Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Bet

Level 2 Casino, Nirvana Auction House.

When Jiang Feng saw the screens in the Casino, he began calculating in his head.

"These bets are all about Divine Dominions future. That means that what I did in the past must have been bet on as well. Since he was going to the American Server to steal their Blood of Origin, what he was going to do would definitely become something that he could bet on. All he needed then was to bet on himself and he could win! But now, where to get the starting capital?"

"Interested, monkey?" Just as Jiang Feng was thinking about how to get some capital for his bets, Bobo appeared behind him crunching on a carrot stick.

Thats right! I can ask Bobo to lend me some! The moment he thought of it, his eyes beamed with excitement as he looked at Bobo. "Bobo, come on. Lets get out of here. Ive got something to tell you."

Before waiting for Bobo to even agree to what he said, he picked him up and walked back to the corridor.

Jiang Feng looked at Bobo and asked with a smile, "Bobo, do you know who I am?"

Bobo answered calmly, "The Shifter Emperor of the Divine Dominion Continent!"

Jiang Feng blinked his eyes and asked in a surprised tone, "You knew?"

Bobo couldnt help but laugh, "Im a Lesser Sacred Master. Do you think you can hide from me with that little power of yours? Not to mention that the only reason that I helped you was because you were the Shifter Emperor."

When he entered the Nirvana Auction house, he had used the Imposter Glasses to change his identity. He did not expect that he would be exposed by Bobo.

But he did not care about it, since he wanted to tell him who he was anyway.

"Bobo, listen to me. Ive got a plan, its"

Next, Jiang Feng told Bobo everything about the plan in his mind.

"Oh ho? We can earn that much?" Bobos rabbit eyes beamed with excitement. He looked at the carrot stick in his hand and threw it away. Then, he said to Jiang Feng, "Come, this way. Well continue this in my room."

With that, he took Jiang Feng and disappeared into the corridor.

There was darkness in front of Jiang Feng, and in the next second, he appeared in a small wooden box.

Correct. A wooden box. And he had to crouch down in the box.

He then looked at Bobo awkwardly, "This is the residence you bought in Nirvana Auction House?"

Bobo nodded adorably. "Thats right. Isnt it big?"

"Big? I cant even crouch!"

"Do you know how expensive 2-meter squares are sold by Nirvana Auction House? At least 50,000,000pp! And your reputation has to reach at least 500,000! As long as you maintain a residence here, you can teleport in whenever you want! Be grateful!"

"I see, but I think we should change to another place."

While Jiang Feng could transform into a zigbee, he did not feel like he wanted to talk about anything important in a place like this. He then took out the Lianyao Flask and brought him into the Qiankun Microworld.

After he entered the Qiankun Microworld and looked at all the items, he gave him a disapproving look. "This is your microworld, right? Why is there so much rubbish here? You should start cleaning the place!"

"What the All of these are treasures on the Divine Dominion Continent! How the hell did they become rubbish?"

"Treasure? Like hell they are. They are nothing on Dragonquarry. Alright, let us get down to business."

After hearing from Bobo, he finally understood that Bobo had probably gone to Dragonquarry, or in fact, he himself was an NPC from Dragonquarry. However, he did not want to talk about that. He wanted to earn some money first.

Next, he explained to Bobo his plans.

"Oh ho! This is good!"

"Oh my goodness gracious! This is good, very good!"

"Well done, well done! Shifter Emperor, I am starting to really like you!"


After hearing Jiang Feng describing what he wanted to do, Bobo was surprised again and again. In the end, he smacked Jiang Fengs shoulder pleasingly and said, "Then do it. Since you are that confident, I will of course bet on you!"

Jiang Feng then smiled and said, "Bobo, seeing that were both in a partnership now, can you lend me some pp? Ill give them back to you once I win some."

Bobo then answered him, "Do not even think about it. I lost everything. I wouldnt pick on a newbie like you if it werent because of that."

"Then what should we do?"

"This microworld is not half bad, it should be worth something. Sell it!"

"Sell what?! Why dont you take a look if theres something worth selling here?"

"If you can gather all the fragments here, it might be worth something then!"

"Those are the fragments for the Donghuang Bell! Not selling! Next!"


After Bobo gave it a look, he finally gave Jiang Feng an answer that made him want to vomit blood.

Other than Deicide and the Primordial Divine Artifact, the Auction House would not accept anything else since they were worth nothing.

Jiang Feng felt that he had just received a huge blow.

Apparently all the Divine Artifacts and Spiritual Artifacts that he got from the gods from the Celestial Palace were worth nothing in Bobos eyes.

He did want to try using the lottery to get some purple pieces, but he gave up because he did not want to waste his lottery chances after giving it a thought. Pp was coinage, that meant that he probably could not get them either way.

His situation was like him entering a treasure vault but not being able to take away any treasure.

If he had some pp, he could go bet a few rounds. He might earn something back and then use them to buy a few Sacred Artifacts, items, or consumables.

With the Sacred Artifacts, items, or consumables, he could probably escape even without the help of Grandmaster Bodhi even if the Sacred Masters from the American Server wanted to attack him. Perhaps he might even be able to kill one or two.

"Oh, right, cant I sell my stats here?" Jiang Feng remembered something and asked Bobo.

"You can, but forget about it. 1,000,000 HP is only worth 1pp! Its not worth it!" Bobo said.

"Then, why dont you sell your house?" Jiang Feng said to Bobo.



In the end, after Jiang Feng promised Bobo many things, he finally agreed on selling his dog kennel.

He was not sure if Bobo was scamming him, but he only managed to sell it for 5,000,000pp.

"Oh gods, that was such a scam. I bought it for 50,000,000 but I only got 10% of it back! Kid, let me be clear with you, if you cannot make me back my money, I will eat you!"

"Alright, alright! You already said that over 800 times!" Jiang Feng said to Bobo impatiently as he took the 2,000,000pp that he borrowed from bobo.

He entered the Casino, and he immediately looked for the bet about Yao Qiong without even looking at other available bets.

He bet all 2,000,000pp that Yao Qiong could steal a Sacred Beast Blood of Origin.

While he had slain Yao Qiong a few times and they had grudges against each other, but he believed that Yao Qiong would have no problems against the inheritors from the Korean Server.

Especially since he knew somewhat about where those inheritors were at in terms of power.

He was also betting that since Mojis powers had been restored, the Sacred Masters from the Korean Servers were not Mojis match.

The other reason that he was betting on this was also that he wanted to know more about Yao Qiong and Mojis abilities at this stage, and also estimate the powers of the Infernals.

"As long as I win, I would have earned enough pp to be the first to have access to Silvermoon or Dragonquarrys resources. Not to mention I can try finding something from the Auction House to remove the Seal from Nichiterasu!"

After he had placed his bets, the screen then showed Yao Qiong and her entourage at the Korean Server.