Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Avoiding An Unwinnable Battle

Casino, Nirvana Auction house.

The moment Shi Long appeared in front of Jiang Feng, the betting odds had instantly changed.

It changed from 30:8 to 50:8.

Shi Longs appearance had greatly increased Jiang Fengs difficulty in finding and stealing the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin.

Shi Longs appearance and the change of the betting odds surprised everyone present.

Bobos face paled and quickly pulled out an old man with a white beard from the crowd.

"Old Qiu, youre also a Third Rank Sacred Master, can you explain whats going on? Since when can you people from the Silvermoon enter the Divine Dominion Continent?"

Bobo was extremely angry. Originally, the chances of the Shifter Emperor winning was quite high. Suddenly, a Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master had suddenly appeared. Even with Jiang Feng at his full power and all his items, he could probably challenge a First Rank Lesser Sacred Master. But now that he had encountered a Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master, there could only be one conclusion to this.

Once Jiang Feng had died, then he would lose the bet. And he would lose everything he had. That was not something that he would like to see.

Old Qiu was also similarly shocked when he saw Shi Long, and he replied, "The Inheritor of the Hellraisers. Loyal to King Zhou. He is very powerful. My guess is that he used some kind of technique through King Zhou to reach the Divine Dominion Continent. But he wouldnt stay for long!"

"Its that tyrant from the Silvermoon again! If it werent because Dragonquarry had lost contact with Silvermoon, I can unseal myself and destroy that Level 250 Third Rank Greater Sacred Master!" Bobo said with a frown.

"But you cannot get to Silvermoon," Old Qiu said with a smile.

"The Shifter Emperors Seal had been broken! I wonder how long he could sustain against Shi Long!" Another man with red skin said.

Ling Feiyu clenched her fists as she looked at Jiang Feng who had already started fighting with Shi Long.


With his seal broken, Jiang Feng attacked Shi Long with Deicide.


Just as Deicide almost crashed into Shi Longs body as it whistled through the air, he suddenly disappeared.


When Jiang Feng saw what happened, he quickly repositioned himself.

"You do not even have a Sacred Skill, and you wish to fight me?"


Though he had used Blink to dodge the attack, Shi Long appeared behind him again. With one palm strike, he was thrown out into the air and with only a slither of life left.

He took out a Coming of Spring Pill and ate it, which instantly healed his HP to full points. He looked at Shi Long with a frown.

Shi Long was too fast, so fast that he could not even sense him.

"This is the power of a level 199 Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master? So powerful!" Jiang Feng lowered his head, then opened his eyes and stared at Shi Long.

Even though he could reach the power of a First Rank Lesser Sacred Master after his seal was broken, the difference in terms of HP, attack, and defense when compared to Shi Long was extremely wide.

It could be said that Shi Long, as a Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master, had more than three times his stats.

If any of his attacks caused a critical hit, it could instantly kill someone with only 20,000,000 HP.

Even if he used the Sacred Skill "Two Become One," his stats would still be lower than Shi Longs.


Shi Long once again appeared next to him and used the sickle chain to slice on Jiang Fengs body.


The sickle chain clawed into his back, and the intense pain caused Jiang Feng to yell out in agony. A light flashed, and the Sacrificial Dolls usage was reduced by one and he managed to escape. He turned and looked at him in pain, took out the Flag of the Shifter Emperor, and roared at Shi Long, "Binding!"


Chains wrapped Shi Long in place. Jiang Feng had also used this chance to teleport 50 meters away, took out the Teleporting Cauldron, jumped in, and was going to teleport away.

"Shifter Emperor, you cannot escape me!"

As soon as Jiang Feng entered the Teleporting Cauldron, Shi Long had dispelled Binding.

"Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Seeing that he had escaped, Jiang Feng quickly threw out a Talisman of Ten Thousand Swords into the air then quickly got into the Teleporting Cauldron and teleported away.

Other than Dimension Door, he still had Time Stop. Both were Sacred Skills, but he was not going to use the Time Stop skill now. Next, he was going to the European Server and steal their Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin. Before knowing the power of the Sacred Master in Europe, he needed to save a trick or two under his sleeves.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

When Shi Long saw ten thousand swords coming straight at him, he quickly flung and spun the sickle chain in his hand like a fan, striking away all the swords.

When he saw Jiang Feng disappear, he became furious. "Damn it, he escaped!"


Jiang Feng had been teleported into Balkan Mountain Range within the European Server.

When the Teleporting Cauldron appeared again, he put it away as his face paled.

"I have to quickly collect all the Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin, and then go to Nirvana Auction House and get some of the resources from Silvermoon. Otherwise, I cant defeat Shi Long at all. If he were to act during the World War, I cant even foresee how much damage that will do!"

This was his first time meeting such a powerful enemy and his first fight where he was so severely outmatched.

With all his buffs, he could only barely match the power of a level 150 First Rank Lesser Sacred Master. The difference between him and a level 199 Third Rank Lesser Sacred Master was too huge. He could not defeat him regardless of what he did.

"If I can get some of the resources from Silvermoon and break the seal, fuse the Bloods of Origin of the Sacred Beasts from all six servers and get a new Sacred Beast, and then fuse with it using Two Become One Perhaps I can have a chance against him then!"

With that, he took out the Divine Fate Compass and let the little Vermillion Bird guide him in one direction.

He then quickly chased after it on the Monster Cloud.

"I should use all the lottery chances now and then upgrade the Monster Transmutation System. At this stage, the system isnt helping me much!" He had decided to use up all six lottery chances and upgrade the Monster Transmutation System as he sat on the Monster Cloud.

The lottery wheel appeared in front of him, and he put it to sextuple. He then held the Ruler of Hakai in his hand as the indicator began to spin.

"I hope all of them would be Seal Breaking Pills or pills that can help me survive!"

He held the Ruler of Hakai tightly with both his hands as he looked at the indicator continuing to spin.

After one minute, the indicator stopped at the pill category and a prismatic chest appeared.

Within the chest, there were six pills.

He looked at them and there were two Seal Breaking Pills, two Resurrection Pills, one Divine Level Enhancing Pill, and one Divine Level Skill Pill.

Divine Level Enhancing Pill: Upgrades a Divine Artifact into a Greater Divine Artifact.

Divine Level Skill Pill: Upgrades a skill to Sacred level.

"Not bad, all these are useful pills. Now with my high luck, all the things that I get are good ones!" Jiang Feng mumbled as he began to think about how to maximize the effectiveness of the Divine Level Enhancing Pill and Divine Level Skill Pill.

If they were used correctly, he could increase his power by another step.

The Divine Level Enhancing Pill was useless on Deicide since Deicide was already a Sacred Artifact. Then, he would have to use it on either the Requiem Bell or the Teleporting Cauldron.

Because these two items were items that he used the most.

He was still pretty pleased with the Requiem Bell, so he had decided to use it on the Teleporting Cauldron.

As for the Divine Level Skill Pill, he had decided to use it on a Divine Level Magic Skill with a large area of an effect called "Meteor Swarm," and used it to increase it to Sacred Level.