Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 309

Chapter 309 The Biggest Winner

After the first round had finished, the second round promptly began.

This time, it was a pair of Tibetan Mastiffs.

They were both of the same breed as Xiaohei, both were Western Number One.

From the way that the two Mastiffs were panting and their emotional wellbeing, number 1 was obviously stronger than number 2.

However, looking at Xiaoheis hair, claws, and emotional status, he finally bet on number 2.

It was because of the way number 2 was breathing and its emotional status that was similar to Xiaohei after his growth. That meant that number 2 was very powerful but only looked weaker.

Without any accidents, number 2 won the fight.

This round eliminated many that had won the first bet, leaving behind only four or five that had won the bets consecutively.

The third round was a pair of silver wolves.

Both wolves outer appearance was similar, and it would be very difficult to see which was stronger and which was weaker!

Feeling backed into a corner, Jiang Feng then roared out like a dragon.


He was already a dragon when he was in the game, and he was very familiar with how a dragons roar sounded like. His imitation was very on point.

His roar instantly made the entire Animal Arena silent, and everyone looked at him in fear.

Sis Hua and Ling Xun were so surprised that their hands trembled to the point where the water from their glass almost spilled out. Sis Xiang almost fell from the platform.

When everyone was looking at him, he raised his eyebrow at the direction of the two silver wolves with a smile. He already knew which was the stronger one.

"Are you surprised? Are you amazed? Are you thrilled? Cough I was too excited just now. Sorry, sorry" After he had confirmed which of the two wolves were stronger, he said to everyone with an honest smile. He looked like he needed a beating or two.

"Woof Boss you idiot" Xiaohei was also scared to the point where he was lying on the ground as he said to him with a shaking body.

After he had finished saying so, Jiang Feng gave him two good kicks.

Next, he took out Number 1 and threw it on the tray. Ling Xun looked at what he did, then quietly took out Number 1 and threw it into the tray as well.

After he unleashed his dragon roar, he noticed that the number 1 silver wolf only trembled slightly while number 2s limbs went all soft.

Just from that, he could see that number 1 was mentally stronger than number 2. That was why he was betting on number 1.

Because everyone was staring at him, no one else noticed that.

Therefore, after the two silver wolves fought, number 1 managed to secure victory.

In the end, the only ones that managed to win all three bets during the first phase were Ling Xun, him, and Chen Wanxiong whom he knew from before.

Chen Wanxiong raised his glass at Jiang Feng with a smile.

Jiang Feng did the same.

After winning the bet, Ling Xun was obviously very excited. Her hands pinched at Jiang Fengs handsome face despite his protest.

The second phase was free for all.

With his blessings, Sis Hua brought Xiaohei into the arena to fight with the boss of another Animal Arena from another province, who brought his lion.

Originally, after knowing the other person would be using a lion, he also got her hands on a lion. Perhaps she was not as confident with her decision, that was why she looked for Jiang Feng.

When two bosses from two different provinces fought in the Animal Arena, it must be because of a territorial dispute.

Seeing Sis Hua leading a Western Number One and the other man called Jiang Tian leading a lion into the arena, all the wealthy businessmen that were watching sneered.

"Sis Hua, are you telling us you want to use that dog to win over Jiang Tians lion?"

"Sis Hua, stop joking. Those two animals arent even in the same grade! You better stop so you can save the life of that Western Number One!"

"Come on, lets start our own bets. I bet that Sis Hua will lose."


Suddenly, many people started to bet on their own. Most of them bet Sis Hua would lose. Only those that had seen the power of Xiaohei were still hesitating

Jiang Feng sneered at those who were scoffing at Xiaohei, and bet everything he had on Xiaohei.

Ling Xun also smiled and bet at the maximum limit of 5,000,000.

When the battle started, Xiaohei licked his claws and looked at the lion from the edge of his eyes. He was not treating it as any sort of threat.

When the lion saw Xiaohei being so obnoxious, it let out a powerful roar and pounced toward it.

"Woof! Scram!"

When Xiaohei saw that the lion was going to pounce on it, it jumped from the ground, raised its paw, and smacked at the lions head, throwing it directly to the wall of metal.

Xiaohei used his whole power on this strike. The lion that was struck away had its head cracked and blood was continuously bleeding from its wound. It struggled on the ground for a while before it died.


Extreme silence!

All of them looked at Xiaohei as he licked his paw and combed his fur.

Jiang Tian even rubbed his eyes, unable to accept reality.

"Oh, my goodness, that dogs stronger than a lion? Are you kidding me?"

Why are we still betting?! Theres no question on which of them will win! How did he train that Western Number One? If he is willing to sell it, I will pay him 80,000,000!"

"Hehe, I warned you. I told you that this dog is very strong. But, did you listen? Now, youve lost 5,000,000."


"Kid, auntie likes you even more now," Ling Xun smiled after the private betting session as she had earned another 5,000,000.

When ling Xun smiled, she was very beautiful. Her beauty was that of a mature womans beauty.

While there was still a distance between her beauty and Ling Feiyus, after seeing Ling Feiyus smile, he already had resistance against other beautiful women.

He replied calmly with a smile and said, "Then, you must help me, Auntie. I promise that if you do, theres going to be plenty of good things for you."

Ling Xun nodded. "Dont worry. Leave it to me. You got me all that wealth, so who else am I going to help if not you?"

"Haha, handsome! This is great!"

After a short while, Sis Hua brought Xiao Hei back as she ran excitedly on her high-heels toward him. She then embraced Jiang Feng and kissed him on the lips.

"Sis Hua, lets just talk, and dont do the kisses" Jiang Feng quickly pushed her away, brushed off his cold sweat, and used his hands to block his chest.

"What is it? You dont like me? Dont worry, Ive brushed my teeth. We can go have a test drive if you dont believe me?"

"Please no, I have a weak heart!" Ling Xun was still sitting there, and he dared not do anything out of the ordinary. Even if Ling Xun was not here, he would not dare do anything anyway. If Ling Feiyu were to find out about it, he would be dead meat.

"Alright, its just a joke," Sis Hua sat down with a smile.

Jiang Feng then said, "Now that Ive helped you, remember what youve promised me. Otherwise, Ill let the dog out and bite you!"

Xiaohei helped by showing his teeth and barking.

"I am not someone that would double-cross someone," Sis Hua rolled his eyes at Jiang Feng. She then took out her cell and dialed a number. "Hello. Lin Bao is my underling. If he needs it, you guys can give him a hand!"

"Alright, boy. Tell me your address. I will send the ten corpses over to you later!" Ling Xun said with a smile.

"No need, I will be staying here for the next few days. Sis Hua, can you get me someplace to stay? Just send the corpse over to wherever Im staying."

He was going to stay here for the next few days since they had everything he needed here from food to shelter. Once he was weakened by transmuting the corpses, he could simply ask for the chefs here to make some herbal soup and nutrient-dense food for him. He would need to transmute all the beasts corpses in as short a time as possible.

Not to mention that he could come over to place a few bets every now and then since he would always win in the end.

To him, this place was made just for him to earn money!

Originally, Situ Hao wanted to come over to settle their score. But when he saw that Jiang Feng, Sis Hua and Ling Xun were so close, he had no choice but to give up on that thought.

Not to mention that Jiang Feng had Xiaohei protecting him, he did not dare do anything anyway. Unless he used guns, otherwise no one could get close to Jiang Feng.

The fight was not over, but Jiang Feng left together with XIaohei and Xiaohai. He was going to go back into the game to continue to learn new skills. He was also hoping that he could leave the Anti-Magic Prison earlier.