Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Shadow Strike

The structure in the middle of Qingyang Villa was huge and built in the shape of a cylinder.

The interior was extremely luxurious.

The first floor was the reception. A row of beautiful attendants wearing uniforms was already waiting for them.

"Sir, do you wish to have an attendant serve you?" An older, graceful woman approached them and asked Jiang Feng respectfully.

She had seen Jiang and Xiaoheis show of force earlier. In addition, she saw that he knew the CEO of a division of the Lingtian Group. That meant that he had somewhat of a background. That was why she was being so respectful.

"Shell do!"

Jiang Feng did not know much about this place. If someone could explain to him about it, he would at least gain some understanding of it. That was why he chose a very cute attendant.

"Kid, youre quite daring to choose an attendant. If my familys patriarch knows about this, you should just give up on Feiyu," Ling Xun said with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Jiang Feng asked, confused.

"What I mean is that the girl is yours for the night. You can do whatever you want with her!" Ling Xun said and glanced at Jiang Feng condescendingly, then headed to the elevator.

"Um Sorry, I dont need an attendant anymore," He said to the graceful woman awkwardly and gave the cute attendant an apologetic look. He understood what it meant when Ling Xun explained it to him that way. He then quickly followed Ling Xun.

When they were in the elevator, Ling Xun then explained to him about the Animal Arena. His guess was that she did not want him to go look for the attendants.

The second floor was the restaurant and caf where many famous chefs had gathered. The third floor was the residences, and the fourth floor was the entertainment area. The basement was where the Animal Arena was located, and it was no smaller than the floors above combined. The structure was indeed huge in size.

After talking with Ling Xun for a while, they then arrived on the third floor where a presidential suite had been arranged for him.

There were many equipment available for use within the presidential suite, even a game terminal.

He looked at the time and called the front desk for his meal and some raw meat.

After his meal, he then lay down in the game terminal and entered the game.

He was actually quite interested in visiting the Animal Arena in the basement. Unfortunately, the Animal Arena was only opened at 8. He did not want to go anywhere else, so he chose to enter the game.


Ding. Welcome back to the game. Wishing you a good time in the game!

There was a slight dizziness, and he had entered the game in the next moment. He then appeared next to his followers and Xiao Longnu.

It felt good returning into the game. He felt like he had returned home.

After entering the game, Jiang Feng smiled and sighed.

He then turned to Xiao Longnu, Heifeng, and his followers and said with a smile, "Thanks for everyones hard work."

"Hehe, its no hard work at all. While we cant use skills here, there are other benefits. Were doing quite well, actually!" Heifeng said excitedly as he wagged his tail and flew toward Jiang Feng while flapping his wings.

Jiang Feng looked at the excited Hei Feng and asked, "What do you mean youre doing well?"

The anti-magic prison had messed him up big time. But from the way Heifeng said it, it was actually a good thing. As such, he was not quite sure what was happening.

Xiao Longnu said with a smile, "This is what happened. We realized that while we cannot use any skills within the Anti-Magic Prison, our body and insight were not similarly limited. Without the other skills interfering, we can easily learn new skills here. Also, as we learned these new skills within the Anti-Magic Prison, it cannot suppress these skills!"


As Xiao Longnu was speaking, Heifeng unleashed a roar. His left wing flapped and his body began to rotate.

Then, his wings began to turn continuously like the wings of a fan, and his body was also turning. As he turned even faster, Heifengs body looked like it had turned into a black drill after a short while and he violently crashed into the ground of the Anti-Magic Prison.


That one powerful strike caused the entire Anti-Magic Prison to shake.

"This A Sacred Skill?!" Jiang Feng was surprised as his mouth fell open when he saw the skill that Heifeng had used.

From its power, he estimated that Heifengs attack had reached the power of a Sacred Skill.

"Yes, correct. That skill is indeed a Sacred Skill. This prison is beneficial for us to learn Sacred Skills. Because these are skills that are learned within an Anti-Magic Prison, whenever we encounter a similar area, we can still use these skills!" Xiao Longnu explained to Jiang Feng.

"Ha Hahaha" Jiang Feng laughed out heartily when he heard Xiao Longnus explanation.

He did not expect that in this morbid place, there would still be hope for them.

It would not be difficult for him to learn new skills with his current Insight.

With that in mind, he quickly took out the Lianyao Flask and let out all his followers from within.

Around 50 different monsters appeared within the Anti-Magic Prison in an instant.

"Xiao Longnu, Heifeng, Yanhu, and Thunderclap Mantis, go and explain to our band of brothers and see if they can all learn a Sacred Skill!" Jiang Feng told his followers that he had called out before he logged out.

"Alright!" Xiao Longnu, Heifeng, and the others nodded and went to teach the other group of his followers.

As for Jiang Feng himself, he walked over to a quieter place and took out Deicide from the Lianyao Flask. He put it in front of him and was ready to learn a new skill within the Anti-magic Prison.

"If I could learn a Sacred Skill that could destroy an Anti-Magic Prison, that would be great!" He began to train with Deicide as he thought of it.

While he was thinking of some skills in his mind, they were all unusable and did not affect reality. That was why the way he was wielding Deicide was quite foolish, like a child playing with a stick. There was no meaning in them at all.

While he looked foolish when he was wielding Deicide, he kept on trying, hoping to learn something from it.

Half an hour later, he was so tired that he was breathing heavily, but yet he did not learn anything new.

He thought to himself, "Weird, why cant I learn anything new with my high Insight? I should try again!

He closed his eyes and tried to recall all the staff-wielding techniques that he had seen in the movies. And Deicide in his hands began to move once more.


With a simple push, the wind howled as Deicide moved in his hands.

While he still looked foolish, it was slowly getting smoother.

After waving it around for half an hour, the way he used Deicide became much smoother, and its speed was accelerating.


As he moved through the air, six of his shadows remained in the air. And then all the shadows staff attacked in the same direction.


At this moment, Deicide began to tremble and all the other staff from the six Shadows began to glow. All of them then focused on one point and were slammed violently on the ground.


Ding. System Prompt. Congratulations, you have comprehended an "Unnamed" Rank One Sacred Skill. Please name it!

"Since the attack shows six shadows and their original all attacking one, single point and dealing three times the damage, I think I will call it Shadow Strike."

Ding. System Prompt: Naming successful.

Ding. System Prompt: As you have reached your maximum number of skills, the Shadow Strike skill shall randomly replace a skill.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have gained the Shadow Strike skill. The Arcane Orb skill has disappeared.

"Huff luckily, the skill that I lost isnt a Spiritual-Level skill or stronger," Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at the skill. He then looked at the time. Seeing that it was about time that the Animal Arena opened up, he then logged out of the game.