Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 29

Chapter 29

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“Why would there be suddenly so many players rushing towards the volcano?”

Jiang Feng looked at the foot of the volcano, and he was quite confused as he looked at the hundreds and thousands of players.

Logically speaking, all of these players that had reached Level 10 should have gone for their class-change quests first. Why would they come here?

Jiang Feng suddenly remembered something and quickly cursed under his breath, “Don’t tell me Damn it! Don’t tell me that the Flaming Tigers are the player’s class-change quest!”

Mu Xi led Nangong Tiaotiao to climb the slightly hot volcano.


When they reached the volcano, she then saw the Elite Piebald Tigers battling with the Flaming Tigers, and this surprised her.

Not only was she surprised, but even the other players next to her all looked on with wonder too.

“Damn, aren’t the Piebald Tigers monsters at the Starter Village? Why would they be here? And why are they fighting with the Flaming Tigers?”

“This should be monsters fighting over territories. I never would have thought that the game was this well made, they even have turf wars for the monsters.”

“Look, there are two bosses! Let’s stay by the sideline. Once they have both been injured, we could then take advantage of them!”


At this time, many players had approached Jiang Feng’s and the Flaming Tiger King’s surrounding. However, none of the players had started to fight, all were quietly looking at them, hoping that he would fight to the death with the Flaming Tiger King so that they could have their heads.

Seeing the Flaming Tiger King still pouncing at him, he quickly yelled, “Flaming Tiger, please stop.”

The Flaming Tiger King stopped its attack but still stared angrily at him. “What do you want?”

Jiang Feng roared at him, “Look, so many humans have come here. If we fight between ourselves at this time, there is no doubt that there will be heavy losses for both sides. And then, we would only make it easy for humans. Why don’t we forge a temporary alliance and fight off the humans? Once the humans have been expelled, you can then continue your battle with me. How does that sound?”

The Flaming Tiger King looked at the players around him, then roared. “Fine. But just this once. Once the humans have been driven away, I will still kill you!”

“No problem!”

Once Jiang Feng had obtained the Flaming Tiger King’s agreement, he became content.

With the Flaming Tiger King’s help, even if he couldn’t kill so many players, there would still be chances available if he wanted to escape.

Controlling the remaining nineteen Elite Piebald Tigers by his side, he stood next to the Flaming Tiger King and scanned at the players that surrounded them.

“Xiao Bai! Big Sis, look! It’s Xiao Bai, you didn’t lie to me! We could still see Xiao Bai after we left the Starter Village!”

Just when Jiang Feng and the rest of the players were staring at each other, Nangong Tiaotiao saw him and pointed at him excitedly and screamed at Mu Xi.

‘Hm? How did this little white tiger leave the Starter Village? Is it really the system organized a turf war between the two tiger monsters, and teleported him and his minions here?’ Mu Xi stared at him and thought to herself with uncertainty.

“Xiao Bai!”

Just as Mu Xi was still thinking about it, Nangong Tiaotiao jumped out from her side and ran towards Jiang Feng.

1“Roar~ Kill”

“What are you doing? She is a spy that I have arranged in the human world.”

The Flaming Tiger King saw that Nangong Tiaotiao had jumped out of formation. It showed its teeth and roared. Just as it was prepared to pounce at her, it was held back by Jiang Feng.

“You have human spies?” The Flaming Tiger King asked.

“Of course, and I have more than one. Moreover, I had also used Evolution pills to raise many Divine Beasts and letting them spread out in the whole world. Once the Great Divine-Infernal War begins, we Shifters could then act when the opportunity presents itself, killing all of them, and become the new overlords of this world!” Jiang Feng began to bluff.

“Really? If you are that powerful, why would you still be afraid of these humans?” The Flaming Tiger asked, unconvinced.

“Are you an idiot? How can I show my true power now? I will expose myself!” Jiang Feng continued, “The reason I came over this time was to test you. If you would swear fealty to me, I will make you as powerful as the White Tiger!”

1“Really?” The Flaming Tiger King looked at him with interest.

“I never lie!” Jiang Feng nodded seriously.

5“Alright. If you can make me as powerful as the White Tiger clan, I will then submit to you,” said the Flaming Tiger King.

“Don’t worry”

Before he could even finish his roaring, Nangong Tiaotiao had shortened the distance and caught him in her arms. Her face and chest kept brushing him.

2‘My god This girl really doesn’t care if she would embarrass me.’

Jiang Feng was without words, but he knew that Nangong Tiaotiao liked him so much so that she would do something as excessive as this. Not to mention that she was his best customer, so he really couldn’t kill her. All that he could do was to endure her “torture.”

6All the players that saw this were shocked by this scene.

‘What’s going on? Why didn’t that little white tiger king attack that girl? And why does it look like it’s enjoying it?”

“Maybe these monsters won’t actively attack us?”

“I think so Maybe someone can go and try?”


Seeing that Jiang Feng and the Flaming Tiger King didn’t attack them promptly, and was even friendly with Nangong Tiaotiao, this stunned the players.

One male player saw that the Flaming Tiger King being enveloped by the blazing flame was so cool that he wanted to imitate Nangong Tiaotiao caressing Jiang Feng and caress the Flaming Tiger King as well.

1He ran over and was going to hold the Flaming Tiger King with a face filled with anxiety. But he hadn’t even come close, he had already been smacked by the thick paw of the Flaming Tiger King unto the ground. Then a breath of fire came from its mouth, and that player directly became a pile of ash.

Jiang Feng looked at the ash on the ground and sweated as he looked helplessly. He silently said in his mind, ‘Bro, you’re a real man.’

1The Flaming Tiger King had killed a player in two swipes and scared the hell of the surrounding players. And at this time, a handsome man with the name ‘Shen Ye’ walked forward.

“Why are you all still standing there? There are two bosses in front of you, don’t you want equipment? Don’t you want to finish your quests?” He said, as his eyes stared at Jiang Feng and the Flaming Tiger King with greed-filled eyes.

“Hehe, if none of you have the courage to do so, then let me through! These two bosses now belong to my company, Myth!” said a vicious man called Zhan Cang who followed behind Shen Ye.

1Hearing Shen Ye’s and Zhan Cang’s words, they had made the players present angry.

“Belong to you, Myth? What a joke! Come on, bros! Let’s kill these two bosses and get some loot!”

1“Bro, let’s go! We can’t let them steal it from us!”

Suddenly, all the players took out their weapons and rushed towards Jiang Feng and the Flaming Tiger King.

On the other hand, Shen Ye and Zhan Cang didn’t even make a move. Instead, they smiled as they quietly looked at the scene.

2Nangong Tiaotiao looked at the hundreds of players that were coming for them, and she was terrified. She held Jiang Feng tightly and said, “Don’t come closer! Don’t hurt Xiao Bai!”

1As soon as Mu Xi saw Nangong Tiaotiao was in danger, her face paled and quickly rushed towards the players.

“Roar! Kill!”

Seeing so many players coming forwards, Jiang Feng unleashed a tiger roar and the nineteen Elite Piebald Tigers rushed forward from behind him, and headed straight to the players.

It was at this time that he struggled out of Nangong Tiaotiao’s hug, opened his jaw, and advanced towards the players that were at the forefront.