Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Taking Back Xuanwus Blood Of Origin

After Jiang Feng had left, Kitazawa Sakura looked at where he had disappeared from. She was shocked, scared, and confused.

She did not realize that the first person that would see her naked body was a monkey.

A monkey!

She could have screamed or yelled for help after that, but she did not know why when she realized that the monkey was the Shifter Emperor, and she remembered what he was like when he was fighting at Osaka City.

And she remembered his silver hair and red eyes


Once he was back at the Ancient City, Jiang Feng felt defeated.

But he took it out of his head. He did not do it on purpose, and considering that no one really got hurt in the end, he was not going to dwell on it.

Initially, Xiao Longnu jumped into his mind. But he was able to control and remind himself he could not do that.

If he did that, Xiao Longnu would be enraged, and he would lose a friend. He would also hurt her psychologically.

"This Sacred Orb of Disaster is so damn gross. Im logging out and going to bed."


After having a great time with Ling Feiyu for a night, protecting the Sacred Beasts in Huaxia Server, and stealing the Japanese Servers Sacred Beast, he was actually very tired. He was going to log out and rest, and wait for the Sacred Orb of Disasters effect to expire, then continue to kill-steal the other servers Sacred Beast!

After sending Ling Feiyu a message, he then logged out.

After he exited the game terminal, Ling Feiyu had also logged out.

"Why did you log out?" Ling Feiyu asked in confusion as she exited her game terminal and crawled into bed in her pajama.

"I have to!" Jiang Feng shrugged and embraced Ling Feiyu and explained to her about protecting the Sacred Beasts, stealing the Japanese Servers Sacred Beast, and the Sacred Orb of Disaster.

Of course, he did not tell her about Kitazawa Sakura. Regardless of what she had said, he still felt that it was not right.

After explaining to her what had happened in the game, he then hugged Ling Feiyu to sleep.

He woke up in the afternoon for lunch, but he did not go into the game. Instead, he continued resting by sleeping. Ling Feiyu and Su Qing went to the market to buy groceries instead.

In the evening, Lin Bao sought him out after dinner.

Jiang Feng came to Lin Baos room with a smile and said, "Little Bao, whats up?"

Lin Bao said with a serious tone, "Little Feng, I have to leave."

Jiang Feng was slightly surprised. "Where to?"

"I have to go to Suhai City to take back what is mine!"

"Thats too dangerous! We arent lacking anything, you dont have to be so aggressive." Jiang Feng shook his head with a frown.

Lin Bao grabbed Jiang Fengs shoulders. "This isnt about money. Those who followed me, some were killed, some were injured, and those that came out mostly unscathed had become targets by the other groups. I cant see them live like this forever."

Lin Bao was someone that cared a lot. He could sacrifice his own life for his friends.

"I wont stop you if you want to leave, but I have one request!"

"What kind?"

"If you leave, youll need money. I wont give you a single cent, but if you can get me some very fierce animals, I can give you one million each, and I want at least ten. If you dont get me any, Id rather you stay in prison than go back to Suhai City!" Jiang Feng said to Lin Bao.

Lin Bao thought about it with his head hung low, then he nodded. "Alright!"

With that, Lin Bao then left.

Jiang Feng looked at Lin Bao leaving from the window, he could only heave a sigh for him.

"Little Bao doesnt belong here. Hopefully, the Enhancing Pill will be able to help him later!" With that, he then returned to his own room.

When he went back, he saw that Ling Feiyu was using the computer.

He walked over and caressed Ling Feiyus neck from behind and asked with a smile, "What are you looking at, wife?"

Ling Feiyu then pointed to a post on the computer screen with a smile and said, "Look, two more elite players from Huaxia Server. Theyre so good that they managed to get back Xuanwus Blood of Origin!"

"Holy- No way!" Jiang Feng quickly pulled over a chair and sat next to Ling Feiyu and opened the post.

Xuanwus Blood of Origin had been stolen by Johns. It would be very difficult if he wanted to get it by looting Johns corpse. Not to mention with so many elite players and NPCs, he did not know that there was anyone else that could get the Blood of Origin from him.

World Message Board, Hot Topic: Other than the Shifter Emperor, New Elite Players Have Appeared in Huaxia Server!

There was no video, only text.

According to the text, two players called "Yingqi" and "Haifeng" not only managed to kill Johns, they even managed to get the Blood of Origin from him.

The post was very short but had explained in general what happened.

"Yingqi? Haifeng? Never heard of them. Are they Inheritors too?" Jiang Feng mumbled.

Ling Feiyu shook his head. "Shouldnt be. My guess is that the Huaxia Servers number of inheritors has reached its limits. I cant think of any other races that exist in Huaxia Server anymore."

"Secret classes? No, a world announcement would be made if they managed to get into secret classes," Jiang Feng said while deep in thought, "Not inheritors, not secret classes, but if theyre normal players, then they would be very powerful. And not just your usual powerful. Once the effect of the Sacred Orb of Disaster has passed, I think I should contact them."

Ling Feiyu nodded and then moved the mouse using her slender hand, and found another post. She then said to Jiang Feng, "Look at this post too. The post said our servers Inheritor of the Infernals went to the Korean Server."

"And this one, the Divines Inheritor had also gone to the Japanese Server. Looks like many of the Huaxia Servers elites knew that these few servers were aiming for our Sacred Beasts and had begun to counter-attack!"

Jiang Feng smiled and said, "We should be on the offensive. Every time, we were forced to make a move. They think that we wouldnt fight back, so it looks like Yao Qiong and Qiu Si arent that stupid after all.

Ling Feiyu then became worried, "Little Feng, it seems that these three countries have allied against us. Whatre our chances of winning the World War?"

Jiang Feng said with confidence, "90%!"

"Youre that confident?"

"I am. But if the African Server and European Server ally with them as well, then we would be in danger. Our chances of victory would become less than 10%."

"What do you mean?"

"Lets not talk about the Korean Server. I understand the American Server and Japanese Server and how to deal with them. With how Ive been handling them, their morale would be quite low during the World War. Handling them would be easy."

Jiang Feng then continued, "But, the European and African Servers are also major servers and I dont know much about them. I dont know what they can do and what their usual tactics are. If the five of them were allied, how are we supposed to fight 5 million players with all the Inheritors and players with secret classes among them? Unless we have more elites like Yingqi and Haifeng in Huaxia Server."

"Thats true," Ling Feiyu nodded.

"Alright, we should go to bed. With Xuanwus Blood of Origin back in our hands, I can relax a bit!"

He had been worried if Xuanwus Blood of Origin would be fused, but he did not expect that players from the Huaxia Server would get it back. He felt relieved.

He felt that he was no longer fighting all alone!

Regardless, he still would not give up on killing the Sacred Beasts of the other servers. He had made a promise and he would fulfill them!