Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 281

Chapter 281 The Trembling Kyuubi

Kitazawa Sakura was very adorable.

However, it could be seen from what she did that she was also a stubborn woman.

He usually would not pay any attention to someone like that.

He only took an extra glance since she was Kitazawa Hinatas younger sister.

After a glance, he then continued to walk away.

"Stop! You want to leave after making me fall?!"

When Kitazawa Sakura saw that Jiang Feng was simply continuing on his way, she was angered and stood in front of Jiang Feng, blocking him.


Jiang Feng said coldly to Kitazawa Sakura.

After Kitazawa Hinata had challenged him a few times, he did not have much patience for his younger sister too.

Kitazawa Hinata then put both her hands on her waist and said, "Hey, do you even know whats going on? This entire city is my brothers turf! I can ask him to kill you until you abandon your account, you know?"

"Your brother is nothing!" Jiang Feng said and immediately teleported away and disappeared.

Your brother is nothing!

Everyone on the ground that heard what he said was shocked.

Even Kitazawa Sakura was stunned.

No one dared to curse Kitazawa Hinata in public in the entire Japanese Server. Anyone that dared to do that would be killed until they reach level 0 regardless of whether they were with the Divines or Infernals.

It could be said that Kitazawa Hinata was the king of the place. As long as he was in the Japanese Server, he could do whatever he wanted.

That was why no one expected that he would openly curse him in front of his own sister.

"Who was that man? Get him back here! If he dares to resist, kill him until he reaches level 0!"

Kitazawa Sakura, who had finally recovered from her shock, immediately yelled at her bodyguards,


After Jiang Feng teleported, he reappeared somewhere near the city center.

While he did want to kill Kitazawa Sakura earlier, he had to put his effort in finding the Sacred Beast. If he were to kill Kitazawa Sakura then, he would definitely attract the attention of the patrols. If he fought them, he would attract the attention of more powerful NPCs from the Japanese server.

But he would then expose himself and would not be able to find the time to handle the Sacred Beast.

He changed to another appearance and finally arrived in front of the temple after spending ten minutes walking down a few blocks.

The Temple was built in the architectural style of ancient Japanese temples. There were many NPCs in there that gave out quests. There were also a number of players.

He avoided the players and found somewhere quiet, then summoned Haozi.

As soon as Haozi appeared, he then said, "Haozi, dig!"

Haozi nodded, and he began to dig quickly as his claws were like efficient drills.

While he was waiting for Haozi to complete the tunnel, he drew the lottery trice.

He was going to get a Seal Breaking Pill for an emergency, but he was not that lucky and got a Coming of Spring Pill the first time around. He only got the Seal Breaking Pill the second time.

The Coming of Spring Pill was still something great, though he had a few on him already. That was why he felt that he had wasted a lottery chance there.

After he had the Seal Breaking Pill, he put it into his spatial bracelet and jumped into the hole that Haozi had dug.

It went almost a thousand-meter-deep until Haozi managed to open a cavern.

When he entered the cavern, he was surprised that there was such a huge empty space underneath Tokyo City.

Kyuubi: Level 150 Sacred Beast (Near Death)

Introduction: One of two Sacred Beasts of the Japanese Server. The two Sacred Beasts were heavily injured 10,000 years ago during the Great Divine-Infernal War and were sealed in two different locations. After 10,000 years, both Sacred Beasts are near death.

Stats: ???

The Sacred Beasts stats were almost always hidden, and even Jiang Feng could not see through it.

He did not know how powerful the Kyuubi was, but he knew that it would not be more powerful than an Archmaster.

"Lets try the same trick as last time!"

He gave it a thought and he wanted to try the same trick and see if he could use the same way to trick and fuse with Kyuubi.

This time, he did not transform into Kitazawa Hinatas appearance. Instead, he transformed into Sakaguchi Shoutas form.

Since the Kyuubi was a Dark elemental monster, it would have a higher affinity toward the Inheritor of the Infernals than Inheritor of the Divines.


Jiang Feng pretended to have fallen right in front of Kyuubi.

Jiang Feng was going to show how good of an actor he was. If he could fuse with Kyuubi just by using his acting skills, then he would gain a lot from this.

Once Kyuubi heard Jiang Fengs voice, the Nine-tailed Fox in the middle of the twelve pillars opened his giant eyes and looked at him.

The moment he saw Jiang Feng, Kyuubis fur was all raised as it stood and roared at him.

"Howl! You you are the one that has fused with Yamata-no-Orochi!"

"Whoops, looks like I cant use acting skills on this one. Lets do this the hard way!" Jiang Feng mumbled and ate the Seal Breaking Pill and Fatigue Removal Pill at the same time.

Ding. System Prompt: Fatigue status removed. Seal status removed. Duration of 2 hours.

After the seal and fatigue statuses had been removed, his stats with Deicides buff was:

HP: 12,960,000

Attack: 5,184,000*6.69=34,680,000

Defense: 2,203,000

His attack had already reached that of a first grade Sacred Beast. While it still was not as high as Sun Wukongs stats after he had used Two Become One, it was more than enough to deal with a Sacred Beast that was near death.


At this time, he transformed into his monkey form and roared at Kyuubi.

Kyuubi stared at Jiang Feng who had transformed into a monkey and his body trembled.

"How How did you become so strong?!"

"After fusing with you, I will become even stronger!" Jiang Feng did not waste his breath. He took Deicide and slammed it toward Kyuubis head.

"Roar! Divine Emperor Nichiterasu, save me!"

Seeing Jiang Feng attacking him, and remembering that Jiang Feng has the ability to fuse with other Sacred Beasts, he knew that if he were to die, he would not even be able to leave behind a Blood of Origin.

Helplessly, he roared trying to communicate with Nichiterasu!

After contacting Nichiterasu and avoiding death, his body began to immolate and slowly condense into his Blood of Origin.

He did not have any choice. If he did not become a Blood of Origin, Jiang Feng could easily kill him in two hits.

After becoming a Blood of Origin, Nichiterasu might be able to save him in time.

"Waiting for Nichiterasu to save you? Useless!" Jiang Feng said as he took out the Lianyao Flask and used Absorb to pull in Kyuubi, who was transforming into a giant ball of blood.

He did not choose to fuse with it because that would take a long time. The Seal Breaking Pill and Fatigue Removing Pills duration of two hours would also be wasted.

He was going to first take Kyuubis Blood of Origin, and then he would think about what to do next.

"Oriental beast, stop!"

At this time, a frigid voice came from the sky. Jiang Feng could feel a powerful pressure coming toward him.

The pressure was even much more powerful than Tathagatas body duplicate during Uproar in Heaven. That meant that Nichiterasu himself was coming.

Nichiterasu, Grandmaster Bodhi, Tathagata were all on the same level. He could not resist them at all!

"Faster!" Jiang Feng said nervously as he began to sweat, looking at the ball of blood being slowly pulled in by the Lianyao Flask.