Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Xiaohei Showing Power

Jiang Feng took a ride around the city center in his new car.

He spent the entire morning filling up the trunk with groceries and food ingredients.

There were also a few sets of winter clothing in the car.

In order to give Ling Feiyu a surprise, he even bought a set of branded makeup.

After lunch, he drove to the Animal Arena in the afternoon without waiting for evening to come.

The Animal Arena at Qingyang City was quite well known among the socialites.

Other than gambling on the animal fights, there were also a few brothels within the area. Many wealthy people and officials would come here.

The Animal Arena was located in Qingyang Citys countryside, close to a mountain range with a beautiful landscape.

There was also a huge golf club here.

He arrived at an estate very soon as he sped through the entire journey.

The estate was called Qingyang Villa. Many luxury cars were entering the estate.

Jiang Feng had also entered the estate along with the luxurious cars, and he parked it at the car park.

Before he even exited the car, he already saw some wealthy individuals and their pets exiting their cars.

He had already seen a few Tibetan Mastiffs as well as the worlds strongest Newfoundland Wolf. Each of the pets was very expensive.

"They must be so rich that they have nothing else to spend their money on!" He thought to himself when he looked at the wealthy walking into the estate as they chatted with each other.

If he did not play Divine Dominion and did not obtain the Monster Transmutation System, he would still be a student sweeping the floor and raising livestock. He would never be able to come to a place like this.

But when he had the money, he understood the kind of life that these wealthy people wanted.

What did one want after they were rich? Power and accomplishment!

However, there were still some wealthy individuals who only wanted to live a life of decadence. These were called businessmen. While they live such lives, they were still quite able in doing business.

A high-class location like the Animal Arena would allow them to interact with other powerful players from other areas. They could use them to expand their businesses.

They could also earn a lot through gambling in the Animal Arena. That was why they became frequent visitors of the Animal Arena.

Most of the officials were invited by these wealthy individuals. However, their objective was mainly to buy a working relationship.

When he exited the car with Xiaohai and Xiaohei, he instantly attracted the attention of a few people.

Most of them had only brought one pet. Very few would bring two pets, especially when they were purebreds.

A middle-aged man that walked past him was walking a black Mastiff King. He said to him with a smile, "I have never seen you before, young man. Your Mastiff looks great."

Jiang Feng then said humbly, "A friend recommended that I come over and this is my first time here. Your Mastiff King looks quite great too."

The middle-aged man continued to smile as he looked at Xiaohai that was on Jiang Fengs shoulder, and said, "A Jade Claw Gyrfalcon. Theres only a few of these in the entire Huaxia. You own both of them?"

Jiang Feng nodded with a smile.

The middle-aged man looked at Jiang Feng, then walked in front of him and asked, "What business does your family run?"

Obviously, he did not believe that Jiang Feng would be able to afford a Tibetan Mastiff and a Gyrfalcon on his own. He believed that Jiang Feng was the descendent of a wealthy family. As such, he was going to ask if they had any business relations. If they did, he did not mind making a new friend.

"Oh, just some usual things. Its nothing worth talking about," Jiang Feng answered humbly.

They continued to chat as they both approached a gigantic structure within the estate.

While they were on the way, he learned the middle-aged mans name. He was called Cheng Wanxiong and he was in the pharmaceuticals business. He had chain stores across the nation and he was quite rich.


Just as they were enjoying their little chat, something happened ahead of them. Two Tibetan Mastiffs began to fight each other.

Their masters were so shocked and afraid that they could not go close them and were forced aside.

All Tibetan Mastiffs had an inner bloodlust. When the other Mastiffs nearby saw that, they all rushed out and joined the brawl.

Chen Wanxiongs Mastiff King was also affected and became berserk as it broke free of its leash and rushed out. Chen Wanxiong called out in shock, "Henghe, where are you going?!"

Unfortunately, the Mastiff King ignored him and fought with another Mastiff King.

On the other hand, Xiaohei did not act out at all. It sat quietly next to Jiang Feng.

Xiaohei looked at the Mastiffs fighting with each other, and barked out in contempt, "Woof Stupid"

After eating so many Enhancing Pills, Xiaohei was becoming more and more intelligent. Compared to the other low intelligent Mastiffs, he could be considered very autonomous.


It seemed that similar things had happened commonly enough. Very quickly, a group of people wearing thick clothing and equipped with shields and tasers came forward to stop the Mastiff horde.

Perhaps the tasers in their hands had agitated some other beasts, they all attacked the group with the tasers.

"Oh no, I wonder how many of the animals will die," Chen Wanxiong could only sigh when he saw what was happening.

"Things like this happen frequently?" Jiang Feng asked Chen Wanxiong who was standing next to him.

"Conflicts do happen, but something at this scale is very rare. Every time the animals fight, plenty of them will die. Sometimes, even people would die. We should take a few more steps back," Chen Wanxiong said as he pulled Jiang Fengs arm and walked back.

At this time, he also glanced at Xiaohei and noticed its passiveness. He looked at it with questions in his mind.

Several Mastiffs had already been injured. A golden-furred mastiff had even had its neck badly bitten. While it did not die immediately as it lay in the pool of blood, it would die soon if it did not receive any medical attention. When Jiang Feng saw that, he finally let Xiaohei act, "Alright, Xiaohei. Make them stop!"


Xiaohei jumped out and landed in the middle of all the mastiffs that were fighting. It then let out an angry roar.

When a purebred Deep Red Mastiff saw Xiaohei being so proud, it pounced on Xiaohei angrily. When the other mastiffs saw the Deep Red Mastiff attacking, all of them attacked Xiaohei at the same time, unwilling to be left behind. What Xiaohei did just now had angered them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When Xiaohei saw several Mastiffs coming toward him, he did not become afraid. He jumped and swiped his two front claws, and swiped away the Deep Red Mastiff and the other Mastiff. Next, he appeared next to the other few Mastiffs. He swiped his two front claws again, and in a matter of seconds, all the Mastiffs quieted down and looked at Xiaohei fearfully.


When Chen Wanxiong saw what happened as he stood next to Jiang Feng, he was speechless from the shock.

Not only that, many of the wealthy individuals and officials could only watch in surprise at Xiaohei conquering all oppositions like an emperor.

The Western Number One was not the strongest among the Tibetan Mastiffs. Many other breeds of Mastiffs were more powerful than a Western Number One. However, Xiaohei had just swiped away the rarest and most powerful mastiff, the Ghostface Mastiff.

All the wealthy ones that had interacted with these animals frequently could only watch in disbelief.

Some of them even looked at Xiaohei passionately. It was obvious that they wanted Xiaohei.