Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Auntie?


After the Deep Red, Ghostface Mastiff and Newfoundland Wolf had been taught a lesson by Xiaohei, they all bent their backs and stared at him as they flashed their teeth. They were not convinced of his superiority.

"Woof Attack"

Seeing that the three of them still did not want to surrender, Xiaohei jumped out and his paw swiped at the Ghostface Mastiff violently, throwing it several meters away.

"Surrender?" Xiaohei said angrily as it stepped on the Ghostface Mastiff.

"Surrender" The Ghostface Mastiff lost all its aggression.

Once the Ghostface Mastiff had been defeated in one hit, both the Deep Red Mastiff and the Newfoundland Wolf slightly trembled and took a few steps back, and stopped being aggressive as well.

Jiang Feng looked around and saw all the burning desire within the eyes of the wealthy. His lips curled. With a whistle, he called back Xiaohei to his side.

Xiaohei ran toward Jiang Feng and stood next to him like a playful, innocent dog. Its fierce image when it was fighting the other beasts just now had completely disappeared.

When all the wealthy individuals saw Xiaohei respecting Jiang Feng so much, they were all stunned and looked at him.

When they saw that Jiang Feng was so young and even had a gyrfalcon on his shoulder, they all walked toward him as they had lost their cool.

"Hello, I am Zhengdian Holdings Chairman, Fong Dehua. I wonder if your mastiff and gyrfalcon are up for sale?" A middle-aged man with a large belly wearing a fitting suit approached him with a smile.

"Hello, I am the general manager of Tiantong Pharmaceuticals. Give me a price for your mastiff and the gyrfalcon."

"I am"


Within a short while, several wealthy individuals wanted to buy Xiaohei and Xiaohai. Jiang Feng was both shocked and flattered.

Of course, he would not sell Xiaohei and Xiaohai off.

Once he had accepted Xiaohei and Xiaohai, they had become his friends. And his friends were not for sale.

Just as he was going to refuse all of them, a beautiful woman wearing a red one-piece dress, a pair of red high-heels, and a limited-edition LV bag walked over.

The beauty wearing light makeup was around thirty years old. She was very elegant and very attractive.

He was not sure if it was a trick of the eye, but he felt that he could see a hint of Ling Feiyu in her.

"Handsome, I am Lingtian Entertainments CEO Ling Xun. I am interested in both of your pets as well. This is my name card. If you want to sell them off, please consider contacting me first. Ill give you a good price."

Jiang Feng received the golden name card and was slightly stunned when he looked at the words on the name cards.

He realized that Lingtian Entertainment was also under Lingtian Group, and Lingtian Group belonged to Ling Feiyus father. The beauty in front of him also carried the surname Ling. That meant that Ling Xun and Ling Feiyu must know each other.

"You know Ling Feiyu?" Jiang Feng asked her curiously.

"You know Feiyu?" Ling Xun was taken slightly aback, then scanned Jiang Feng before answering, "Shes my niece. Im her auntie."

Er Auntie That meant that Lin Xun was Ling Feiyus fathers sister.

Since she was Ling Feiyus auntie, that meant that he was Ling Feiyus auntie as well. He instantly became a good boy, and greeted Ling Xun with a smile, "Nice to meet you, auntie."

Ling Xun looked at Jiang Feng with surprise and asked, "Um Whats your relationship with Feiyu?"

Jiang Feng smiled without saying anything.

Ling Xun then looked at him teasingly with a faint smile, "You got guts, kid. Its up to you now!"

Jiang Feng knew what Ling Xun meant.

She meant that it was not going to be easy for him to be able to become a couple with Ling Feiyu.

"Yes, I will work hard." Jiang Feng nodded.

Since he was going to meet the parents, he might as well reveal his identity.

"Alright, since you might become one of our own, give me your two pets and Ill give you a boost."

"No!" Jiang Feng refused Ling Xun without hesitation.

He would not give Xiaohei and Xiaohai to anyone.

Ling Xun frowned and thought to herself, Oh? You want to court out Feiyu but are reluctant to even give me a gift?

"Auntie, your Caucasian Sheepdog is quite good too. If you trust me, let me train it for a few days. Ill make it as strong as my pets!" Jiang Feng said with a smile when he saw Lin Xuns frown and looked at the giant dog behind her.

"Really?" Ling Xun said as she looked at Jiang Feng with suspicion.

"Yes!" Jiang Feng nodded.

"Alright. Ill believe you if you can make it follow you. If you can make it stronger, Ill pay you a sum of money. And when you ask for her hand in marriage, I can help you by throwing in some good words for you!" Ling Xun squinted at him.

"Its a deal!" Jiang Feng extended his hand.

"Its a deal!" Ling Xun grabbed hold of Jiang Fengs hand.

Ling Xuns hand was long and smooth to the touch. It was quite a nice feeling.

Of course, ling Xun was Ling Feiyus auntie. He did not dare to be rude. He let it go after holding it for a second, then walked toward Ling Xuns Caucasian Sheepdog.

The Caucasian Sheepdog was one of the biggest dogs in existence. It was very difficult to train and it could easily cause trouble. Luckily, it was quite intelligent and smarter than a mastiff.

Lin Xuns sheepdog was silver-grey in color and was half a person tall. It was extremely huge.

When the Caucasian Sheepdog saw Jiang Feng approaching, it immediately showed its angry face and barked at him, "Woof! Scram!"

Jiang Feng slightly narrowed his eyes, and a bolt of bright red light appeared in his eyes. The Caucasian Sheepdog saw that flashing moment and immediately lay on the ground on all four from fear.

"Lets go!" With the wave of his hand, Ling Xuns Caucasian Sheepdog wagged his tail and followed Jiang Feng docilely.

After he had obtained the Monster Transmutation System, all he needed to do was to show his aggression to frighten animals into submission.


Seeing that Jiang Feng had tamed the Caucasian Sheepdog with just one glance, all the wealthy individuals and Ling Xun stared at Jiang Feng in disbelief.

Caucasian Sheepdogs were known to be very hard to tame. Adults were even harder to tame. However, Jiang Feng managed to do that with just a glance, and everyone present could not believe their eyes.

"Xiaoyue, come here!" Lin Xun called out to the Caucasian Sheepdog. Just as it wanted to walk over to Ling Xun, a glance from Jiang Feng was more than enough to make it sit next to Jiang Feng quietly.

Ling Xun was astonished once again, and she asked him, "How did you do that?"

Jiang Feng replied playfully, "Do you know the Aura of Kings?"

"Ling Xun then said, "Youre saying youre the king of dogs!"

"Thats right, Im the king of do- Youre the king of dogs, your entire family is"

Just as Jiang Feng was going to continue his curse, he felt that something was wrong and he quickly stopped. He almost cursed Ling Feiyu as well.

"What did you say?" Ling Xun said with a smirk as she looked at Jiang Feng.

"Er the sun is a bit hot today, we should head in and continue inside."

He felt uneasy when he saw Ling Xuns smirk, and quickly led Xiaohei, Xiaohai, and Ling Xuns Xiaoyue into the building in front of them.