Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Beast Fight

Ling Xun and Sis Hua had both agreed to Jiang Fengs request.

Jiang Feng smiled.

With twenty beast corpses, all he needed was to give two pills to Ling Xuns Caucasian Sheepdog, and it would make him become unique.

As for the other 18 pills, they would allow him, Xiaohei, Xiaohai, the entire fox family, and his family to improve their physique.

All in all, it was a very profitable venture for him.

As for how he should help the two, it would be very simple. With his current abilities, he could identify the strength of two animals. He could easily help Ling Xun take down the first phase.

As for Sis Hua, it should be her fighting another during the second phase. At that time, all he needed to do was to lend Xiaohei to her. She could secure victory easily.

He finally knew why Sis Hua would ask him to bring Xiaohei along. She wanted to use him to win the beast fight.

A platform appeared on top of the Animal Arena, and it was slowly descending into midair. The beautiful host held a bronze gong and struck it using the hammer in her hand with a smile.


As the gong was struck, many attendants entered the Animal Arena and walked over to each cubicle, and handed them their numbers.

Jiang Feng obtained the number 18, Ling Xun the number 17, and Sis Hua the number 16.

"Everyone here knows the rules of the Animal Arena, because this time"

Before the host on the elevated platform could even finish her speech, a young man and a group of wealthy individuals that were trapped within the elevator stomped in angrily.

The young man entered for a while and scanned at each of the cubicles, and quickly found out which cubicle Jiang Feng was in.

"You son of a b*tch! You were the one that damaged the elevator and trapped us in- Oh, Sis Hua, Sis Ling Xun"

When the young man saw Jiang Feng he quickly shouted out in anger. However, he only managed to yell out two lines before identifying that Sis Hua was sitting next to Jiang Feng and Ling Xun was sitting opposite of him as well. He was slightly shocked before giving them all a frown.

"Situ Hao*, dont you know what this place is? Stop being so insolent!" Sis Hua roared at the young man with a scowl.

T/L Notes: Despite sharing the same name, this Situ Hao is different from the other Situ Hao/Hao Tian. They share the same pronunciation, but their names are written differently.

"Im so sorry, Sis Hua. Sorry!" Situ Hao quickly apologized to Sis Hua. She then turned and walked away. Before leaving, he said to Jiang Feng coldly, "Kid, just you wait!"

Jiang Feng did not expect that Situ Hao would come over to look for him. His guess was that Situ Hao managed to find out that it was he who had damaged the elevator. Either that, or he checked the security camera.

Ling Xun sipped her coffee and smiled at Jiang Feng, then said, "Youre quite daring. No one would cross someone from the Situ family as easily as you did."

"Situ?" Jiang Feng asked in confusion.

Sis Hua then explained a little bit about the Situ family.

The Situ family was an ancient family that had passed down for thousands of years. All these ancient families acted very discreetly, but their influence remained immense. And everyone from these families was trained in martial arts, and one of them could easily defeat ten ordinary men.

Ling Xun then added on to the conversation and said, "Kid, be careful now. My elder brother is thinking of letting Feiyu marry Situ Hao."

The elder brother that Ling Xun was referring to was Ling Feiyus father. Ling Xun was the seventh child in the family, and she was also the youngest.

Looks like if I want to get married to Feiyu, its not going to be easy, Jiang Feng thought to himself when he saw Situ Hao sitting in a cubicle opposite of him and looking at him frigidly.


When the last group of people had taken their seats, the host struck the gong once more and said, "Shut the door! Next time, anyone whos late will not be allowed to enter!"

Her influence in this place was quite great. After she had announced this new rule, Situ Hao and the other wealthy businessmen that came in later all became extremely uncomfortable and anxious.

"I wont explain the rest of the rules of the Animal Arena. Veteran players can explain to the new players. The first fight is beginning soon, please state your bet and your wager," the beautiful host said with a temper and decided that she would not explain the rules. She then sat on her seat and looked in Jiang Fengs direction.

She was Sis Huas cousin, and people called her Sis Xiang. When she saw that her elder cousin was so interested in Jiang Feng, she became interested too and looked at him.

After Sis Xiang had finished her speech, many attendants walked toward each cubicle with a red tray in their hands.

Everyone that wanted to join the first phase would need to make a bet.

Jiang Feng was eager to place his bet. Once he had won, he could ask for the corpses of the beasts that died in the Animal Arena.

Ling Xun would also place her bet.

But as the first phase was set by Sis Hua, she would not bet on them.


Sis Xiang sat on her seat with her legs crossed. She took a bite out of an apple, and then struck the gong again.

As the gong was sounded, two doors down at the arena below opened. Two cages were automatically pushed out from the door.

Both cages had a cock in them, and each cock had a numbered plate stuck on them. They were 1 and 2 respectively.

"The first round is cockfighting!"

Jiang Feng looked at the two cocks, then said as he analyzed them with a smile, "The first cock has fewer feathers and some injuries, and obviously it has gone through a lot of fights. The feathers of the second cock has a shine to them, meaning that it was properly and lavishly raised"

"That means that number 1 has a better chance of winning?" Ling Xun said without waiting for Jiang Feng to finish.

"Number 2!" Jiang Feng was not that happy that he was interrupted, he then took out his number and threw it onto the attendants tray.

"Um Why number 2? Didnt you say that number 2 was raised lavishly and didnt go through battles and was weaker?"

"Can you wait for me to finish next time?" Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Ling Xun and said, "Number 2 is lavishly raised, but something is wrong with how number 1 is breathing. It should be because of all the internal injuries it has suffered throughout the past battles. If the fight were drawn out, it would definitely lose!"

"Not bad, kid. Teaching your auntie some lessons already?" Ling Xun grumbled at Jiang Feng and took out number 2 and threw it on the tray.

Sis Hua smiled as she listened to Jiang Fengs analysis.

One minute had passed and the bets had been set. The fight had begun.

The two cocks were released from the cage.

Cock number 1 was very ferocious. As soon as the cage was opened up, it quickly dashed toward cock number 2.

Cock number 2 did not shy away and the two began to fight.

Number 1 was slightly more ferocious and managed to peck away many of Number 2s feathers.

"Haha! Go, Number 1! I did say that while number 1 is a bit ugly, it has gone through plenty of fights! It would definitely win! Theres no mistake if you follow me!"

"Young Master Situ is quite wise. Theres no mistake in following you."


Situ Hao looked at Jiang Feng as he was showing off.

Jiang Feng merely returned him a smile with a raised cup as a response.


Many of those that bet on number 1 were quite happy when they saw all the injuries on number 2. However, when a tackle from number 2 knocked number 1 down ten minutes later, their smiles froze on their faces.

"Congratulations!" Jiang Feng said with a smile at Ling Xun as he raised his cup to her.

"Youre good!" Ling Xun gave Jiang Feng a thumbs up.