Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Sacred Orb Of Disaster

Tokyo City, Japanese Server.

As soon as Kitazawa Hinata came back from Tokyo City, he heard Nichiterasus voice from the sky.

He looked up all confused and saw a white-robed man with a blazing sun behind him flying through the sky and heading toward Tokyo City.

"Hm? Lord Nichiterasu?" Kitazawa Hinata muttered to himself as looked at Nichiterasu who was approaching from the skies.

Oriental beast? Could it be Suddenly, Kitazawa Hinata seemed to understand something and quickly headed toward the city center.

Sakaguchi Shota and Kawaguchi Shinki followed behind him.


Nichiterasus arrival had given Jiang Feng a lot of pressure to the point where his Absorption of the blood ball had slowed down.

If I had known, I would have completed the Uproar in Heaven quest much later. If that were the case, Huaxia Servers Sacred Beast would have powerful NPCs guarding them too, He thought to himself as he felt the pressure approaching ever closer.

Due to the existence of the Monster Transmutation System and due to his personality, he had moved the games tempo to a much faster degree.

If he did not fuse with Yamata-no-Orochi, he would not become that strong. If he did not become that strong, he would not go to the Celestial Courts and cause the game to update a third time.

It could be said that he himself had caused all of this.

However, he was forced to do all that due to his duty. While he was not a Shifter in real life and only a Shifter in the game, he was forced to bear all the responsibilities. That was why he yearned for more power.

He shook his head, trying not to think too much. One step at a time.

The most important thing was for him to get the Blood of Origins from all the servers and safely complete the World War. Those were what he should focus on.

After a few seconds, Kyuubi had condensed into the size of a soccer ball. As it did not fully form into a Blood of Origin, the Lianyao Flask did not pull it in.


At this time, the ceiling began to collapse. He knew that Nichiterasu had come.

"Damn it! If only I could call upon Grandmaster Bodhi!" He grimaced as he looked at the cavern collapsing.

"Nichiterasu, do you think there is no one in Huaxia who can oppose you?"

As soon as that thought crossed his mind, an old man appeared on top of him holding a fly-whisk, and headed straight toward Nichiterasu.

That old man was Grandmaster Bodhi who had gone to Dragonquarry. Unfortunately, it was just a body duplicate of Grandmaster Bodhi, similar to Buddha back in the Celestial Courts.

While he was just a duplicate, he had one-tenth of the power of the original.

Grandmaster Bodhi was an elite that made a student of Sun Wukong, with power rivaling the Buddha and slightly more powerful than Nichiterasu.

"You are but a body duplicate. I have no fear of you!"

The Temple had completely collapsed as Nichiterasus figure fully manifested. With a ball of light, he attacked Grandmaster Bodhi.


The fly-whisk in Grandmaster Bodhis hand collided with one another, causing a huge boom. All the NPCs and Players within the Temple were instantly killed. Even Jiang Feng, who was deep within the cavern had lost around 2,000,000 worth of HP.

And that was just the shockwave. That showed how powerful the two were.

Grandmaster Bodhi and Nichiterasu were both forced back around a dozen meters.

"You have already reached the power of a Lesser Sacred Master? Impossible!" Nichiterasu gritted his teeth as he looked at Grandmaster Bodhi, who was floating in front of him.

After the games third update, there were new power levels.

Beyond Archmasters were the ten grades of Sacred levels, ten grades of Lesser Sacred Master, and ten grades of Greater Sacred Master.

When the Sacred Beasts were at their peak, they would have reached the power of the First-Grade Sacred Master.

When Grandmaster Bodhi left the Divine Dominion, he was at the peak of the Tenth Grade Divine level. Perhaps after entering Dragonquarry, he had the chance for a breakthrough and could advance into the power of a First Grade Lesser Sacred.

Nichiterasu was also at the peak of the Tenth Grade Sacred level, but due to his injuries, his power was greatly decreased. Even the body double of Grandmaster Bodhi was enough to keep him at bay.

"Nichiterasu, ten thousand years after being wounded by Sun Wukong, you still havent recovered?" Grandmaster Bodhi asked him with a smile.

Before Sun Wukong was reincarnated, his peak power was that of a First Grade Lesser Sacred Master. Nichiterasu was at the peak of the Tenth Grade divine level then. After he was injured by Sun Wukong, not only did his power not improve, it had actually declined.

"Regardless of whether I have fully recovered, I can still easily destroy your body double!"

Just as Nichiterasu was saying that he felt that something was off and looked down toward the cavern, and the ball of blood was shrinking even more. Once the Origin of Blood was formed, it would become something without an owner. Jiang Feng could then easily claim it as his own.

After he had finished talking with Grandmaster Bodhi, his body flashed and disappeared. In the next moment, he reappeared in front of Jiang Feng. He extended his palm and violently struck at him.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacrificial Doll -1.

What surprised Nichiterasu was that his ambush on Jiang Feng did not inflict any damage and did not even make him flinch. It was like he had hit a cotton ball.


Just as Nichiterasu was still stunned, Grandmaster Bodhi appeared behind him in the blink of an eye and swept with his fly-whisk, and struck him away.

"Are you alright?" Grandmaster Bodhi asked.

"Im fine," Jiang Feng said with a nod.

Jiang Feng had a lot of items on him, so he could safely ignore that attack from Nichiterasu.

Since he now had Grandmaster Bodhis help, he had no more pressure on him since he did not need to worry about being killed.

"Alright," Grandmaster Bodhi nodded and rushed toward Nichiterasu

Just as both Grandmaster Bodhi and Nichiterasu had left, the ball of blood finally become a Blood of Origin. The Lianyao Flask then pulled it in effortlessly.

At this time, Kitazawa Hinata and his followers finally made their way in and saw Jiang Feng take away Kyuubis Blood of Origin. He roared at Jiang Feng angrily, "Shifter Emperor, leave the Blood of Origin!"

"So, you can steal the Blood of Origins of my servers Sacred Beast, but I cant steal yours?" Jiang Feng sneered as he took out Deicide then blinked next to Kitazawa Hinata.

At this time, he took out the Flag of the Shifter Emperor and waved it, "Binding!"

He was going to use the Binding skill on Kitazawa and kill him until he was level 0.

"Shifter Emperor, you forced me!" But what shocked Jiang Feng was that when the binding chains appeared on Kitazawa Hinata, he dispelled it using some kind of ability or item. He then took out a black ball and hurled it toward him.

Jiang Feng did not expect Kitazawa Hinata to be able to dispel the effects of Binding, and he was accidentally struck by the black ball.

Ding. System Prompt: Warning. You have been hit by the Sacred Orb of Disaster. In 10 minutes, you will be affected by 10 random negative status effects for 24 hours.

"You must have a death wish!" When he heard the system prompt, only then did he know that Kitazawa Hinata was so generous that he had used a Sacred-level expendable item on him. Not only did he not get any joy from it, but he also became extremely furious.

He took out Deicide, made it grow, and swept it toward Kitazawa Hinata before the Orb of Disasters effect materialized.


With one strike, he was able to kill a few of their elites. Kitazawa Hinata, Kawaguchi Shinki, Sakaguchi Shouta, and Hanai Mamoru were able to dodge using items.

When he saw that all of them had dodged away, he quickly took out the Teleportation Cauldron, spent 10,000gp, and teleported away.