Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 286

Chapter 286 The Island On The Back Of A Whale

Smithy Room, Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor.

Jiang Feng placed the Divine Fate Compass aside as he refined the Immortal Level ores one by one.

He then refined them into iron essence.

After refining them, he placed the iron essence and the Zhuques Feather into the smelter and sprinkled Molten Iron Powder.


Once the Zhuques Feather and Iron Essence began to melt, they became a prismatic liquid metal. It looked very beautiful.

Because these were only used to strengthen the Divine Fate Compass, he did not need to reforge it. All he needed to do was to ink the liquid metal on the Divine Fate Compass by following its patterns.

Reinking the patterns on the Divine Fate Compass was not easy, since there were many patterns on it as well as some runes that he was not that familiar with. If he were not careful, he might ink it wrongly and ruin the Divine Fate Compass.

He transformed Deicide into the size of a slightly larger needle.

He then dipped Deicide into the liquid metal and began to reink the patterns on the Divine Fate Compass slowly.

The progress was very slow and was quite tiresome for the mind.

Only after seven hours did he completely finish inking the patterns on the Divine Compass with the prismatic liquid metal.


After he had finished inking, he then used Smithing on the Divine Fate Compass.

Ding. System Prompt: Smithing successful. You have received a First Grade Sacred Artifact, "Divine Fate Compass."

It was not out of his expectations that he would succeed, since he did not intentionally damage the Divine Fate Compass. All he did was strengthen it, so it should not fail at all. At most, its stats would be altered.

Divine Fate Compass: First Grade Sacred Item

Active Skill:

Treasure Hunt: Can hunt for rare treasures within 5,000km. Can be used three times per day.

Summon Eidolon: A Vermillion Bird Sacred Spirit lives within the Divine Fate Compass and can be summoned for combat. Its strength is equal to 10% of Zhuques full strength. Duration of 10 minutes. Cooldown of 24 hours.

Passive Skill:

Will automatically find the location of Sacred Beasts and monsters more powerful than Sacred Beasts.

Prerequisite: Blood Bond (After bonding, the item cannot be dropped, stolen, traded unless the bond is manually removed.)

"I did it!"

Looking at the Divine Fate Compasss stats, Jiang Feng knew that he had successfully strengthened the item.

Originally, it only had a Treasure Hunt ability. But now, it had an additional active ability and a passive ability, not to mention its active ability was quite powerful.

It could summon the Sacred Beast Zhuque to fight for him. Despite only having 10% of Zhuques full power, it was already as powerful as Grandmaster Bodhis duplicate. However, the 10 minutes duration was slightly short.

Regardless of its short duration, he now had an extra card to protect himself as well as fight his enemies.

"I should also reforge the Requiem Bell!"

He was still wearing the Requiem Bell. Mainly because he really liked the Requiem skill on the bell. He was going to reforge the White-Silver Equipment. If he could upgrade it into an artifact, then the Requiem Bells Requiem could even be used against Divine-Level NPCs and Sacred Level NPCs.

When that thought crossed his mind, he took out a mold and caved a bell on it. Next, he removed the Requiem Bell from his neck and threw it into the smelter. He then melted it together with the remaining liquid metal.

Luckily, there was still some leftover liquid metal from before, so he might as well use it for this.

After giving it a thought, he took out a drop of White Tiger Bloodline and put it in. Then he used a small smithy hammer and began to strike it.

After striking for 5 hours, he poured the liquid metal into the mold and used Smithy.

Ding. System Prompt: Smithing successful. Congratulations on receiving the Divine Artifact "Requiem Bell."

With the Requiem Bell successfully forged, he looked at the white bell with carvings of the White Tigers stripes and checked on it.

Requiem Bell: Divine Artifact

HP: +500,000

Attack: +150,000

Defense: +30,000

30% chance of blocking any attacks.

Dominate Soul: Upon activation, control an enemy for 1 minute. Cooldown of 2 hours.

Requiem: Upon activation, the bells of requiem rang. All enemies within 1,000 meters are dazed for 5 seconds. Cooldown of 10 minutes.

White Tiger Tackle: Upon activation, a White Tiger would appear and rush out from the bell, dealing 200% of base damage to your enemy. Cooldown of 2 hours.

Hellfire: Upon activation, hellfire would appear within a 500 meters radius, dealing 30% of base damage per second to all enemies. Duration of 5 seconds. Cooldown of 30 minutes.

Passive Skill:

Sense Danger: Will ring when in danger.

Prerequisite: Monster, require Blood Bonding.

"Damn, I didnt expect that a pets equipment could be this powerful. Not only did it increase so many stats, but it also gave me four extra skills." Other than Deicide, this was the only equipment that he could actually use. Note, not items, but equipment!

All four skills were very on point.

Dominate Soul would be very useful for him especially when he knew who had the Donghuang Bell fragment. Then, all he needed to do was to control him and have him hand over the fragment. This would be very effective when he needed to collect the fragments from others.

White Tigers Tackle had appeared because of the White Tiger Bloodline. And Hellfire was a large area skill, and it could deal deadly damage when he was at his peak.

Sense Danger could be used to avoid potentially deadly situations as well as ambushes from invisible enemies.

He did not hesitate to blood bond with the Requiem Bell, and bond it to him.

"Now that the Fatigue status is gone and I have upgraded the Divine Fate Compass and Requiem Bell, its time to tour the American Server!" He muttered to himself as he equipped the Requiem Bell and put away the Divine Fate Compass.

Next, he took out the Teleportation Cauldron and used its teleportation skill to head to the American Servers border.

The American Servers border was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, close to Skull Island. It was a very long distance. Without any special items, it would be very difficult for him to reach the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

Therefore, he was going to use the Teleportation Cauldrons random teleporting to try to get to either Skull Island or the Pacific Ocean.

The first time, failed!

The second time, failed!


The tenth time, he was teleported to the seas close to Skull Island.

"Next time, I have to reforge the Teleportation Cauldron too. Teleporting around like that is wasting my money!"

Only after wasting 100,000gp did he finally teleport close to Skull Island. He was quite speechless with the result, to be honest.

He looked around him. There was nothing other than seawater. Not even an island.

He called out the Monster Cloud and then headed toward the American Servers border.


However, after flying for just a few seconds, he stopped on the sea as he looked in disbelief.


As soon as he stopped, he saw an island slowly rising from the ocean.

The island was on a black whale so large that he could not figure out its head or tail.

The island itself was not big. There was a three-level pagoda, and he could see some weird-looking humanoid NPCs and pirates walking within. He could hear the noises from inside as well.

"What is that place? Ive never heard of it I should go take a look!" Jiang Feng glanced at the pagoda and quickly flew toward it.