Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Aphrodisiac

The Japanese server only had two Sacred Beasts.

He had fused with Yamata-no-Orochi, and Kyuubi had become a Blood of Origin that was in his possession.

While he had ten minutes before the Sacred Orb of Disaster would take effect, he was not going to waste any more time. He had to first solve the negative status effects problem on him before moving on to other servers.


Just as he had used the Teleportation Cauldrons teleportation and teleported away, Nichiterasu zoomed in from afar and a ball of light blasted on where the Teleportation Cauldron had disappeared. Even Space itself shook from the attack


When Nichiterasu saw Jiang Feng disappear, and since Kyuubi had become a Blood of Origin, he had also lost all connection with Kyuubi.

That meant that it would be very difficult for him to find Jiang Feng.

As for Grandmaster Bodhis body duplicate, he also disappeared after Jiang Feng left.

"Lord Nichiterasu, this"

While Nichiterasu had not reached the power of a Lesser Sacred Master, Kitazawa Hinata had always referred to him as lord to make him happy.

Nichiterasu glanced at Kitazawa Hinata and snorted, "Hmph, as the Inheritor of the Divines and after I gave you so many resources, not only did you not get any Bloods of Origin, you even lost one of our own! Useless!"

Kitazawa Hinata did not complete any of the objectives that Nichiterasu had set out for him, and this made him very angry and disappointed as he left.


After Nichiterasu returned to the Divine Palace, he vomited blood. Not only was it from being injured by Grandmaster Bodhi who had worsened his injury, but it was also because of his anger toward Kitazawa Hinata and Jiang Feng.


After being scolded by Nichiterasu, Kitazawa Hinata also felt extremely down as he frowned.

"Guild leader, Tokyo City is"


A follower of his approached him wanting to report what happened in Tokyo City, but the irate Kitazawa Hinata cut him off and scolded him instead.


Within a mansion in Tokyo City, the Teleportation Cauldron appeared within a room.


Jiang Feng got out from the Teleportation Cauldron as he coughed out blood from his mouth.

Just before he managed to use the Teleportation Cauldron to leave, the entire space around him suddenly shook, destabilizing the Teleportation Cauldron. He did not even get out that far from Tokyo City.

He put away the Teleportation Furnace and looked at the map, and realized that he was still in Tokyo City. He frowned as he looked at the room that obviously belonged to a girl. He was prepared to leave by hiding himself.

Ding. System Prompt: Sacred Orb of Disaster triggered. You have been affected by the following status effects for 24 hours: Fatigue, Misfortune, Slowed, Reduced Movement Speed, Blood Clot, Confused, Bewildered, Sealed, Bleed, Aphrodisiac.

Just after he took one step, the effect of the Sacred Orb of Disaster had been activated.

Didnt it say ten minutes? Did the teleportation take ten minutes?

That was the only explanation why the Sacred Orb of Disaster could have been activated.

Jiang Feng felt extremely sluggish with ten negative status effects affecting him.

His movement speed had been decreased by half and it made him move slowly. With his luck halved, he would not be able to get anything he needed even if he used his lottery. His HP was decreasing by 2,000 per second. Because of the Blood Clot status, he also could not heal himself.

The Sealed status only sealed 10% of his stats, so at least that was not as bad as Nichiterasus seal.

Other than those statuses, he also felt his head being groggy. He also felt that his adrenaline had been pushed to his limit like he was under the effects of aphrodisiacs.

"Damn it! Why would the game have this kind of status? Dont tell me I have to find Feiyu to help me?" Jiang Feng smiled bitterly.

He noticed that the aphrodisiac status was the worst status out of all of them. As time dragged on, he could feel himself slipping out of consciousness and his body becoming hotter. He even almost entered Berserk mode.

"I have to see if there are any pills that can help!" Jiang Feng frowned as he opened the Lianyao Flask and looked for the pills inside. He found some pills and ate all of them.

But they had no use at all.

"The Sacred Orb of Disaster is a Sacred level item, and it can only be countered by Sacred level items. But with my luck halved, I cant get anything that I want even with the lottery. It looks like I have to wait for 24 hours. Damn that Kitazawa Hinata, now Ive wasted my Seal-Breaking Pill and Fatigue Removing Pill!" Jiang Feng became very angry once he thought of Kitazawa Hinata.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he had quite a number of items on him as well. While he wished he could have killed him a few times, but with the Binding skill being useless on him it proved to be very difficult.

"Fine, I should go back to the Ancient City first!" After giving it a thought, he had decided to go back first.


Just as he was about to leave, the room door opened up and an adorable girl appeared.

Kitazawa Sakura!

When he saw the girl, Jiang Feng was stunned as he suddenly felt the aphrodisiac status become stronger.

Luckily, he was currently hidden, so Kitazawa Sakura did not realize that he was there.

"All he does is control me. I didnt kill the Sacred Beast, why did he have to yell at me like that!" Kitazawa Sakura mumbled as she entered her room.

She waved her hand and a bathtub appeared. She removed her clothing and entered the bathtub to have a bath.

She had mild mysophobia, so every time when she left her home, she would need to take a shower whether it was in the game or in the real world. She would be able to forget all her fusses and simply relax.

While she was relaxed, Jiang Feng was not.

As he stood still, he could feel that his body had become extremely hot. In fact, he almost lost his mind when he saw Kitazawa Sakuras naked body, and the aphrodisiac status took over.

He gulped as Kitazawa Sakura began to rub her skin playfully, and he almost could not control the aphrodisiac in him.

His mind was held by a thread, and all that was needed was a straw to break the camels back.


Kitazawa Sakura stood up from the bathtub and got out of the water gently. As she stood by the side of the bathtub, she took out a towel to wipe and dry herself. She had become even more seductive.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng completely lost control of his mind and extended his hand toward her


A bolt of lightning suddenly zapped Jiang Feng before he could touch her.


The strike took out 5,000,000 of Jiang Fengs HP. Luckily, he had around 9,000,000 HP or he would have been instantly killed.

The lightning snapped his mind back to reality as the aphrodisiac status was momentarily suppressed.

"Sorry, but this was all your brothers fault!" He said to her as he used the Town Portal skill and escaped as Kitazawa Sakura saw him disappearing with shock and tears.