Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Nirvana Auction House

Jiang Feng landed on the island on his Monster Cloud.

He then walked over toward the Pagoda in the center of the island.

The islands center was a valley that was shaped like the center of a bowl.

There was no one within the valley, so he walked toward the Pagoda with some confusion.

He was not sure why there would be an auction house here, so he walked toward the opened double door.

But as soon as he got to the door, he was blocked by an invisible barrier with a voice entering his ears.

Ding. System Prompt: Apologies. But you cannot enter without sufficient Violet Pieces!"

"Purple pieces?"

He then opened the message board after he heard the notification.

He noticed that Purple Pieces, or pp, were coinage used on Silvermoon and Dragonquarry. 1pp = 100gp. It could only be exchanged on Silvermoon, and it could not be exchanged on Divine Dominion Continent.

So he was quite confused with the meaning of the existence of the Nirvana Auction House. Both players and NPCs still had no purple pieces, and could not enter at all.

"I should try if I could teleport in!" With the, he used his Dimension Door skill.


Not only did he not teleport across the barrier, but he was also bounced back and lost around 100,000 HP.

He gave his head a good rub and mumbled, "Let me try the Ruler of Hakai!"

Originally he was prepared to use the Ruler of Hakai to cross into the American Server. However, he was so curious about the Auction House he had decided to visit it first.



A hole appeared on the barrier and it was quickly mending itself, so he immediately teleported himself inside.

It looks like even Space-type positioning skills cant breach through the barriers. Only items that can break through barriers can be used to create an opening, but if I were any slower I still wouldnt be able to get in, Jiang Feng thought to himself as he entered the auction house.

In truth, he did not know that only Primordial Divine Artifacts could break through a small portion of the barrier. Other than a Primordial Divine Artifact, even a Sacred Artifact would be useless against such a barrier.

Ding. System Prompt: Welcome to the Nirvana Auction House. The first level is where items can be freely bought and sold. The second level is where the auction house and casino are. The third level is the residences. If you wish to auction an item, please head to the appraiser at level one. Hope that you have a good time in the game!

Hm? Theres even a system prompt when I enter here? What is this place? He looked confused as he looked at the "people" of many shapes and colors. All he had were questions in his head.

These people all came from different races. There were people with normal skin color, Waters with blue skin, angels with feathery wings, and some monsters walking straight on their backs

He looked at some of their stats, and what surprised him was that all of them had reached Sacred level. He even saw some Lesser Sacred Masters, and one of them was a plump red rabbit.

Bobo: First Rank Lesser Sacred Master

Introduction: ???

Stats: ???


"Holy, dont tell me this place is where all the games high-level NPCs gather?!" Jiang Feng said with a defeated voice as he looked at all the people around him.

Just after he had finished checking Bobos status, he seemed to have felt something and looked toward Jiang Feng. After he had seen Jiang Feng, he was slightly surprised, and then asked him as his blue eyes stared into him as he shook his short rabbit tail, "Ho? Hey, monkey, how did you get in here with such a low level? Dont tell me that you had millions of pp on you?"

Jiang Feng looked at the rabbit in front of him that was as powerful as Grandmaster Bodhi, he asked, "Excuse me, but what is this place?"

Bobo took out a carrot and crunched on it, then looked at Jiang Feng with a frown, "Monkey, you still havent answered my question."

"I dont have any pp on me, but as for how I came in Ill tell you once you have answered my question?" Bobo was very powerful, but he was not afraid of him. That was because the auction houses location was a designated non-violence area. They could not start any fights.

"You dare talk back to me, monkey? Do you have a death wish?" Bobo said as he stared at Jiang Feng.

"You cant kill me here!"

"Hoho, I have never seen such a low-level monkey who dares to talk to me like that!"

"Alright, fine. Ill find others."


Jiang Feng did not want to waste any time on Bobo, so he turned and left.


He turned and looked at Bobo.

Bobo finished the carrot stick and then said to Jiang Feng with a smile as he rubbed his hands, "I can tell you where you are, but you have to give me something in return. For example, some kind of treasure, or purple pieces"

"Alright!" Jiang Feng nodded.

Next, Bobo explained where the Nirvana Pagoda came from.

The Nirvana Pagoda was similar to the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor. It was a moving building.

The Nirvana Pagoda itself was created by a powerful boss back during the bygone era at Dragonquarry.

However, no one knew if he was still alive or dead as he had never shown his face since then. However, the Nirvana Pagoda was still running well.

Over here, you could sell anything. Even your own attributes! You could also buy anything here, inclusive of the formerly mentioned attributes. However, you must first have money or some sort of treasure.

Other than the auction house, there was also a casino.

However, in the casino, the guests were not betting on cards or dice. They bet on the Divine Dominions movement.

Betting on the Divine Dominions Movement?" He felt quite curious, and so Bobo brought him to the casino.

There was a long tunnel on the second floor. The left side headed to the Casino while the right side headed to the Auction House.

The casino was located in a huge, white, empty room. There were many screens similar to television screens on the walls.

"Haha! I won! I told you that Yingqi and Haifeng could get Xuanwus Blood of Origin back! I got 1,000pp from that, how nice!"

"Damn it, the American servers inheritor is really bad. He couldnt even beat two Descendants!"

"Other than the Shifter Emperor, this generations Inheritors are the worst that I have ever seen."


At this time, he saw several people pointing at the screen as they discussed it.

He also felt curious since someone inside had mentioned Yingqi, Haifeng, and him.

Curiously, he looked at the screen.

Then he saw the image of Yingqi and Haifeng killing Johns.


At this time, the screens image disappeared, and a betting message appeared.

The message was written thus: Divine Dominion Continent: Can Yao Qiong steal a Blood of Origin from the Korean Server? Yes or No. Betting minimum 100pp. Odds are 5:1.

Looking at the information on the screen, Jiang Feng was slightly stunned. He then looked at the other screens.

He noticed that all the bettings had something to do with the NPCs and players of the Divine Dominion. And that had truly shocked him.

"Wait Gods, youre all betting on how the history of the Divine Dominion Continent would be? That means that one could see what was happening all around the Divine Dominion using the betting messages?" Jiang Feng muttered to himself. He suddenly thought of something, and his eyes beamed.