot Brother, youre too kind. Youll get bullied."

"Alight, Big Sis. Youre even more talkative than grandpa. Lets go get ourselves a Sacred Beast!" Xue Haifeng said as his head throbbed.

"Where is it? Did you locate it with the Fuxi Bagua?"

"Got it, its in the Glow Peaks!"

"Lets go!"

Other than the Infernals Inheritor, Yao Qiong, the Descendants of Fuxi and Nuwa, the other Inheritors such as the Divines Inheritor, Qiu Si, all went into other servers.

They could fight all they want among themselves in their own server.

However, when outside forces were openly attacking them, they would not simply stand by and watch.


The Temple, Japanese Server.

Jiang Feng had followed the Zhuques Feather for almost half an hour and finally made his way to the Temple.

The Temple was located in the center of Tokyo City within the Japanese Server.

"Looks like I have to draw for a Fatigue Removal Pill. The previous one isnt gonna last much longer!" Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at the effect of the Fatigue Removal Pill that only had a few minutes left. He was going to go for the lottery again.

Once again, the Luck stat was showing him how useful of a stat it was. He got the Fatigue Removal Pill on the first go.

However, he did not take the pill since he needed to lie low in Tokyo City.

He would waste valuable time if he were to use it now.

He used the Imposter Glasses to change his appearance and display name, then walked into Tokyo City.

The Temple was located next to the Stewards Residence.

The city belonged to the Japanese Servers Divine faction. As the Inheritor of the Infernals was Kitazawa Hinatas subordinate, the Divines and Infernals were at peace within the Japanese Server. All the cities could be entered freely, so he easily entered Tokyo City.

Tokyo City was where the Japanese Server was the liveliest. There were many players here.

There were calls to form parties, buy and sell, etc.

"Haha! You cant catch me! Cant catch me!"

He walked in the middle of the street, and a young girl wearing a kimono riding on a Snow Wolf was running wildly on the streets.

A group of players on their steed was also chasing after her.

The players nearby all walked to the side. While they would not lose health even if they get crashed into, it would still hurt.

Suddenly, only Jiang Feng was walking in the middle of the street.

Jiang Feng was checking the map trying to find out which path to take to reach the Temple. Since the main city was quite huge, he had to walk over since he could not use Monster Cloud or summon any of his followers.

"Get out! If you dont want to die, move out of the way!"

Just as he was looking at the map, the adorable girl on the Snow Wolf yelled at him to get out of the way.

When he heard the yelling, he raised his head to look to the front.

"Roar!" As he raised his head, he saw a giant Snow Wolf that was almost about to pounce on him.

"Move!" Seeing what was happening, a red light flashed from his eyes as he yelled.


The Snow Wolf was shocked and stopped in its track just as it was about to pounce it. The recoil from that caused its giant body to turn, and the girl on her was thrown out and she fell onto the ground with a thump.

When they saw what happened, many players from the Japanese Server were stunned.

"Whos that? To have shocked Kitazawa Sakuras Snow Wolf"

"Tsk tsk. Thats so unlucky. Kitazawa Sakura is Kitazawa Hinatas younger sister. He would definitely come for him."

"Ha! No need for Kitazawa Hinata! Look, arent those the guards that Kitazawa Hinata arranged for her? The guards themselves are enough!"


Kitazawa Hinatas younger sister? After he heard the discussion from those around him, he looked curiously at Kitazawa Sakura who had fallen onto the ground.