Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 310

Chapter 310 Begin The World War

After Jiang Feng returned to his room, he brought Xiaohei and Xiaohai for supper. He then went online afterward.

In order to stop Situ Hao from starting any trouble, he gave Xiaohei and Xiaohai some orders before entering the game.

Once he had entered the game, he appeared within the Anti-Magic Prison.

His followers were still learning new skills. Those with higher insights had already learned their own Sacred Skills.

Heifeng kept on using the same skill.

Xiao Longnu and the Thunderclap Mantis were also doing the same and repeatedly used the same skills.

What shocked him was that their skills were much more powerful than before.

He originally wanted to ask them about it, but he then remembered Ling Feiyu and decided to give her a video call.

Ling Feiyu accepted his request to video call very quickly.

Looking at the beautiful Ling Feiyu, he smiled happily. "Feiyu, Ill be staying at the Animal Arena for a while. I wont be going back so soon."

Ling Feiyu raised her eyebrow and gave him a playful smile and said, "The Animal Arena? Thats a good place to be. A paradise for men, especially."

Jiang Feng did not expect Ling Feiyu to know about the Animal Arena, but he also knew that Ling Feiyu had made some assumptions about him. He then said, "Stop thinking too much about it. Right, Ive met our auntie Ling Xun today."

"Um So, you know each other now?"

"Yeah. But dont worry, I have her in my grasp."

"How did you do it?"

"This was how it went"


Next, Jiang Feng explained to Ling Feiyu for a long while about what happened in the Animal Arena before ending the video call.

From the call, he found out from ling Feiyu that the Casino had a new bet.

The content of the bet was whether he could break out of the Anti-Magic Prison within one week. The odds were 10:1, yes or no.

After giving it a thought, he had Ling Feiyu bet all the pp she had on him.

While he was not sure if he could make it out within one week, he was going to bet on it.

Ling Feiyu still had around 250,000,000pp on her. Ten times meant that he would have 2,500,000,000pp. He could then get something from the auction house when it was time.

After ending the video call, he then went to Xiao Longnu and asked her why she was doing that, "Why are you practicing the same skill again and again? Is it to increase your proficiency?"

Xiao Longnu shook her head and said, "No. I realized that if we keep on practicing the same skills, the stamina that we spend will decrease. If we keep on practicing, it might even increase the Sacred Skills ranking.

"Reduce stamina cost? Increase rank?"

Jiang Feng was astounded.

While there was no time limit on learning skills within the Anti-Magic Prison, it would expend 80% stamina. That meant that he would not be able to use these skills without sufficient stamina. If he could reduce the stamina cost and use it twice within the span of a few seconds, then he would be overpowered.

However, the increased ranking was just one of Xiao Longnus guesses, but he would never say never.

Once he thought of that, he also continuously practiced the Shadow Strike Sacred Skill, reducing Shadow Strikes stamina cost. It would be even better if he could increase his ranking.


Within the next week, he had been spending most of his time in the Anti-Magic Prison.

Currently, Shadow Strike would use 45 points of Stamina each use. Meaning that he could use it twice.

However, he kept on training, hopefully increasing the skills ranking.

During this time, other than practicing his skill in the Anti-Magic Prison, he had also used this time to transmute 20 Enhancing Pills from the corpses that Sis Hua and Ling Xun gave him. He had also gotten two more requests from the Animal Arena.

However, what made him disappointed was that he did not earn any money. Everyone knew by then how powerful Xiaohei was. No one would challenge him, and no one would accept his challenge. That made him feel defeated.

Other than practicing his skills, transmuting the corpses, and betting on the animal fights, he had one more thing to do. That was to let Xiaohei and Xiaohai eat the Enhancing Pill to improve their physique.

They would share one enhancing pill every day. After one week, Xiaohei and he became even stronger. Xiaohai was quite good too, able to latch on Xiaohei and carry it into the air.

Today, he went online just like normal and continued to practice the Shadow Strike Sacred Skill.

He was just about to start when a World Announcement rang in his ear that made him instantly anxious and nervous.

World Announcement: Congratulations player Lux for reaching level 100. The World War system has been activated. As he is the first player to reach level 100, he is awarded 1,000 World Reputation Points, 1 unique weapon, and 100,000gp.

"Damn it, Lux has already reached level 100?"

Jiang Fengs facial expression became extremely grim. He no longer had any will to practice his skill and became nervous.

I have to get out by today! He thought to himself as he looked at his followers that were all practicing their Sacred Skills, his brain began to crank out ideas.


Just as Jiang Feng was very nervous within the Anti-Magic Prison, all the leaders of the servers became excited.

American Server.

Johns laughed excitedly within Atlantis Citys Steward Residence, "Haha, while Lux is someone that opposing us, but it seems that he still cares about our national reputation. Not bad."

James J also said eagerly, "Leader, lets begin the World War while the Shifter Emperor is still being imprisoned."

Johns continued to laugh, "Alright, go and inform the other four servers and all of us would declare war against Huaxia Server at the same time. My guess is by the time the World War has begun, he would still be stuck inside. I wonder what kind of expression he would have later, haha!"


All the elites of the American Server began to laugh out excitedly with vigor on their face.


Japanese Server.

Tokyo Citys Steward Residence. Kitazawa Hinata laughed even louder than Johns, almost to the point where he was going to faint. He looked very pleased with himself, to the point where others would yearn to give him a beating.

"Haha! Oh, Shifter Emperor. Lets see what else you can do! Once youre out, Huaxia Server would have become a wasteland. Tell everyone to declare war against the Huaxia Server!"

Kawaguchi Shinki nodded impatiently. "At once!"


Europe Server.

Adam. "Declare World War against Huaxia Server!"


Korean Server.

Park Eum-uk. "Declare World War against Huaxia Server!"


African Server.

Yero sat within the pyramid. Looking at Jiang Feng and his followers in anxiety, his face cracked into a smile.

He opened his friend panel and then said to a friend through the voice chat, "Declare World War against Huaxia Server!"


Huaxia Server.

Ling Feiyu, Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, and a group of elite players from Huaxia Server were all gathered at the Imperial Dragon City.

Ling Feiyu said with a frown, "With the World War system active, the other five servers would no doubt declare war against us when the Shifter Emperor is not with us. Each of you, go to your guild and choose all your best men. We have to gather 1,000,000 players. Each guild would then choose another 1,000 players to pull in players. Everyone, use your Honor Points to exchange for Teleportation Gates and give them to the teams. If anyone dies, pull them back into their original party. We cannot let them fall into chaos!"

Xue Yingqi nodded and continued, "Those with more than 1,000,000, exchange for an Energy Cannon. We do not have much time, go and gather the players now and then head to the Pacific Ocean. Once they have declared World War against us, we would choose the location at the center of the Pacific Ocean. That way, we can buy some time!"


Each of the guilds leaders was all very united at this moment. They all began to send out messages and voice messages. Some of them even went back to their cities to handpick players.

As for those with high enough Honor Points, they began to exchange for Teleportation Gates so that they could create parties to pull players in.

Xue Yingqi sighed as she could feel the pressure and said, "Sigh With the war looming, I wonder if well be able to hold the attack of the five servers at bay.

"Dont worry, the Shifter Emperor would definitely make it back in time!"

Ling Feiyu was very confident because she believed that his man would no doubt appear like a knight in shining armor, standing on a cloud, and descend from the sky at the decisive moment, killing all that stood in their way and changing the tide of the war!