Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 289

Chapter 289 I Have Money

Korean Server.

Yao Qiong led her group of Infernal Kings and arrived at Busan.

Busan was a new level 150 monster territory in the Korean Server. There were not many players here.

In front of him, the chains turned bigger and began spinning, heading straight toward Busan.

The chains became like a drill and drilled into Busan.

Yao Qiong led the thirty Infernal Kings and headed into the tunnel that was dug by the chain.


After two minutes, the chain broke through a stone cavern.

Yao Qiong waved her hand at this time, and she had successfully recalled the chains. She walked toward the entrance of the stone cavern and gave it a good look.

The cavern was huge with twelve pillars raised within it. There were thick chains entangling the rock pillars, and a gigantic green tiger was chained. The tigers body looked like it was being made from fine jade.

That was one of the Korean Servers three Sacred Beasts, the Green Jade Tiger.

"Found it! Make it swift!"

Yao Qiong smiled as she looked at the Green Jade Tiger being chained within the array. With a smile, she took out a black pearl and ate it. Next, her stats had been increased by 5 times.

At this time, she took out a scimitar emitting a black mist and headed toward the Green Jade Tiger.

The other thirty Infernal Kings also did not waste any time and all rushed toward the Green Jade Tiger.


The Green Jade Tiger roared, and a green beam hit one of the Infernal Kings.

The Infernal Kings were similar to the Divine rank NPCs. And the Infernal Kings that Yao Qiong led were all the best there were, with their HP reaching 20,000,000. The attack only made the Infernal King lose about 8,000,000 HP, and it was not killed.

"Infernal Shades, Infernal Miasma Boost, Infernal Blood Whip"

Yao Qiong and the Infernal Kings unleashed all their skills toward the Green Jade Tiger, hoping to force the Green Jade Tiger to lose whatever HP it had left and condense into a Blood of Origin.


The Green Jade Tiger was angered, and vines began to grow around him and lash toward Yao Qiong and the thirty Infernal Kings. It looked like he was a Wood elemental Sacred Beast.

"Dance of the Heavenly Infernals!"


Yao Qiongs divine skill was activated, and all the duplicates created from her Infernal Shades became real. Their speed was very quick, so quick that one could only see black lights shooting around the Green Jade Tiger.

Every time the black light passed through, it would cause millions of damage. In the blink of an eye, the Green Jade Tiger had less than half its HP left despite having started with several dozen millions worth of HP.


Finally, Yao Qiong released the black chains that led them to it. The chains flew out and transformed into the thirteenth chain, and chained the Green Jade Tigers neck, and chained itself to a nearby stone pillar.

At this time, all the chains that were binding the Green Jade Tiger began to unleash black miasma, as if a great array had been activated.


Despite it being near death, the Green Jade Tiger could easily fend off the attacks of a dozen Divine-level NPCs. However, when Yao Qiong managed to activate the array, it could constrain his body even more as well as seal another portion of his power. He roared out in despair as green flames began to immolate him.

At this moment, all the monsters in the Korean Server knelt down and mourn.

"Who are you? You must have a death wish, coming here and stealing our Sacred Beast!" Finally, Park Eum-uk, Jae-eun as well as other Inheritors and players with secret classes from the Korean Server made it there with the use of items. It seemed that the Green Jade Tiger had sent out a message to them when he was attacked, and that was why they could make it there so quickly.

"Ive been waiting for all of you!" Yao Qiong smiled when she saw them, and a black shade appeared from the Green Jade Tiger. The shade looked exactly like the Green Jade Tiger.

As soon as the shade appeared, it attacked Park Eum-uk and Jae-eun immediately.

When Park Eum-uk saw it, they all started to escape.

While the shade only had 10% of the full power of the Green Jade Tiger, they still did not dare to face it head-on.

However, they were not as quick as the Shade of the Green Jade Tiger and it quickly caught up to them.

The Shade of the Green Jade Tiger that was under Yao Qiongs control let out an angry roar and headed toward Park Eum-uk and the others.

"You thief! Do you think that there is no one here that can stop you in the Korean Server?"

Suddenly, a slightly plump man appeared in front of the Shade of the Green Jade Tiger and blocked its attack.

When Yao Qiong saw that the Sacred Master of the Korean Server had appeared, she took out a black pearl and crushed it in her hands. "Archmaster! Its time for you to act!"

After the black pearl was crushed, a door appeared and Mojis sexy figure exited from the door.

"Take the Blood of Origin. Leave the fat man to me!"


Nirvana Auction house, a group of gamblers all stood behind Jiang Feng.

A ratman sneered at Jiang Feng, "Haha, monkey, Yao Qiong, and the rest are doomed now that the Sacred Master of the Korean Server has appeared. Say goodbye to your 2,000,000."

Bobo clutched his chest as if he was having chest pain, "Brother, I am having a heart attack, please drag me to find a female rabbit"

"Look! Yao Qiong still has some tricks up her sleeves! Archmaster Moji has appeared! Tsk tsk, she is equal to the Korean Servers Sacred Master, both are at Seventh Rank Sacred Level. This is going to be a good one!"

"They started fighting! Korean Server will win! Korean Server will win!"

"You pig, are you looking for a way to die! I bet on Yao Qiong winning! If you keep on being noisy here I will eat you!" When Bobo saw several people betting on the Korean Server making a commotion, he roared angrily at one of the pigman.

"Bobo, I have a right to say what I want! The Korean server will win!"

"You are looking for a fight, huh? Come on, let us see who is the better one!"


Jiang Feng did not pay any attention to the ruckus behind him, but merely smiled as he looked at the screen.

He did not realize that Yao Qiong was actually quite good at strategizing. She had calculated each step perfectly, not to mention that her current power was quite good.

At this stage, Yao Qiongs power had already surpassed the normal Divine level NPCs, and she was very strong.

Looks like when she did not interfere with any of the Ancient Citys matters and not look for trouble, she was developing quite well on her own. At least she was slightly on the lead when compared to Qiu Si.

"Oh damn! That Korean fatty didnt help at all and was even kicked away like a ball! Yao Qiong is going to get the Blood of Origin!" At this time, Archmaster Mojis duplicates all stacked together and kicked away the Korean Servers Sacred Master. The Green Jade Tiger had completed his condensation and become a Blood of Origin. She then took out an item and immediately left through teleportation.

The moment that Yao Qiong left, Jiang Feng heard a systems notification in his ears.

Ding. System notification: Bet successful. Received 10,000,000pp!

"Whoa! I won! I actually won!" Bobo jumped up into Jiang Fengs arms as he said excitedly.

Jiang Feng looked at Bobos excitement and asked, "How much did you bet?"

Bobo blinked his big eyes. "1,000pp!"

"Scram! You idiot! Didnt I tell you to bet everything? If you bet everything, you would have gotten 15,000,000! What was that rabbit brain of yours thinking?" Jiang Feng knocked his head angrily.

"Did you ask me to bet everything?

"Didnt I?"


"Oh. In that case, Ill see you at the auction house!"

"Stupid monkey! Come back here, how dare you hit me!"


"I have money now, lets see if there are any other items that can break Nichiterasus seal!" Jiang Feng ran toward the auction house with the 10,000,000pp that he had just earned in excitement.

He had tried to cash them in, but unfortunately, the bet that he won from the Nirvana Auction House could only be used internally and could not be cash out or exchange for other currency.

That meant that the pp that he won from gambling could only be used to buy stuff from the Nirvana Auction House.