Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 303

Chapter 303 : Buying A Car

After transmuting the two beasts, Jiang Feng felt weak so he slept very early.

After waking up the next day and having breakfast, he switched on his computer and checked the official website.

Currently, there was nothing he could do in the game as he had to stay in the Anti-Magic Prison.

Since there was nothing he could do, he decided not to log in at all and instead looked at the games progress, then he went to the city to buy some things.

It was already winter and it was going to be Chinese New Year in about a months time. He needed to get some preparation done.

He logged into the message board, and a post made him frown.

The post stated that Shi Long and the Black Widow had arrived at the Huaxia Server looking for the location of the Ancient City.

"What do the two want? Why are they looking for the Ancient City?" Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at the post.

At night, Shi Long and the Black Widow had killed plenty of players trying to find the location of the Ancient City.

Luckily, the Ancient City was in the air and was constantly on the move, so they had not found it yet.

While he did not know what the two wanted, he was going to have Ling Feiyu hide the Ancient City.

"Why arent you in the game Oh, I forgot, youre being imprisoned. Dont worry, Ill go over to Nirvana and see if theres any way to save you." Ling Feiyu came in with a glass of hot water and said with a smile as she drank.

"Feiyu, look," Jiang Feng stepped away and let Ling Feiyu sit down, then showed the post to Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu looked at the post and was shocked, then she turned to Jiang Feng and said, "Theyre looking for the Humans!"

"Humans?" Jiang Feng asked in confusion.

"Yes. I got the information from Old Qiu, who was originally from Silvermoon. The Humans at Silvermoon are very powerful, but there are very few of them. Only a few hundred. But they are very alluring to the Hellraisers and Insectoids. Even King Zhou likes to eat Humans. Sounds like it helps him to increase his power. Since they are looking for the Ancient City, they must be looking for the Humans!" Ling Feiyu explained.

"Then go online quickly and see if you can buy a spatial item and have the Humans hide inside, prevent them from being discovered by those two! If you cant, use the capital and open the Defensive Array. When in extreme danger, use the remaining eight Golden Crows against them!!"

"Alright, Ill go online now!" Ling Feiyu nodded and walked toward the game terminal. She lay herself inside and went online.

When he saw Ling Feiyu go online, Jiang Feng heaved a heavy sigh.

He knew that the Humans would be important, but he did not expect them to be so powerful at Silvermoon.

Looks like it was a good move to take them out of the Purgatory as well as the Celestial Court.

"I hope Feiyu can protect the Humans," Jiang Feng muttered worryingly. His then narrowed his eyes. "Shi Long, Black Widow. Just you wait, the first thing that Ill do is to settle this score with you once Im out!"

With that, he then continued to browse the other posts.

The other posts did not have anything important. Many of the players knew that the World War was going to begin soon, so all of them were working very hard to level up.

The top 50 players in the World Leaderboard had reached level 95. The highest level was still Lux, but he was still at level 95. It seemed that leveling up by just one level was quite difficult.

When he saw that Luxs level was the same, he heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

He switched off the computer, put on a jacket, and brought Xiaohai and XIaohei to the city.

The reason that he brought Xiaohei along was that Sis Hua texted him in the morning to have him bring Xiaohei along. As for Xiaohai, he was bringing him along to the Animal Arena for training.

As a bird of prey, it would be sad if he could not fight at all.

This time, he did not ride his motorcycle. He called for a taxi.

It was already winter. It would be very cold for him to ride the motorcycle. He was going to the city to buy a car and then go buy some groceries before looking for Sis Hua.

It did not take him long to find a taxi. He brought Xiaohai and Xiaohei into the car.

When he was on his way to the city, he used his phone to buy a few air conditioners. He was going to have them installed in the entire house.

Once he was in the city, he brought Xiaohai and Xiaohei to Jeep, a car dealer.

He did not like any of the luxurious cars. Instead, he had a love for jeeps.

Once he entered the car dealer, he instantly attracted the attention of everyone in the dealership. Many of them turned their heads to look at him.

Xiaohei and Xiaohai were both too eye-catching.

When the sales manager, Xu Hui, saw Jiang Feng, her eyes beamed with excitement and she quickly greeted him, "Mister, anything I can help you with?"

Jiang Feng then said, "I want to buy the toughest jeep there is in the dealership. Show me something!"

When the other members of the sales team heard what Jiang Feng said, they all looked at Xu Hui enviously.

If the sale were successful, the commission would be at least in the tens of thousands.

Xu Hui was overjoyed and said to him respectfully, "Mister, please come this way. We have a new jeep model that has just arrived, and I believe it suits your request. It is also a limited-edition model and theres only one model in the entire Qingyang City."

She was not worried about Jiang Feng not being able to afford it.

Just the price of Xiaohai on his arm and Xiaohei by his side combined had already reached around 8,000,000.

The master that could afford these two pets must be even richer.

However, Xu Hui was wrong. After giving Lin Bao that 10,000,000 and the capital needed to activate the Defense Array on the Ancient City, he had at most around 15,000,000.

Very quickly, Jiang Feng followed Xu Hui and arrived in front of a shiny jeep.

"This is the newest jeep model "Lightchaser." Its speed could reach up to 450 km per hour, and its even faster than some sports cars. While it looks like other jeeps on the outside, both its chassis and glass are bulletproof. As for its other"

Jiang Feng was too lazy to listen to Xu Hui using professional terminology so he said, "Alright, Ill take this one. How much is it?"

Xu Hui was so excited that her face began to turn red, and she beamed at Jiang Feng. "12,000,000!"


He raised his fist and slammed on the glass as everyone looked at him shocked. Seeing that the glass did not shatter, he nodded, pleased.

"Alright, Ill take it!"

Since he had enough money on him and he liked it, he had decided to buy it on the spot.

After filling up the gas, he had both Xiaohei and Xiaohai enter the car, and he drove it away. The entire process took less than half an hour.


As he left, all the members of the sales team looked at Jiang Feng driving off. It took them a while to gather their senses.

Xu Hui blinked her large eyes, and then asked her colleagues next to her, "Am I dreaming? We just got the car in and we sold it off?"

"Sis Xu, you arent dreaming. You have to treat us to dinner tonight!" The sales assistant next to her said enviously.

Xu Hui suddenly remembered something and quickly took the form that Jiang Feng had previously filled in and noted down Jiang Fengs cell number.

In her eyes, Jiang Feng was extremely generous. And she was still single. Naturally, she could not let a man that was that rich and handsome slip away. Maybe she could try flirting with him. Who knows, she might not need to work anymore and become a rich madam.

"Sis Xu, that is that handsome mans form Damn, Sis Xu, dont tell me youre planning something?"

At this time, many of the sales assistants that looked somewhat pretty all had the same thought and looked for Jiang Fengs form. When they saw that the form was in her hands, they all frowned at her.

"Alright, all of you vixens! Dont you dare steal him from me!" Xu Hui grabbed Jiang Fengs form tightly, stopping the others from taking the form away.