Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 313

Chapter 313 The Blood Cocoon Cracked?

When Johns realized that he was ignored by Ling Feiyu, he was angered.

Looking at her from behind, he yelled out, "Ling Feiyu, my advice for you is to stop resisting. We will treat the players from the Huaxia Server better, if not"

Ling Feiyu turned back and answered him domineeringly, "Just by that sentence, were going to take all the cities from the American Server!"

She believed that Jiang Feng would come out. Then, the players from the other five servers could only shake in their boots.



Within the Anti-Magic Prison, Jiang Feng led his followers and began another round of attack against it. The entire Anti-Magic Prison began to shake.

When Yero, who was guarding the prison from the outside saw what was happening, he was shocked. "Damn it, I didnt expect that they could learn new skills in the Anti-Magic Prison! And they are so strong too! I wonder if the Eye of the Pharaoh could continue to contain them!"

At this time, Yero kept on coming back to observe Jiang Feng and his group of underlings within the Eye of the Pharaoh.

He was surprised to realize that the Anti-Magic Prison would have another effect, that was to learn Sacred Skills.

While he knew about it, he did not dare to try it himself.

Because once he entered the Anti-Magic Prison, he could not use any skills within it. As he could not use any skills to get out, he could only be imprisoned within.

It could be said that entering the Anti-Magic Prison would be easy, but exiting it would be very difficult!

Five more minutes until the World War starts. Hopefully, Johns and the others can do it fast. If the Anti-Magic Prison were broken, its not going to be pretty! Yero thought to himself.


Within the Anti-Magic Prison.

Jiang Feng wiped away his virtual sweat and looked at the Anti-Magic Prison disappointedly.

"It still isnt broken. Breaking a Primordial Artifacts effect is so hard."

Helplessly, he sat down on the ground and tried to think of a way.

Seeing that there was only 5 minutes before the World War would begin, he was getting even more anxious.

Huaxia Server only had 1,000,000 players, but the other five servers had 5,000,000 players combined. The battle would end in less than half an hour.

And it would be pointless for him to come out then.


At this time, a cracking sound appeared in the Anti-Magic Prison.

When he heard the sound, his eyes beamed as he thought to himself, did the Anti-Magic Prison break?

Once he thought of that, he turned around and looked at where he had previously attacked.

But what made him disappointed was that the cracking sound did not come from there.


The cracking sound appeared again.

Jiang Feng looked expectantly at where the cracking sound came from.

Only to see that Heifeng was stepping on the blood cocoon, and he was having a lot of fun doing it.

"Haha, I didnt realize that this egg is so much fun to play with!"

When Heifeng saw Jiang Feng and everyone else looking at him, he stopped and blinked. He then asked, all confused, "What is it? Why are you all looking at me?"

Yanhu rolled his eyes at Heifeng and said, "Do you know what youre stepping on?"

Heifeng shook his head innocently and explained, "Nope. Found it when I got back into the Lianyao Flask. I brought it out since it looked pretty fun."

Xiao Longnu said calmly, "You are stepping on Huaxias future Sacred Beast. Also, its power must at least be of high-rank Lesser Sacred Master. If it knew that you were stepping on it when it comes out, you will regret it!"

"Oh damn! Why didnt you say it earlier!" Heifeng jumped down from the blood cocoon after getting a shock. He then lay down next to the blood cocoon and kept on bowing at it.

"Sorry, Sacred Master. I was doing this all for you. You looked a bit overweight so Im helping you get some exercise so that its easier for you to break out of the eggshell. Thats right Im helping you, dont need to thank me."

"Wheres your dignity?!" Yanhu and the others called him out.

Jiang Feng could only stare speechlessly as he looked at Heifeng.

In order to make it easier for his followers to enter and exit the Lianyao Flask, Jiang Feng had placed the Lianyao Flask aside as soon as he came back online. It would allow them to enter and exit at will, but he did not expect that Heifeng would take out the Blood Cocoon and play with it like some toy.

"Oh, gods! Boss, look"

Heifeng, who was lying next to the Blood Cocoon cried out in surprise at this time. His eyes were filled with fear as he retreated backward.

Jiang Feng noticed that something was happening, and quickly headed toward it.


When he walked next to the blood cocoon, it surprised him to see that a crack had appeared in the blood cocoon. There was a monster that looked like a small demon with a pair of fangs and wings growing on the black staring at him with round eyes and a weird smile.

"Blood Lots of blood!" The little demon cracked a smile and said to Jiang Feng in a whisper.

Jiang Feng frowned, realized something, and quickly told all his followers to come over, "All of you, let it drink your blood!"

With that, he decided to lead by example, took out a longsword and cut across his arm so that a wound would form, and blood could drop into the crack.

When the little demon saw the blood, it became very agitated and began to drink.

As it began to drink the blood, the progress bar on the blood cocoon was also slowly increasing. The moment that Jiang Feng had finished the bloodletting, the progress bar had reached 80%.

"Quickly!" He yelled out to Heifeng with joy.

Heifeng walked over hesitantly. He then took Heifengss paw and gave it a slash, and let the blood flow.

"After you have fed it with your blood, come over to get a Large Recovery Pill from me to restore your HP. And then, continue to feed it with blood!" Once he finished saying that, he walked over to the side, ate a Large Recovery Pill to restore his HP.

If he could fuse a Sacred Beast, using his Lesser Sacred Masters power and his followers, he should be able to break apart the Anti-Magic Prison!

He continued to restore his HP, and then looked expectantly at the little demon that was happily drinking the blood poured over it.

The more blood the little demon was drinking, the faster the progress bar was progressing.

After 5 minutes, it had already grown to 85%. It was much faster than letting it grow on his own.

If Jiang Feng knew that feeding it blood would increase the speed of its birth, he would have done it already.


But what Jiang Feng did not know was that an even stranger occurrence was happening from outside the Eye of the Pharaoh.

There was light emitting from the Eye of the Pharaoh, and all the light entered the Anti-Magic Prison, and then entered the Blood Cocoon from underneath it.

"Whats happening? What is that blood cocoon? Is that the new Sacred Beast that was fused from the Sacred Beasts Bloods of Origin from each server?"

Yero looked at what was happening from the outside with shock, but what made him even more startled was what was happening to the Eye of the Pharaoh on the outside.

He was extremely confused as he had never seen anything like that happening. He did not even know if he should let Jiang Feng and his followers out.

If he did let Jiang Feng and his followers out, then all the plans from one week ago would be all gone!

Yero, who did not know the significance of this, quietly looked at the Anti-Magic Prison after sending Johns a message.