Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 301

Chapter 301 That Woman Seduced Me

Anti-Magic Prison.

Within the Lianyao Flask.

Jiang Feng stared at the fourteen drops of Blood of Origin that were fusing without looking away for even a second.

He found the moment of the Bloods of Origin fusing to be quite incredible.

Every time one drop of the Bloods of Origin began to fuse with another, the form of the original Sacred Beast would appear and howl excitedly. Then, it would fuse with another Blood of Origin.

What excited him the most was that his blood had also been fused together with them.

After around ten minutes, all fourteen drops of Blood of Origin had completely fused together into a bloody cocoon reaching a humans waist in height.

A progress bar appeared on the blood cocoon.

It read zero.

After looking at it for about an hour, the progress bar had finally progressed by 0.5%.

"0.5% per hour. Looks like I will need to wait around at least 8 or 9 days. This is going to take a while!" Jiang Feng said disappointedly as he looked at the progress bar on the blood cocoon.

"Fine. Its getting late. I should log out," he mumbled to himself and brought Xiao Longnu, Heifeng, Yanhu, and several other followers out into the Anti-Magic Prison to cover him while he logged out.

After logging out, he gave Ling Feiyus game terminal a glance.

He did not choose to disturb her but instead walked out.

When he came out, he saw that Su Qing was cooking in her pajamas.

As the entire family was gaming, they had all set the time for dinner to be around 8.

"Little Feng, you logged out! Wait for just a few more minutes, dinner will be ready soon!" As the kitchen door was open, Su Qing noticed Jiang Feng as he walked into the living room. She quickly poured a glass of water and gave it to Jiang Feng who had just sat on the sofa.

As she leaned over to hand him the water, Jiang Fengs hand hovered in the air, he was stunned.

Su Qing realized something and walked back into the kitchen.

Su Qing had not even reached the kitchen when Jiang Fengs voice came from behind her, saying, "Wear a bra next time."

"Okay," She said nonchalantly and went back to cooking.

It was an accident. Mainly because she had spent too much time on quests in the game to the point where she came out before she had time to change clothes to cook dinner.

Regardless, she felt that it was nothing too serious. Su Qing treated him as family, so she did not mind wearing a bit more casually.

However, Jiang Feng felt his blood boiling the moment he saw that. Maybe it was because of him hugging a beauty every night and not being able to touch her at all.

"Beep! Beep!"

Just as Jiang Feng was drinking the glass of water to calm himself down, he suddenly heard honking from outside his home. Curious, he put on a pair of slippers and headed out.

The moment he opened the door, he then saw a box truck waiting outside his house. When Lin Bao saw him, he jumped down from the drivers seat.

Jiang Feng looked at the truck and then asked Ling Bao curiously, "Little Bao, where did you get a truck?"

He remembered that Lin Bao did not have much when he left. Even when he was in the game, he was just a casual player and did not have much money. He could not think of how he could afford a truck like that.

Lin Bao walked over after he lit a cigarette and said with a smile, "While you are doing very well in the game, you might not be able to surpass me back in the real world."

"Fine, I wont ask. Su Qing is making dinner, lets have dinner together," Jiang Feng said.

Lin Bao threw away his cigarette and led him to the back of the truck. He then opened the trucks container, and said to him, "Wait a sec. Ive done the thing you asked me to do, so dont pull back your offer now!"

The moment the doors were opened, he could smell the scent of blood from within. He then saw all the corpses of wild beasts within the truck.

A bear, a tiger, a lion, a leopard, a boar, a python, a shark, a wolf, and mastiff, and there was even a Gyrfalcon with white wings and black spots still alive.

The entire container was filled to the brim.

"Damn, not bad! Where did you get all of them?"

Jiang Feng climbed up into the container and looked at all the beasts as he looked at Lin Bao with shock.

Many of the beasts within were protected species. They would sell a lot if sold in the black market.

If they were sold alive, Lin Bao would get even more from what he promised him.

Lin Bao then said with a smile, "Some of these corpses were from Qingyang Citys Animal Arena. Some of them were from some of my friends. As for that Gyrfalcon, it was sick. It was almost dead and was going to get euthanized. I had my friend send it to me!"

"Animal arena? Sis Huas arena?" Lin Feng looked at Lin Bao questioningly.

"You know Sis Hua?" Lin Bao was similarly shocked as he looked at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng nodded as the image of her undressing at the store appeared in his mind. He then thought to himself, I thought that Sis Huas so-called arena only has dogs and wolves. I didnt realize that she would have wild beasts. Looks like she is much more influential than I first thought. Its illegal to catch these wild animals but shes still managed to stay undetected. Shes much more resourceful than I thought.

Other than Sis Hua, he was also quite interested in Lin Baos friends. His guess was that Lin Baos friends were not ordinary people as well since they were able to get all these.

When Lin Bao saw Jiang Feng nodding, he became instantly excited and caught Jiang Fengs hand and said, "Little Crazy, Im depending on you for my future!"

Jiang Feng then hit his hand away and said with a laugh, "Scram. We grew up together, so you know that I am straight, and I will never bend!"

Lin Bao then rolled his eyes at him and said, "What are you thinking? What I mean is you have to introduce Sis Hua to me!"

Jiang Feng blinked. "Why do you want to be introduced to Sis Hua?"

Lin Bao then looked around for a while, and then he got Jiang Feng into the truck. He drove the truck to the back, and then said to Jiang Feng, "Sis Hua is the only female kingpin in these parts. She is extremely resourceful. She has people in Qinghai City, Jinghai City, and Suhai City. She also hid her influence extremely well to the point where only a few people know her."

"How do you know?"

"I heard about it from some of the bosses conversation three years ago when I was just a small fry."

"You want to use her to climb up the ladder?"


Looking at Lin Baos eyes and noticing his determination, he gave it a thought and reminded him, "You know that there might be no future for the path that you choose?"

Lin Bao then laughed heartily and said, "No problem. Im happy as long as I can go out there and build my own empire and that there are my legends on that side of the world!"

"Alright, lets have dinner first. Ill call Sis Hua for you after that!"

"What? You have her number?"


"How did you get to know her?"

"I wasnt the one actively trying to get to know her. She was the one that tried to seduce me!"


The two of them chatted for a while and left the truck, ready to have dinner.

But just after he took the first step, Jiang Fengs ears vibrated, and he stopped. He could hear a sharp but weak voice.

"Chirp save me"