Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Scram

After Divine Dominion was released to the world, the game had taken over the world by storm.

It was the first virtual game that had a realism rating of up to 99%, becoming a game that was very popular with gamers.

Regardless of whether it were students, teachers, workers, or businessmen, even some officials were playing this game.

It could be said that the game was extremely influential.

Other than the games influence, the one event that most players cared about was the World War!

The World War, where players from six countries all battled at the same time. It was going to go without saying that it would be very magnificent, and seeing such a sight would draw out the passion from the people.

From the moment that the World War had been unlocked, many of the players who were also reporters from the media company had begun reporting about the World War.

The news kept on being pushed up to Weibos most popular searches and had also generally become the hottest topic.

"Welcome to our livestream! I am Xiao Mozi, a player reporter from Xinghe Media. Now, Im standing on the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor! You can see below the Ancient City, the entire Pacific Ocean has been covered by ships as the players from all the other servers begin to gather. The number of players is uncountable. If we calculate the games area for the Pacific Ocean to calculate the number of players that are here for the war and those that are here to spectate, there are around 30,000,000 players here!"

"Hello, I am Streamer KK! Next, the stream is going to be about the World War. Thats right, this is going to be the most exciting war eight months after the Divine Dominion opened for Beta Testing. From what I understand, not only can the winner weaken the players from the opposing servers, they can even conquer their cities. Back in the real world, the winner would gain the territorial rights to Pearl Island. According to experts, Pearl Island has a huge amount of oil reserves. The island itself is worth 100,000,000,000 USD. If we could get our hands on this island, it would greatly affect Huaxias economy."

"Hello everyone! I am the gossip streamer Feifei! The World War has begun, and the Shifter Emperor still hasnt appeared! Can the Huaxia server block the attack of the five servers? Dont leave the stream! I will show everyone the hot-blooded war from a first-person view!"


As the player reporters and streamers all began their streams, some of the real-life television programs such as drama and variety shows had been delayed and switched to the World War in the Divine Dominion.

Many of those that were not in-game were all in front of the television, hoping to see this battle.

The war was not made of special effects. It was very real. It was because of this realism that caused the viewers at home to be so passionate about it.

Some of the viewers had already bought a bunch of snacks. They were eating them as they watched the players from the servers setting up their formation.

Some students were all grouping up together in some universitys staircases, discussing the World War.

"Sigh. I regret not playing this game from the very beginning. I still havent left my Starter Village, and I can only watch from the outside. Itd be great to watch it in the game!"

"You dont have to be so envious. Were the fifth batch that has entered the game, and the World War was started by the players that were from the first and second batches. There are going to be other World Wars after this. It would then be our chance. Now, what we need to do is to watch and learn the tactics!"

"The Shifter Emperor isnt here, its going to be dangerous this time around."

"Thats right. The Shifter Emperor is a mythical character. The battle of the Shifter-Sealing Tower, the Guild War, the Uproar in Heaven, destroying the Japanese Servers Yamata-no-Orochi It was destined that he would become a legend in Divine Dominion. As long as he is here, he could completely dominate all the other servers!"


Huaxia Server, the Divine Dominions development base.

Professor Ling Zhenhong was drinking water calmly as he looked at the screen in front of him.

"Professor Ling, while we have increased the Sacred Beasts powers during the third patch, the experience they gave has also multiplied by a few folds. The World War started three months earlier than we had anticipated. Should we patch it again after the World War?" The higher-up from the technical division asked Ling Zhenhong.

Ling Zhenhong smiled and said, "No need. Prepare the update for Silvermoon. In about three or four months, the first and second batch of players would go to Silvermoon. Please change and improve the areas background!"

"Sure, alright," The higher-up nodded.

"Professor Ling, do you think that the Shifter Emperor could get out of the Anti-Magic Prison?" Jia Liang asked Ling Zhenhong.

"He better come out. If Huaxia Server loses because of him, Ill kill him!" Ling Zhenhong said angrily.

"I dont think thats possible. Lingluo said that the Primordial Artifacts are very powerful. No matter how powerful he is, he shouldnt be able to get out," Jia Liang said with a smile.

"Oh?" Ling Zhenhong raised an eyebrow as he looked at Jia Liang wittily and said, "Jia, it seems like you dont want the Shifter Emperor to come out? What kind of sentiment is that? If the Shifter Emperor could escape, then Hua Xia server still has a chance to win. If the Shifter Emperor cant come out, then Hua Xia server would lose without question. Dont tell me youre part of another country?"

Jia Liangs face was slightly frozen, but it quickly turned into a playful smile as he said, "Im just saying! The Shifter Emperor can definitely come out. Whoever stops him from escaping is an enemy of the Huaxia Server! Well beat the hell out of him!"

Ling Zhenghong smiled and turned back to watching the screen, looking at the details of the World War.


Pacific Ocean, Huaxia Server.

One hour had passed, and there was less than half an hour before the World War would start.

At this time, the armies of the six servers had gathered. They were located on two sides of the platform.

Ling Feiyu, Xue Yingqi, Xue Haifeng, Qiu Si, Wen Yan and the other elites all stood in a row on the platform. Each of them leading a group of highly cooperative, high-stat players. Of course, Ling Feiyu was leading mostly monsters.

Johns, James J, Eve, Adam, Kitazawa Hinata the elites from the other five nations were all standing several hundred meters away from Ling Feiyu and the others. The elites from the five nations outnumbered Huaxia by around a factor of three. It was obvious who was at an advantage.


Karina, who was in the American faction, rode out to greet her on a white hawk with joy when she saw her.

Ling Feiyu also called out her Unicorn and flew toward her to greet her.

"Feiyu, congratulations on becoming the wife of the Shifter Emperor, and becoming the leader of this World War!" Karina said excitedly when she saw Ling Feiyu.

"You whore! You can still laugh at this? I wont show you any mercy later," Ling Feiyu said with a smile as she, too, felt happiness.

Because both of them were quite far away from the other players, their conversations were for them alone and no one else could hear it. That was why the two of them were joking around without fear.

"Scram! Ive been a good girl," Karina said as she rolled her eyes at Ling Feiyu, then said with a mischievous smile, "Did you do it with the Shifter Emperor NPC? Is the NPCs "thing" big? Were best friends, lend your husband to me for a while, eh?"

"Its big and very good! But Im not lending, so you can stop thinking about it," Ling Feiyu said with pride.

Both of them had been best friends for many years, so they were not that careful with their chatter. Not to mention that the contents of their chats had never been leaked out to anyone else so they trusted each other a lot.

"Alright, that fake Johns is here. You have to be careful. The players from the other countries that didnt join the World War have set up ambushes across the Huaxia Server. If you were to lose, they would be the first to attempt to conquer the cities in Huaxia Server," Karina said.

When she saw Johns getting close, she raised her voice by once decibel and shouted angrily at Ling Feiyu, "You b*tch! Im doing this because were friends! Just you wait, when the World War begins, youre the first one that Im going to kill!"

"Hmph, well see about that!" Ling Feiyu snorted coldly back at her.

Next, Karina turned around and flew back with an angry expression. Johns looked at Karina with slight confusion, but when she saw Ling Feiyus similar expression, he put two and two together. His guess was that the two must have had an argument. He smiled happily and said to Ling Feiyu, "Feiyu, long time no see! I didnt realize that youre Huaxia Servers commander, I"


Ling Feiyu shouted and turned away. She had no time for Johns.