Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Strengthening The Divine Fate Compass

At night, Jiang Feng was caressing Ling Feiyu as they both went to bed.

Xiaohei looked at Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu who were fast asleep and left the room. It then headed to the mother foxs room.

He was quite polite. He even knocked on the door.

The mother fox opened the door and walked out, looking at Xiaohei inquisitively.

"Woof Boss Fierce beasts strong" Xiaoheis voice was deep.

After living together with Xiaohei for so long, and because foxes were smart animals, it understood what Xiaohei meant very quickly.

The mother fox then asked, "You mean, you want both of us to catch fierce animals, in exchange for Enhancing Pills?"

Xiaohei nodded. The conversation between Jiang Feng and Lin Bao had piqued his interest. He was going to find fierce animals for Jiang Feng so that Jiang Feng could create Enhancing Pills for them. They could then become even stronger.

The mother fox shook her head, "I know one, but I cant fight it."

"Woof where? Ill go!"

Xiaohei said to the mother fox.


The next morning, Jiang Feng had just finished washing up and was going to go online.

"Woof Boss!"

At this time, Xiaohei walked into the room from outside of the house. He was quite dirty, and he looked like a wild dog.

"What happened to you?" Jiang Feng was slightly stunned as he looked at Xiaohei.

"Woof come" Xiao Hei barked and walked out despite his tiredness.

Jiang Feng then walked over with confusion.

"Oh my goodness! Xiaohei, you crazy?" As soon as he had entered the yard, he saw a python as thick as his thigh laying on the ground. The python was about a dozen-plus meters long, and it was filled with wounds and bite marks. A large portion of its head had been bitten off.

"Woof Pill!" Xiaohei barked at Jiang Feng.


When he heard it from Xiaohei, he understood that Xiaohei remembered what he said to Lin Bao. But he did not want money, he wanted Enhancing Pills.

"Dont do that next time, alright? What happens if you die?" Jiang Feng scolded Xiaohei, and then walked over to the python as he was going to transmute it.

In truth, he did not worry about Lin Bao getting those beasts. Since he was human, he knew how to use guns and weaponry.

However, Xiaohei only knew how to use his body and fangs to fight. While he was already very strong, he would be at a disadvantage if he were to encounter some venomous animals.

Luckily, the python was not venomous. Otherwise, he probably would not have been able to come back at all.

He placed his palm on the pythons body. A red light appeared and the pythons body began to shrink as it surrounded the body of the python. In a short while, it became a red pill.

The pill was even larger than the mutated giant rat. The pill was definitely going to have a more powerful effect.

He stood up from the ground, but he almost blacked out and fainted.

Only after resting for a while did he feel better.

"Woof Divide"

Xiaohei barked at Jiang Feng, asking him to divide it.

Looking at the Enhancing Pill the size of a pigeon egg in his hand, Jiang Feng nodded and cut it in half when he was back in his room.


Xiaohei barked again, and he simply divided it from two to four.

Seeing that, Xiaohei excitedly ate his portion of the pill. In an instant, all the wounds on him had been healed and he was energized again. His fur had also taken a brighter shine.

Next, he nabbed a bowl, added one portion into the bowl, got some water from the drinking water dispenser, and mixed it with his claw. He then ran up the stairs and told the mother fox and her two cubs to come down.

He then fed the water that was mixed with the Enhancing Pill to the fox cubs and took out another portion for the mother fox.

"Xiaohei, dont tell me you went and fought that python last night?" The mother fox looked at the quarter piece of an Enhancing Pill in her paw.

"Thats right, he almost died for it," Jiang Feng felt quite touched with what Xiaohei did.

He looked for more powerful beasts in order to get a more powerful Enhancing Pill. But in the end, he only took one portion for himself, two portions for the mother fox and her cubs, and one last portion for him.

"Thank you, Xiaohei. I should have gone with you," The mother fox looked at the dirty XIaohei, and then looked at the two cubs that were drinking the water with the Enhancing pill. She was very touched and was somewhat blaming herself for letting Xiaohei go out all alone.

"Alright, Im going back to my room. Take your time."

When he saw that Xiaohei and the mother foxs relationship was so good, he was quite happy himself.

After eating the remaining one-quarter of an Enhancing Pill, he felt that the spiritual energy that he had spent earlier had been restored and that his body was filled with energy. He did not expect that just a quarter of the Pythons pill would have this kind of effect.

"I should try and get more Enhancing Pills and let everyone in my family take them and strengthen their body. They will be able to protect themselves even when theyre in danger," He muttered to himself as he went back into the room.

It was only 6 am, and Ling Feiyu was still asleep. He did not disturb her. He drank the glass of milk on the table, went into the game terminal, and entered the game.


Welcome back to the game. Wishing you a good time in the game!

After entering the game, he appeared in the Ancient City.

Twenty-odd hours had passed, and the effects of the Sacred Orb of Disaster had also been removed.

While the effect of the Sacred Orb of Disaster had passed, he instantly became fatigued and sealed. There was still around 7 hours until his Fatigue status would end.

"I should strengthen the Divine Fate Compass!"

He did not go to look for Xue Yingqi and Xue Fenghai immediately, and he also did not go to the other servers. He was preparing to strengthen all the equipment and items on himself. Once his fatigue status had expired, he would then go look for the Sacred Beast in the other servers.

He went to the Smithy and just before he entered one of the smithy rooms, Robert called for him, "Shifter Emperor, wait!"

He looked at Robert and asked, "What is it?"

Robert was a bit awkward as he said, "My brother and I want to go back to the gnomes. We have been out here for so long, we miss them."

"Of course. If you want to go back, there is no need for you to tell me. You can go back whenever you want," Jiang Feng said with a smile.

While Robert and Rocket had promised to work for him, he did not limit their freedom. In fact, he was hoping that the two of them could go back, convince, and rule the gnomes.

That was the ending he wanted to see. Otherwise, a Gnomes Inheritor without any gnomes to command would not have much use.

"Thank you, Shifter Emperor," Robert bowed to Jiang Feng, then left the Ancient City along with Rocket.

After sending Robert and Rocket away, he then walked into a smithy room, took out the Divine Fate Compass, the Zhuque Feather, many immortal-level ores, and prepared to upgrade the Divine Fate Compass.