Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Maddened Johns

Holy Light City, American Server.

Johns led Davies and a group of elites toward Jiang Feng, who was blocked by a bunch of fans.

When the fans saw Johns and his group, they all moved to the side and opened a path for them.

"You, isnt this Guild Leader Johns? Long time no see."

Jiang Feng went over with warmth and gave them all a hug as if they were old friends that had not met each other for some time.

But his actions made Johns and the others feel quite uncomfortable.

Johns looked at Jiang Feng with a frown. "Are you free? Lets talk?"

Jiang Feng smiled and said, "Of course Im free. Lead the way."

Johns turned around and headed toward the Stewards Residence with a high and mighty look on him.

Whew~ Luckily Johns didnt have anything on him that could see through disguises. Or maybe he has never even thought that my identity is fake. Otherwise, I would have to kill everyone. Jiang Feng wiped off his cold sweat as he followed behind Johns.


After Jiang Feng and Johns left, all the fans that had talked with Jiang Feng were talking excitedly among themselves.

"Zeus is so nice! Unlike Johns, hes always frowning. Hes so petty."

"Thats right. Just because he had been killed by Zeus once doesnt mean that he has to put up such a face the entire time."

"Teehee, my Zeus is the best!"


Jiang Feng did not know that after interacting with the players, his image as a friendly person had entered the hearts of many. He had also gained the affection of many and managed to get a group of fans.

He followed Johns and entered the Holy Light Citys Steward Residence.

Johns sat on his throne, and he simply looked for a random seat to sit on then looked at Johns with a smile.

Johns was the one that started first and questioned him, "Zeus, I want to know where you were when the Sacred Beasts were in danger."

Jiang Feng then smiled and said, "Do you think Im that free? If I dont think of ways to increase my power, whats the use of having the support of NPCs? You all ended up dead anyway."

Johns frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Simple. Only your own strength is the most important. Let me be frank, even if all of you attack me at once, you still wont be able to beat me!" Jiang Feng said arrogantly.


"Oh? Speaking of which, you are very powerful now, right? Now that you know that the Bloods of Origin have been stolen, you know what to do, right?" Johns said to Jiang Feng as he stopped James J that was almost about to go berserk.

"Just getting back the Bloods of Origin, right? Very simple, but" Jiang Feng smiled and continued, "The other three Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin should be given to me too so that they wouldnt be stolen again."

"I cannot give the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin to you!" Johns said.

"Dont you think that theyll be safer on me?" Jiang Feng said with a smile.


"Alright, fine. Then were done here. You can deal with the Shifter Emperor yourself. I dont belong to any group so all I have to do is to play the game as usual. Im too lazy to care about all of this anyways." With that Jiang Feng turned and was going to leave, except that he was moving slightly slower.

As he walked, he was waiting for Johns to call out to him. If Johns were to call out to him, then he still had hope of getting the Blood of Origin.


Just as Jiang Feng was reaching the door, Johns called out to him,

Jiang Feng smiled but quickly wiped it off his face. He turned around and looked at Johns expressionlessly. "Anything else?"

Johns was hesitating before he took out a Blood of Origin the size of a fist. "As long as you are willing to fight the Shifter Emperor, I can give you one Blood of Origin. But after you get them all back, you have to give them all to me so that a new Sacred Beast can be born in the American Server!"

"Just one?" Jiang Feng frowned.

"One is the biggest concession I am willing to give. Not only that, you have to sign a contract with me. Otherwise, you wont even get one of them."

"Hoho, I was just asking. Look at the way you speak, I dont want it anymore!" Jiang Feng waved his hand and walked outside.

The moment he turned, he regretted it as he cursed deep down, Damn it, if I had known I should have just taken the deal. One is better than nothing.

"To hell with you. Do you think that we cant play this game without you?" James J yelled at Jiang Feng angrily when he saw Jiang Fengs attitude.


Deicide transformed into a cestus he wore on his hand. Then, he instantly positioned himself next to James J, and punched him, dealing around 3,000,000 damage, instantly killing him.

After James J was killed and items dropped on the ground, he picked them all up with a wave.

"Heh, rubbish. He couldnt even take 10% of my full damage!" Jiang Feng said arrogantly as he cleaned his hands.

His current stats were sealed. With Deicides attack boost, his attack was around 4,000,000. While he was obviously boasting, it was only to keep Johns in awe of him.

At this stage, the better-equipped players HP would be around 4,000,000. Normal players around 2,000,000. They were added through equipment.

If they did not have any survival items like the Survival Doll, the players were still not his match even when he was sealed.

"You!" Johns could only point at Jiang Feng angrily when he saw James J getting killed.

"What? We could have talked things through peacefully, but do you really think that Im a doormat?" Jiang Feng said with a cold smile. He then looked at that Blood of Origin in Johns hand. "Killing the Shifter Emperor is also my problem. The reason that I wanted the Blood of Origin is just to show you my importance. Think about it!"

Johns never expected Jiang Feng to have no sense of honor at all.

That meant that Jiang Feng would not even lift a finger if he were to not give him the Blood of Origin. That also meant that the American Server would be dominated by the Huaxia Server, and that was not something that he was willing to see.

"Alright, Ill give you this. Every time you kill the Shifter Emperor, I will give you another one. If you can take back the other two Blood of Origin, I will leave the Blood of Origin to you to deal with!" While Johns was an arrogant bastard, but he still cared about the honor of the entire server.

"Alright!" Jiang Feng was secretly overjoyed as he approached him and received the Blood of Origin.

The moment he had the Blood of Origin, he immediately used the Requiem Bells Dominate Soul skill. The Requiem Bell he hid under his clothing shot out a black ray of light into Johns head.

"Dominate Soul!"

After being hit by the Dominate Soul skill, Johns eyes went out of focus, as if he had lost all his spirit.

Jiang Feng waved his hand and called out Xiao Longnu and his followers, stopping the others from approaching him. He then ordered Johns, "Give me all the Bloods of Origin, survival items and Primordial Divine Artifacts!"

Johns tried to fight back, but still gave him the other two Bloods of Origin eventually.

But when Johns was going to give him the survival items and Primordial Divine Artifact, his body trembled and he managed to snap back to reality. He then took out a longsword and slashed toward him. "Youre not Zeus, youre the Shifter Emperor! Give me back the Bloods of Origin!"

The effect of Dominate Soul was 1 minute. For Johns to be able to react so quickly, he must have some items that could clear out negative status effects. Luckily, he had already obtained the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin, so he did not care much anyway.

"Lets go!"

Jiang Feng did not choose to fight with Johns. He took out the Lianyao Flash, collected all his followers, left the Stewards Residence using Dimension Door, and then took out the Teleportation Cauldron and jumped in.


Just as Johns and the others rushed out, Jiang Feng had already left using the Teleportation Cauldron.

"Argh Shifter Emperor! Just you wait, I will kill you!"

When Johns noticed that Jiang Feng had disappeared, he became maddened and could only roar out in anger.