Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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Ding! System Prompt: As your Tiger Race Bloodline has reached 100% and because of a special condition, you will now be forced to evolve!

The system’s voice rang next to his ear, and this caused the raging Jiang Feng to hold back for a bit. Suddenly, a burst of flame began to cover him tightly and formed a fire cocoon.


The moment the flaming cocoon enveloped him, burning pain began to overload his senses, and he could only let out a painful yelp.

‘There are so many enemies out there. I must remain awake! Now that I’m evolving, I wonder if I could go for a lucky draw?’

2Jiang Feng wasn’t sure if the players’ attack on the fire cocoon would be effective. If it is, it would interrupt his evolution. Therefore, he was ready to use his remaining draws in the lottery.

He used his mind and a roulette wheel appeared in front of him.

“Just as I thought! I can go for the lucky draw!”

Seeing that, he became jovial and quickly chose to begin the lucky draw.

At the next moment, the indicating pointer began to quickly spin.

“Bloodline, I want a Bloodline!”

He had enough equipment and skills and the only thing that he lacked was bloodline.

Only with a stronger bloodline would his growth speed become even greater!

Looking at the roulette, he prayed in his heart hoping that he would get a Bloodline.

Perhaps his prayer had caused a miracle, the pointer had really stopped at the Bloodline area. A bright, diamond treasure box appeared in front of him.

1“Haha, even the heavens are helping me!”

Looking at this, he roared excitedly. At this moment, he even forgot his pain.

He opened the diamond treasure box in front of him and saw a bottle of blood.

The blood swirled within the bottle continuously, forming a small tornado.

He felt that it was wondrous as he looked at it. He then opened the bottle and drank the small bottle of blood.

Ding! System Prompt. Congratulations on gaining the Bloodline of the Spiritual Beast Skywind Dragon. You have received 20 free attribute points. Every level up from now on, you will gain 3 free attribute points.

4“Haha! This is a Bloodline from the Dragon Race! This is great!”

Hearing the system’s voice, Jiang Feng couldn’t stop laughing. Next, he allocated all 20 free attribute points on Luck.

3Just as he had allocated the points, he could feel as if there was a tornado within his body at the next moment. It was even more painful than the fire burning him.

Accompanied by the pain, even his body began to change. His body had transformed from a small tiger king into a normal-sized tiger, and two horns grew on his forehead.


When Shen Ye saw Jiang Feng immolated, he was stunned.

But when he saw Jiang Feng was being enveloped into a fiery cocoon, his face paled. He quickly told his followers and the nearby players, “He is evolving! Attack now! If he successfully evolves, all of us are going to die!”

5The official website had also given information on monster evolution. However, it was not as strong as he said. At least, not to the point where a thousand players could not beat a monster.

But the players that were present all believed him and took out their weapons to attack the cocoon.

Unfortunately, their attacks were useless against the cocoon. Or it did at most 1 point of damage.

1Shen Ye did not give up, and he led his followers to continue the assault.

Very quickly, ten minutes had passed.


And at this time, the cocoon cracked open.

“The cocoon has hatched! Everyone attack! As long as we destroy the cocoon he wouldn’t be able to evolve!” Shen Ye shouted. He did not know how much time the evolution needed and thought that the cocoon cracking had something to do with their attacks. His eyes were beaming with excitement.


Just as soon as he had finished his sentence, the cocoon exploded. All the players that were close by had been knocked away and had their HP greatly decreased. There were even some players that had been instantly killed.


At this time, a tiger’s roar could be heard. A tiger with snow-white fur and growing a pair of horns shot out from the ashes and directly went towards Shen Ye.

That white tiger was the evolved Jiang Feng!

“Quickly, stop him!”

Seeing this, he quickly retreated in a panic and refused to face him directly.

2He was Level 10, and if he was killed he would drop to Level 9 and be teleported to a random Starter Village.

1It would be a disgrace if he were skilled and sent back to a Starter Village, so he naturally refused to be killed.

1Unfortunately, he had overlooked Jiang Feng’s strength. Jiang Feng ran on all four, with a few jumps, and he could already pounce on him.

Seeing Jiang Feng was quickly approaching him, Shen Ye’s face turned even paler. He drew his longbow and launched an arrow at Jiang Feng, and quickly retreated to the back.

“Roar! I want you dead!”

Shen Ye had just retreated a few steps when Jiang Feng roared angrily, and his four-strong limbs pressed Shen ye, and he sank his teeth on Shen Ye’s neck.


With his throat being crunched by Jiang Feng, Shen Ye could only cry out in pain. In the next moment, he felt as if his neck had disappeared. And he looked up, his neck had really been snapped by Jiang Feng.


While he was still stunned in fear, Jiang Feng’s strong forelimb violently slammed on his head, and blood and white spurt out from it. He dropped a longbow and disappeared as he became a white light.

When the nearby players saw this bloody scene, they were all scared to the point where their faces turned white and dared not to approach even one step.

1They did not dare to move, but Jiang Feng had no such reservations.

Remembering how the players had attacked him, he sprinted into the group of players and began a slaughter.

Combining the effects of his evolution and Spiritual-Level Bloodline, this had caused all his stats to double.

His HP was at 14,000, Attack at 1200, and Defense at 600. Meanwhile, the other players’ HP had reached mostly around one or two thousand. He could kill a player in two swipes. If he did critical damage, he could instantly kill the player.

1“Damn, this monster had really evolved into a Spiritual Beast! Let’s kill it! It will drop a Spiritual Artifact!”

Some of the players were brave. Not only were they not afraid, but they also became even more excited as they stared at Jiang Feng and attacked Jiang Feng with their weapons in hands.

Unfortunately, as soon as he came near to Jiang Feng, he was instantly killed by one swipe from Jiang Feng before he could even attack.

1Jiang Feng went into a killing frenzy, his white fur had been soaked in red, and he looked extremely ghastly.

Many female players had already fled and dared not to remain here. Some of the male players that were timid also did not dare to approach.

8After killing almost a hundred players, Jiang Feng had finally stopped. He moved his limbs and slowly walked to Mu Xi, who was standing aside.

He took out the Flaming Tiger Pelts that he had received from transmuting the Flaming Tigers, and threw them all in front of her, then turned and left.

The Flaming Tiger Pelts had little use for him, and he could at most sell it for some money. Since Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao had helped him, and even forced his evolution, he would consider these Flaming Tiger Pelts as thanks to Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao.

Mu Xi picked up the Flaming Tiger Pelts, and she counted that there were around fifty of them. This surprised her.

“Why would it have so many Flaming Tiger Pelts? Where did he hide them? Monsters have inventories too?”

Mu Xi looked at Jiang Feng leaving, and her mind was filled with questions. She felt as if she understood that monster even less.