Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Animal Arena

After he logged out of the game, his consciousness returned to the luxurious presidential suite.

After getting out of the game terminal, he went to take a hot shower. He dressed himself, then left the room together with Xiaohei and Xiaohai.

As for the Caucasian Sheepdog, he had temporarily returned it to Ling Xun. He would take it from Ling Xun when he was leaving later.

When he exited the room, he realized that many people were already in the corridors who had just left their rooms.

He did not know most of them so he guessed that they had come after he did.

Most of the men had their arms over the shoulders of an attendant as they joked and laughed.

Some of the attendants had some redness at their necks. Obviously, these wealthy people were enjoying themselves.

The group went toward the elevator.

When he was at the elevator, there were already around eight men inside the elevator. Seeing that there was still an empty spot, Jiang Feng walked toward it.

But before he could enter the elevator, a young man dragged his Siberian Tiger and pushed him aside, rushing into the elevator.

The Siberian Tiger was wearing a muzzle. It should be for stopping it from hurting others.

Since all of those here were either rich businessmen or officials, he would be in hot water if the tiger were to injure anyone.

After he was knocked aside and his spot in the elevator stolen, Jiang Feng looked at the young man with a frown.

"A peasant like you want to join the Animal Arena by bringing along a dog? You should go home," the young man said with a sneer as the door to the elevator was closing up.

And the moment the young man had finished saying so, the elevator had completely closed up.

Jiang Feng frowned.


Just as he was scowling, Xiaohei suddenly rushed over toward the elevator and slammed the elevator with a swipe. The entire elevator shook, and it short-circuited, making it stuck in between the second and third floors.

"Woof Pompous!" Xiaohei barked out after he licked his dog paw.

Jiang Feng looked at the damaged elevator door, then looked at Xiaohei, unsure if he should laugh or cry.

"Well done!" He praised Xiaohei, then led him and Xiaohai to the stairs.

When the other wealthy businessmen and their attendants that were waiting for the elevator saw what happened, they were all shocked as they looked at Xiaohei that was walking toward the stairs.

"Damn, that Western Number One is quite strong! It bent the elevator door in one strike, what kind of strength is that?"

"Whos that kid? I have never seen him before. Is he the grandson or great-grandson of some boss?"

"Dont know. But I guess he is going to get a spot in the top 3 tonight. That Western Number One is too powerful. I wonder if he fed it steroids."


Just as the wealthy businessmen were discussing among themselves, Jiang Feng had already arrived at the entrance of the Animal Arena.

Two men were guarding the gates with scanners in their hands. Anyone that wanted to enter would need to get scanned to prevent them from entering with anything prohibited or dangerous.

After they had been scanned, they did not ask him for his identification or invitation, and simply let him enter.

He was expecting that he had to go through some procedures for entering the Animal Arena for the first time so he was quite surprised to see that it was so easy to enter.

However, when he went in, he understood why as he looked at the Animal Arenas corridors that were filled with mercenaries with guns standing by the side.

That was because they were very strong. Without anything dangerous, the mercenaries could easily take them down if they were to start a riot.

When he entered the Animal Arena, he realized that there was an empty space in front of him that was surrounded by metal sheets. There were plenty of bloodstains in there, and there were many scratches on the metal sheets. The scratches had been there for a very long time, meaning that the Animal Arena had been around for quite some time.

There were cubicles on the two sides of the Animal Arena, and they were all luxuriously decorated and served with tea and snacks.

The cubicles were all built around the Animal Arena, allowing those within to watch what was happening within the Animal Arena.

There were hundreds of these cubicles, and they were all surrounding the Animal Arena.

"Kid, over here!"

He then noticed that Ling Xun was waving at him. He brought Xiaohei and Xiaohai over and sat on the leather couch opposite Ling Xun.

Ling Xun looked at Jiang Feng and sipped her coffee. She then asked, "Kid, I still didnt know your name."

"My name is Jiang Feng," Jiang Feng replied with a smile.

"I have a favor to ask of you."

"What favor?"

"Help me with a bet!" Ling Xun said.

"A bet? What are we betting on?"

"A contract."


After chatting for a while, he finally understood what the gambling here was all about.

There were two phases to the betting process. The first phase was where Qingyang Villa would provide three pairs of fierce beasts. Each side will begin betting, they do not bet using money, but resources. For example, the cooperation of a company or information.

If one were to win all three bets, then they may ask Qingyang Villa to fulfill one of their requests, and the Villa will complete it on their behalf. If they were to lose, the betters would need to pay 1,000,000 RMB for losing the first round, 5,000,000 RMB for losing the second round, and 10,000,000 RMB for losing the third round. Whichever round they lose, they would have to pay that amount of money. If they win the subsequent round, the amount would be deducted.

The second phase was where anyone that was present could freely choose their opponents. If the opponent they chose were to agree to it, they may then send their animals in to fight. The ante for the fight would be decided by both.

The one that had lost but refuses to give up their ante would be pursued by Qingyang Villa.

Ling Xuns objective was simple. She wanted to either win three bets or to challenge the boss of some company that she wanted to work with by using Xiaohei.

Lingtian Entertainment, the company under her leadership, was in some difficulties. That was why she was here for the betting.

"Yo, handsome! Not bad. You managed to enter the eyes of our great beauty Ling Xun."

Just as he was chatting with Ling Xun, Sis Hua brought a muzzled lion and walked over.

Jiang Feng then said with a smile, "Sis Hua, its not like that."

Sis Hua then grinned and sat next to him, and said to Ling Xun, "My little sister Ling Xun, I was just passing by when I heard that you wanted this handsome to help You? Thats going to be difficult, hes here on my request to help me."

"Sis Hua, youre the boss of this Qingyang Villa. And you need the help of others? You must be joking." Ling Xun gave her a faint smile.

"Our objectives are different so we are not in direct competition with each other. You are fighting for profit. Im fighting for territories," Sis Hua locked her arms with Jiang Fengs with a seductive smile.

Jiang Feng glanced at Ling Xun as he awkwardly pulled his arm out of Sis Huas and said with a smile, "No need to fight over it. Ill help both of you, but you have to promise me something."

"What do you want?" Ling Xun asked.

"I did promise you, didnt I?" Sis Hua then rested on Jiang Feng as if she had no backbones.

Jiang Feng pushed Sis Hua away lightly and said with a smile, "Its a simple request to the both of you. If I can help you win your bets, each of you would have to give me ten fierce animal corpses. How is that?"

"Some worthless corpses? If thats the case, I can promise you," Ling Xun said.

"I will promise you that as well," Sis Hua answered with a nod.