Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Good At What I Do

After he heard the call for help, Jiang Feng stopped. He turned to the back of the truck and opened the container.

The moment it was opened, he saw the gyrfalcon flapping its wings.

The gyrfalcon stared at him and called out again. "Save"

Jiang Feng then said to the gyrfalcon, "I can save you. But you will have to follow me from now on!"

Gyrfalcons are known to be quite ferocious among the falcons. If he were to use the Enhancing Pill to raise it, it could become even stronger.

When the gyrfalcon heard what he had to say, it nodded continuously.

Once he saw what the gyrfalcon was doing, he walked over and took it out from the container and closed the door, and took it to his home.

When Lin Bao saw what he was doing, he asked him curiously, "The gyrfalcon is quite valuable, but its almost dead. What are you going to do with it?"

"Save it," Jiang Feng said to Lin Bao with a faint smile and returned home.

In order to not let Lin Bao find out about his power, he asked Lin Bao to return to his home to prepare a basin of warm water.

The moment Lin Bao had left, he walked over to the chicken coop, caught the neck of one of the chickens, and snapped its neck using just a little strength.

After the chicken was dead, his palm began to emit red light and transformed the chicken into an Enhancing Pill.

"Woof Me"

Xiaohei ran out of the house as if he had smelled the Enhancing Pill. He wagged his tail and looked at Jiang Feng pleadingly.

"Not for you today," Jiang Feng said to Xiaohei, then gave the Enhancing Pill in his hand to the gyrfalcon.

After the gyrfalcon ate the Enhancing Pill, its body began to radiate a dim light. In a short while, it was completely healed. It flapped its wings and took flight into the sky above.

When Lin Bao took the basin of water out and saw the gyrfalcon flying through the air, he was shocked.


Jiang Feng whistled, and the gyrfalcon flew down before eventually resting on his raised arm.

He walked to Lin Bao, and used the warm water to wash off the dirt and microorganisms on it.

"Little Crazy, even the vet said its beyond saving. How did you heal it?" Lin Bao asked with surprise.

"Its not anything serious. Ive read a few books on it, so I healed it pretty easily," He was not going to tell him about his ability.

Not only was he going to keep it a secret from Lin Bao, but he was also not going to tell Ling Feiyu and his own father.

"Tsk tsk Little Crazy, with that ability of yours, you should be able to get your hands on those beasts if you go to the Animal Arena or wildlife rescue unit. That bird you have is a Jade Claw Gyrfalcon, and it costs around 3,000,000 each. And thats if its on sale!" Lin Bao looked at the gyrfalcon on Jiang Fengs arm and said enviously.

Animal Arena? Wildlife rescue unit?

Once he heard what Lin Bao said, he became quite interested.

If he could get a batch of rare animals, it would be well worth the effort.

He then made a mental note on the two places that Lin Bao mentioned.

"Ill call you Xiaohai from now on."

After cleaning Xiaohai, he then brought it in to have dinner.

Xiaohai was quite easily fed. All he needed to do was to feed it a few pieces of meat.

When they were having dinner, his father was very excited when he saw Xiaohai. It seemed that he really liked the bird of prey.

After dinner, he sneaked into the truck and transmuted two more Enhancing Pills.

Weakened, he then gave the two Enhancing Pills to Lin Bao. He asked him to slice some of it when he was free and eat it when he had the time. He also transferred 10,000,000 to him.

That evening, after leaving behind a note, Lin Bao then left on his own.


When it was around midnight and Ling Feiyu had finished her shower, she lay down next to Jiang Feng and asked, "You look like you are very tired. What happened?"

Jiang Feng hugged Ling Feiyu, and shook his head with a smile. "Nothing. Maybe I was online for too long and its affecting me mentally."

He did not tell Ling Feiyu it was the aftereffects of him transmuting the two animals.

Ling Feiyu nodded and said, "Youre imprisoned right now, so you should get a good rest for the time being. Oh, right, I managed to find a way to break the seal on you!"

"Really?" Jiang Feng asked excitedly.

While he had already reached the level of a Lesser Sacred Master through the use of items and Deicide, he still could not break the seal on his own as his stats were still much lower than Nichiterasu.

He could only break his seal after his stats had surpassed that of Nichiterasus.

If Ling Feiyu had found a way to break the seal on him, he would become extremely powerful once he was no longer being bound by it.

"Yes. Weve gotten 500,000,000pp from the gamble. Ive then found a pill that can be used to break the seal on you permanently, so I spent 150,000,000pp to bid on it at the auction."

While 150,000,000pp was an unimaginable amount to many, he could still accept that.

That was because everything within the auction house was priced very high. Not to mention that the pp that they won from gambling could not be cashed out and could only be used within the auction house itself. As such, he did not feel the pinch at all.

"By the way, did you buy a house at the Nirvana Auction House?" Jiang Feng asked her. As long as they owned a property there, he would not have to worry about being unable to find the Nirvana Auction House in the future.

"Yeah. I spent 100,000,000!" Ling Feiyu said with a smile.

"Alright," He nodded. He then flirted with Ling Feiyu a little bit. Afterward, he took the piece of note that Lin Bao had left him and gave Sis Hua a call. He had to help Lin Bao seeing that it was a request from his bro. He also planned to ask Sis Hua to pay some attention to those animals that were sick or near death in the animal arena.

"Hello?" An attractive voice came from the other side.

"Sis Hua, its me. Jiang Feng."

"My, its you? Did you finally think it through? Hehe Come over to the Royal Hotel, handsome. Im all washed up."

Jiang Feng glanced at Ling Feiyu, who was giving him a playful smile. ""

"Er Sis Hua. About that, Id like to ask for your help."

"What kind of help?"

"Lin Bao is my bro!"

"Oh! So that little panther is your bro. I was going to have him taken care of for stealing a few corpses from my pit. But since you gave me a call, Ill let this slide. However"


"Come over to the Animal Arena tomorrow. Help me out with something, and Lin Bao will be under my protection!"


Just as Jiang Feng was going to hang up the call, a flirty, seductive voice came from the other side, "Mm Handsome, you really wont give it a thought? While Im a bit older, Im very good at what I do."


Jiang Feng spat out the gulp of water that he had just drunk and quickly hung up the call.

"While Im a bit older, Im very good at what I do," Ling Feiyu said to Jiang Feng in a weird and playful way.

"Er Wifey, dont." Jiang Feng rolled his eyes and remained silent. He thought to himself, "Sis Hua is too seductive. Once Im done with her request, I have to leave immediately. If she were to eat me up, Im done for"