Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 299

Chapter 299 The Gathering Storm

Nirvana Auction house.

"Haha, now all that is left is the final Sacred Beast in the African Server. Once the monkey gets that, I will become rich!" Bobo looked at Jiang Feng on the screen from the Casino with excitement as he crunched on another carrot.

"Hehe, I have also bet 500,000pp on him. Fifty means that I will receive 25,000,000pp. I will also become rich!" Old Qiu said in agreement.

Bobo laughed heartily at Old Qiu, "Congratulations!"

Old Qiu replied, "To you too!"

Just as the two old geezers were already celebrating with each other, everyone else in the Casino had become pale. These were all those that bet that Jiang Feng would fail.

Some of them even wanted to quickly tell Shi Long and Black Widow where Jiang Feng was so that they would kill Jiang Feng. Then, they would become the winner.

Unfortunately, even if they leave the Nirvana Auction house, they would not appear in the Divine Dominion Continent.

"Hm? Monkey Girl, the monkey is going to win soon, why do you look so serious?" Bobo asked as he looked at Ling Feiyu who was frowning.

"Somethings wrong," Ling Feiyu continued with a frown, "There are three Sacred Beasts in the African Server. They are also the first ones to find a Primordial Divine artifact with searching as its main function. Dont you feel strange that they didnt find all the Sacred Beasts?"

Bobo blinked and nodded, "It is quite strange, but it means little now, right? As long as Shi Long and Black Widow cant find him, the monkey is invincible!"

Ling Feiyu shook his head. "Somethings very wrong. I better go and discuss with my husband."

With that, Ling Feiyu then went offline.


Jiang Feng was on his way when a door of light appeared and blocked his path.

He saw that Xue Haifeng had exited from the door of light.

"Youre Haifeng, correct? Looking for me?" When he saw the man, he was able to recognize him as Xue Haifeng, and he asked him with a smile.

He knew him, and they met once. The time when he led all the others to help him in the American Server. Both of them had no grudges against each other, so he was quite friendly toward Xue Haifeng.

Xue Haifeng then said with a frown, "Shifter Emperor, I have read your fortune. The fortune showed signs of danger. Therefore, you are in grave danger when you come to the African Server!"

Er The game can predict these kinds of things? Jiang Feng was slightly startled.

"I am the Descendant of Fuxi, and I possess the Fuxi Bagua. The Fuxi Bagua is a First-Grade Sacred Artifact, and Ive tried it many times. It has never been wrong!" The innocent Xue Haifeng became anxious when Jiang Feng was at a loss at what he had to say.

Descendant of Fuxi?

Jiang Feng was quite surprised. While he had met with Xue Haifeng and Xue Yingqi, he had never actually seen their classes. When Xue Haifeng told him that, he did not expect that descendants could also become a class.

"Thank you for your warning, I will be careful. I also have a lot of revival items on me, so at most I will be slain once. Dont worry," No matter what, he had to find the final living Sacred Beast. As soon as he has gotten it, he would win his bet. And he could also weaken the African Servers overall power.

With five servers allying with each other against the Huaxia Server, they would be under a lot of pressure. So he had to destroy the opposing servers Sacred Beasts to reduce their power.

"Alright, these two Bloods of Origin are for you. One of them is Xuanwus Blood Origin, and the other one was given to me by Yao Qiong. It is the Blood of Origin from the Korean Servers Green Jade Tiger," After Xuefeng heard what Jiang Feng had said, he thought about it but did not stop Jiang Feng.

As Jiang Feng said, he had revival items on him. Even if he did die, he could revive. Even if he had no revival items, he could still revive. After all he was a player too, even though others did not know.

Xue Haifeng gave the Bloods of Origin to him and then returned to the city.

Jiang Feng looked at the Xuanwu and Green Jade Tigers Blood of Origin with a faint smile.

Including these two, he would have 13 Bloods of Origin on him.

Ding. System Prompt: Someone is looking for you in reality. Will you log out?

"That should be Feiyu, whats going on?"

He gave it a thought, and Jiang Feng called out Xiao Longnu. He then handed the Divine Fate Compass and Lianyao Flask to her. He pretended to have entered the Lianyao Flask and logged out.

The main reason he did that was that he knew that the Eye of the Pharaoh could be used. He had stolen Sacred Beasts Blood of Origin belonging to the European Server. The players from the European Server would no doubt ask Yero to pinpoint his location. That meant that Yero was watching him. If he did not do that, he would expose his own identity.


Within a pyramid in the African Server.

Yero looked at the Eye of the Pharaoh that covered the entire Sphinx.

He saw Jiang Feng summon a beautiful woman and suddenly disappeared. He was quite surprised.

The little pagoda in that womans hand should be the Shifter Emperors spatial treasure. But what is he doing entering there now? Did he notice something?" Yero thought to himself inquisitively.


After he went offline and climbed out of the game terminal, he then saw Ling Feiyu sitting on the bed. He asked, "Feiyu, you called?"

Ling Feiyu said, "You are in danger."

Jiang Feng blinked. "Even you are saying that? I can revive, so there shouldnt be any problems, right?"

Ling Feiyu then replied, "Even if thats the case, dont you feel that somethings off? Yero has a complete Primordial Divine Artifact that is focused on crowd-controlling and searching. There is no reason that he cant find the last Sacred Beast. My guess is that he wants to use the Sacred Beast as bait, then do something hostile to you!"

Jiang Feng then went over and hugged Ling Feiyu, then kissed her on her cheek. "Dont worry, my good wife. Its okay. Even if Im killed, I can still revive. Even if they imprison me, I can escape using the Match Made in Heaven Ring. So, dont worry."

He had plenty of equipment and items that could resurrect him, so he need not be afraid of getting killed.

If he were imprisoned, with the Match Made in Heaven Ring, he could also teleport next to Ling Feiyu quickly.

That was why he was not afraid of the unknowable!

"Alright, but still, be careful," Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng.

"Dont worry," Jiang Feng kissed Ling Feiyu on the lips and returned to the game.


Once he returned to the game, he reappeared next to Xiao Longnu.

"Thank you for your hard work, Xiao Longnu," He said with a smile as he looked at Xiao Longnu who had never left nor abandoned him.

Xiao Longnu smiled and said, "It is nothing at all. Xiao Feng, go and work on your things."

Jiang Feng nodded and then sent Xiao Longnu back in. He then took out the Divine Fate Compass and continued flying toward where the African Servers Sacred Beast would be by following the little Vermillion Birds location.

On his way there, to make sure of the safety of the operation, he took out all the remaining Baihu Bloodline, Zhuque Bloodline, and Divine Beasts Bloodlines and used them all up.

After he had used them all, his bloodline purity had also reached 34%.

Now, consuming one drop of Divine Beast Bloodline would only increase his Bloodline Purity by 0.1%. He needed at least 1,000 drops to get to 100%.

The reason he did that was that he wanted to use the bloodlines to boost his stats slightly.

Since his stats could still grow a little by consuming the bloodlines.