Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Creating Good Odds

Chapter 290: Creating Good Odds

The Nirvana Auction Houses auction house was very similar to a normal auction house.

It was not huge and only had around 200 seats.

There were not many attending, so clearly, nothing good was being auctioned today.

He picked a seat and sat down, and a screen appeared in front of him.

The screen showed all the items that they were auctioning.

There were 38 items that they were auctioning. Most of them were equipment and they were all of Lesser Sacred Artifacts and above. Jiang Feng could only look at them as he drooled. When he looked at the price, he could only shake his head.

Even a Lesser Sacred Artifact needed 10,000,000 minimum, He could not afford any.

After looking for a while and not being able to find anything that he could buy, he returned to the Casino to continue with the gambling.

The Ruler of Hakai was still in cooldown, but it was still very easy for him to leave if he wanted to.

But once he stepped out of the Nirvana Auction house, he would be teleported to where the Nirvana Auction House was.

However, the Nirvana Auction House was on the move at all times. If he wanted to find his way back again, it would be very difficult.

He was not going to leave before he could get some new resources from here.

After returning to the Casino, he then began looking on the screens for bets with high odds.

After looking around for quite a while, he could not find anything suitable. Meanwhile, he had an increased understanding of the Divine Dominion Continent.

"Monkey, what are you looking for?" Bobo curiously asked, seeing that Jiang Feng had been running around in so many circles.

"Im looking for bets with high odds that Im confident in," Jiang Feng said to him.

"You can stop looking now. With you here, there wont be any bets with high odds."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you know the odds of you completing Uproar in Heaven?"

"How much?"

"100:1. Damn it, I betted that you would lose, and in the end, I lost so much I almost had to sell my pants."

"No wonder you have been running around naked, you lost your pants."



After talking with Bobo, he finally understood what Bobo meant at the beginning.

The few times that a bet with extremely high odds appeared, it was to bet on him.

The Shifter-Sealing Tower, A Chinese Ghost Story, Purgatory, Uproar in Heaven. The highest odds all appeared during those events.

At this stage, the highest odds for a bet would be stealing another servers Sacred Beast at 5:1. There was nothing better at this stage, since other than stealing Sacred Beasts, there was not anything important on the Divine Dominion Continent.

Other than he himself, and only himself, depending on no one trying to steal a Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin. Only then would the odds get higher.

He gave it a thought, then said to Bobo, "Since that is the case, Im going to leave for a bit. But I want to ask you if theres any way I can find my way back or teleport back here."

As long as he could find a way back, he could then go out and cause some bets to start. He could then ask Xiao Longnu or his other followers to help him bet. Then, he could earn a lot and buy the stuff that he wanted from the Auction House.

Bobo said, "Other than buying a residence. Otherwise, it depends on luck."

Jiang Feng asked, "Is 10,000,000 enough to buy a residence?"

Bobo rolled his eyes at Jiang Feng. "The residences here start from 10,000,000."


Jiang Feng rubbed his hands as the gears in his head started to turn. The place was a treasure vault. While he did not have anything yet and he could not take the money here, he did not want to simply let this opportunity pass him by.

At this time, he saw the Match Made in Heaven ring on his finger, and his eyes beamed in excitement as he said, "I got it!"

The Match Made in Heaven skill on the ring could allow them to teleport to each others side by ignoring any sort of limits. That meant that if Ling Feiyu was here, he could activate the skill and get back here at any time.

As soon as he remembered that, he then took out the Flag of the Shifter Emperor to summon the Shifter Hierophant.

As long as he could successfully summon her, he could then leave this place and let Ling Feiyu stay here on his behalf. Next time, he could then use Match Made in Heaven to return here.


The beautiful Ling Feiyu appeared next to him.

"Haha, I did it!" He could not help but say it out loud excitedly when Ling Feiyu was summoned over.

Ling Feiyu looked around her, and asked Jiang Feng, "Little Feng, where is this? Why do they all look so weird, but they all look like they are very powerful."

Jiang Feng then explained to Ling Feiyu with a smile.

"Alright, I know what I have to do. Go ahead and give me all the money. Ill try my luck as well," Ling Feiyu said with a faint smile.

"Yes, remember, always bet on me if Im up there. If youre out of money, look for Bobo!" Jiang Feng pointed at Bobo as he said to her.

"No! Not giving!" Bobo answered with a huff and a puff.

"Alright, Im going."

After he had explained everything, Jiang Feng then left the Nirvana Auction House and left Ling Feiyu behind to help him bet.



The moment he stepped out of Nirvana Auction House, he was teleported to where he first found the Nirvana Auction House.

"I have to get into the American Server and trigger the bet!" Jiang Feng mumbled to himself as he summoned the Monster Cloud, and quickly headed toward the American Servers border.

After flying for about a dozen minutes, he saw Skull Island deep within the ocean.

Skull Island was a very big island and it was covered by a black miasma. He could not see inside as the pirate ships entered and exited the miasma.

He gave it a glance, ignored it, and continued his way.

His current objective was to steal all the servers Blood of Origin and trigger a high-betting scenario. As for the pirates, he was not interested in them at all.


But what he did not know was that the moment he left, a man looked in his direction from inside Skull Island.

The Stewards Residence of the City of Desire, Skull Island.

A one-eyed man asked a handsome man beside him, "Number two, why didnt we kill that monkey when it crossed our territory?"

"Kill him? Boss, Im not being humble, but we couldnt beat him even if all the pirates from Skull Island were combined."The handsome man said, but when he saw Jiang Fengs figure on the screen, murderous intent poured out from his eyes.

"He is that powerful?" Asked the one-eyed man.

"He had killed me many times in the past and even destroyed the Celestial Court. What do you think?" The handsome man was Shen Ye, who had been killed by Jiang Feng many times, with a change in personality. If Jiang Feng were here, he would be surprised at Shen Yes level having pulled up and that his power was comparable to a Divine level NPC.

"That monkey is the Shifter Emperor that you said that you had a grudge with?" He asked.

"Thats right. Thats him. But as soon as the Inheritor of the Hellraisers and the Inheritor of the Insectoids agree to it, the entire Divine Dominion Continent will be mine to control!" Shen Ye squinted his eyes as he looked at Jiang Feng, his fists tightened.