Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Plot

The Teleporting Cauldron was a Divine Level item that he got from a palace in the Battlefield of the Divines and Infernals.

While the item did not have many attributes, it had saved him many times. It was also one of the items that he loved the most.

Originally, he was going to use some ores and reforge the Teleporting Cauldron.

But he did not expect to get a Divine Level Enhancing Pill, so he did not hesitate and used it to upgrade the Teleporting Cauldron.

After using the Divine Level Enhancing Pill, the pill became a sticky red liquid as it entered the Teleporting Cauldron.


Slowly, the Teleporting Cauldron began to vibrate as the green bronze began to fall, and become a red furnace.

Ding. System Prompt: Upgrade successful. You have received a Greater Artifact!

Teleporting Cauldron: Greater Artifact

Pocket Dimension +10,000 Square

Random Teleportation: Randomly teleport to anywhere within the game, each teleport costs 10,000gp.

Set Teleportation: Teleport to a set coordinate. Cannot teleport to special locations. Each teleport costs 20,000gp,

Returning: After using it, its owner can choose to repossess the Teleporting Cauldron.

"Its extradimensional space has grown larger and can be used as a storage space now. The set teleportation ability that I wanted has also been developed. Not bad!"

The Teleporting Cauldron was just a tool, so its status was quite simple. But just its ability to teleport had already shown how valuable the item was.

Meteor Storm: First Rank Sacred Skill

Damages all enemies within 1,000 meters, dealing 150% magic damage. Cooldown of 1 hour.

The Sacred Skills area of effect and damage were both quite high, and the cooldown was also quite low.

The reason that he chose this skill was to use it during the World War.

After looking at the stats for the Teleporting Cauldron and the Meteor Storm, he took out the System Upgrade Scroll and used it.

Ding. System Prompt: The Monster Transmutation will be upgraded. Upgrade duration of 30 days.

"Hm? I didnt expect the upgrade this time to need so much time."

The last time when he upgraded the system, it only took five days. But this time, it would take 30 days. That meant that within 30 days, he also could not use the skills that were on the System Transmutation System.

He gave it a thought and let it go since the Monster Transmutation System was not that useful for him anymore. The upgrade this time would probably mean great changes to the Monster Transmutation System.


He closed the Monster Transmutation System that had already been greyed you. At this time, the little Vermillion Bird chirped as it dived into an abyss.

He was slightly stunned as he looked into the deep abyss.

"Found one so quickly?" He muttered to himself as he controlled the Monster Cloud to head deeper into the abyss.

That was the European Servers Abyss of Doom. No one knew how deep it went, and the cliffs were filled with monsters.


As he headed deeper into the abyss, many of the monsters pounced toward him.


He took out Deicide and waved it, easily killing all the monsters in one strike. They were no threat to him.

He was currently at his peak, the normal monsters were no match for him.

When he arrived at the depths of the Abyss, there were skeletons everywhere, and many level 150 pink skeleton monsters.

All of them were undead.

Little Vermillion Bird broke through the death miasma and headed deep into the Abyss of Doom.

He quickly chased after it and it did not take him long to see twelve pillars standing in the middle of the valley. A gigantic two-headed python with black flames emanating from it was chained in the center.

The two-headed python was indeed one of the five Sacred Beasts in the European Server, the Double Crowned Black Flame Python.

When he saw the Double Crowned Black Flame Python, Jiang Feng leaked out his murderous intent. He held Deicide up high in the air and was going to slam it down on it.

"Roar! Shifter Emperor!"

When the Double Crowned Black Flame Python felt his murderous intent, both their heads looked up. They cowered in fear when they saw Jiang Feng.

"Since you know who I am, why dont you start condensing into Blood of Origin? Do you want to get killed?" Jiang Feng said coldly to them, and his attack did not stop.


The Double Crowned Black Flame Python let out a sorrowful roar as the black flames around them intensified, and began to condense into Blood of Origin.

When he saw that, Jiang Feng took out the Lianyao Flask and immediately absorbed the Blood of Origin into it. He took out the Teleporting Cauldron and chose to teleport to a random location.

The entire process was very quick. It happened in less than 5 seconds, and he already had a Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin.


Just after he had left, a man with a hammer appeared within the Abyss of Doom. His face paled when he saw the twelve pillars with an empty center.

When the monsters began to mourn, the Inheritor of the Divine Adam and the rest of the Inheritors all made their way there.

But Adam stopped halfway through and said with anger, "Damn it, the Shifter Emperor has already stolen the Blood of Origin. Quickly contact Yero! Have him use the Eye of the Pharaoh to find out where he is!"


After leaving using the Teleporting Cauldron, Jiang Feng reappeared in a valley.

Looking at the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin, he smiled, then continued his search for the Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin using the Divine Fate Compass.

"Hm? There are no more Divine Beasts in the European Server?"

He took out the Divine Fate Compass and the little Vermillion Bird appeared, but this time it did not fly away, and it was merely flying in a circle on the compass. That meant that the little Vermillion Bird could not find the scent of any Sacred Beast.

It seemed that the European Server players had already gathered the other four Bloods of Origin from the other Sacred Beasts.

"Whatever. Next, to the African Server!"

He then opened the map and looked for the border between the European Server and African Server. He then used the Set Teleportation ability and teleported over.

In the blink of an eye, he had arrived at the border between the European Server and African Server. With the use of Dimension Door, he entered the African Server.


Yero was on a pyramid in the African Server, and he was looking for Jiang Feng using the Eye of the Pharaoh.

Very quickly, the Eye of the Pharaoh had revealed Jiang Fengs current whereabouts and showed where he was in its eye.

"Haha! This Shifter Emperor has finally come to our server! You wont be able to escape this time!" When Yero saw Jiang Fengs figure using the Eye of the Pharaoh, not only did he not grow worrisome, he even revealed an evil smile.

With that, he left the pyramid and headed to the Sphinx Monument close to the pyramid.

After he entered the Sphinx Monument, he found the last Sacred Beast in the African Server, the Sphinx.

"He is here, my lord. This time, we might have to sacrifice you!" With that, he threw the Eye of the Pharaoh at it.

In the next moment, the Eye of the Pharaoh quickly enlarged and covered the Sphinx within it.


Just as Jiang Feng was heading toward the location of the African Servers Sacred Beast, he thought to himself, Why didnt Yero use the Eye of the Pharaoh? Why are there still Sacred Beasts here? Is it possible that the Eye of the Pharaoh cannot find where the Sacred Beasts are?" He scratched the monkey fur on his face as he sat cross-legged on the Monster Cloud and asked himself inquisitively.


Just as he was asking that question, a shining door appeared in front of him. When he saw that, he quickly stopped and looked at the door of light curiously.