Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Fusing The Bloods Of Origin

Within a pyramid in the African Server.

All the Inheritors and players with secret classes from all the servers, other than Huaxia Server, had gathered together in this place.

Johns stood next to Yero as he watched Jiang Feng with anger through the Eye of the Pharaoh.

"Alright, the Shifter Emperor is almost here. We need to leave first!" Yero said to everyone else when he looked at Jiang Fengs coordinates through the Eye of the Pharaoh.

All of them nodded and headed outside following Yeros lead.

When he was on his way, Yero said, "The Eye of the Pharaoh can only contain the Shifter Emperor for two weeks. All of you have to level up to level 100 as soon as possible and start the World War. Without the Shifter Emperor, Huaxia Server will definitely lose. After that, Huaxia Servers overall power will also decrease by a large margin!"

"Correct. With the powers of the players and NPCs of Huaxia Server decreasing, it will be easier for us to grab their resources. Once we have progressed to Silvermoon, we can continue to suppress them!" Kitazawa Hinata nodded.


A dozen minutes after all the elites from the other servers had entered another pyramid.

Jiang Feng finally arrived at the Sphinx Monument.

There were many monsters nearby, and they were all level 100 and above. Some of them were Divine Beasts, even.

However, he did not pay any attention to these monsters. Instead, he landed at the mouth of the Sphinx Monument, and continued heading in together with the Vermillion Bird.

"Logically speaking, there should be an ambush here. Why is there nothing there? Something really isnt right!" Jiang Feng muttered as he continued, but he was not worried at all.

It was not too long until he reached the lowest level of the Sphinx Monument, and saw the African Servers Sacred Beast.

The Sacred Beast looked very similar to the Sphinx.


When he appeared, the Sphinx stared at him with fury.

"Will you turn into your Blood of Origin? Or do I have to kill you myself?"

Jiang Feng flew to the top of the Sphinx with Deicide by his side as he said with a cold expression.

"Roar! Die!"

The sphinx roared and activated his skill, as balls of light were shot out from its eyes toward Jiang Feng.

"Die!" Jiang Feng dodged the Sphinxs attack, and then vehemently struck it with Deicide.


As the Sphinx could not dodge due to the chains on it, he knew that he would die if he were to receive any more strikes from Jiang Feng. He stopped resisting, and flames began to envelop him as he began to transform into Blood of Origin.

The moment it turned into a Blood of Origin, his surroundings completely changed as Jiang Feng blacked out.

Originally, he was still at the lower levels of the Sphinx Monument. But now, he was within a white space together with the Sphinx.

Seeing what was happening, he quickly took out the Lianyao Flask and attempted to take the Sphinxs Blood of Origin.

Ding. System Prompt: Warning! You have been sealed within the Eye of the Pharaohs Anti-Magic Prison. You cannot use any skills and any teleportation related skills or items such as the Town Portal Scroll. Dying will make you revive on the spot. Duration of 336 hours.

"336 hours? Two weeks!" When Jiang Feng heard the system prompt, he finally knew the kind of danger that Xue Haifeng and Ling Feiyu were talking about.

Now that he was trapped within the Eye of the Pharaoh, he could not use any skill and teleportation abilities. That also meant that he could not escape this place at all.

The Match Made in Heaven skill was also useless in this place.

In order to confirm his suspicion, he opened the skill panel and took a look. All 100 skills were greyed out and could not be used.

He took out his items, and even the skills on the items could not be used.

Just as he was thinking of a way to escape this place, a screen appeared within the white space. Johns and his group were looking at him happily on the screen, "Haha, Shifter Emperor, arent you capable of doing anything? Arent you all-powerful? And yet you have been captured by us!"

Jiang Feng said to them calmly, "So what if you caught me? Ill be back safe and sound in two weeks."

In truth, he really did not care that much. Since Johns and the rest of them could not do anything to him too while he was inside.

Even if they attacked Huaxia Server, there were a lot of Inheritors and elites in the Huaxia Server. They would not lose that quickly.

Especially when Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, Yao Qiong, and the others all had the ability to kill them.

"Hmph! Two weeks later, the entire Huaxia Server would be wiped out!" Johns said coldly.

"Huaxia Server wiped out? Dream on," Jiang Feng replied with an icy laugh.

Lux was the highest level among them at level 95. All he needed was 5 more levels to reach level 100 and then he could start the World War.

However, raising his levels from 95 to 100 would be very difficult.

Especially the bottleneck at level 99. He would need an extremely large amount of experience points. He would need at least 2 weeks before he could reach level 100.

"Well see about that, animal. Well see how it goes, haha!" Kitazawa Hinata felt especially joyful and laughed out when he saw that Jiang Feng was trapped like an animal.

After Kitazawa Hinata had finished, the screen disappeared.

Jiang Feng knew that the group of people either went to Huaxia Server or went to farm for experience and level up.

After they had disappeared, he was no longer hiding his nervousness.

I have to find a way to leave this place first. If they manage to get to level 100 within these two weeks, we will all be in hot soup! When he thought of that, he then looked at the Blood of Origin that the Sphinx had condensed itself into. He then looked at the Lianyao Flask. He took the Blood of Origin and then entered the Lianyao Flask.

While he could not use skills, he could still easily enter or exit the Lianyao Flask.

After all, he did not need to use the skill to enter or exit the Lianyao Flask.

He entered the Lianyao Flask and looked at the Blood of Origin in his hand and the other thirteen Bloods of Origin. He muttered to himself, "Since theres nothing to do here, I might as well fuse the Bloods of Origin and weaken the powers of the other five servers!"

With that thought crossing his mind, he piled all fourteen of them together.

After he put all fourteen of them together, they began to vibrate. Then a notification appeared on the pile of Bloods of Origin.

Ding. System Prompt: Will you fuse the Bloods of Origin?

Looking at the prompt, he gave it a little thought and took a blade from the side. He sliced his own arm while enduring the pain and let his blood flow from his arm to the Bloods of Origin as he started losing HP.

His bloodline was that of the Shifter Emperor, and he wondered if it would have any use at all to help with the fusion.

After bleeding a lot, he then clicked yes.

Next, all fourteen of the Bloods of Origin fused together.


Just as Jiang Feng was fusing the Bloods of Origin within the Lianyao Flask, Bobos sharp laughter could be heard echoing in the entire Nirvana Auction house.

"Haha! I am rich! Brother monkey, I love you to death! 150,000,000 purple pieces!"

Bobo had bet 3,000,000pp. Multiplied by 50, that would be 150,000,000pp. It made him mad with joy.

The moment Jiang Feng got the Sphinxs Blood of Origin, their image disappeared and the betting ended.

Many of them that had bet on Jiang Feng all cried out in joy.

Ling Feiyu looked at her account with the extra 500,000,000pp, she was not happy at all. Instead, she was feeling very worried.

"Monkey lass, worry not. That monkey will definitely find a way to free himself! Bobo said to Ling Feiyu with a smile when he saw Ling Feiyus worried look.

Ling Feiyu nodded. "Yes."

"Lets go. Now that we have some money, we should buy a residence here. Next, we should go to the auction and get something good. You should come along and take a look. Perhaps, we might find something to solve the problem with the Eye of the Pharaoh." Bobo said to Ling Feiyu, then left the Casino happily and headed toward the third floor where the residences were at. It seemed like he was going to buy a residence.

After hearing Bobos words, Ling Feiyu was once again inspired and left the Casino, and headed toward the auction house.