Mmorpg: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 314

Chapter 314 4: Attack

At the center of the Pacific Ocean.

The war would begin soon.

Ding. World War Prompt: World War commencing in 10, 9, 8

After two hours worth of preparation, the players from all six servers had finished their preparation.

Ling Feiyu sat on top of her unicorn, holding a longsword decorated with feathers.

The longsword was a gift from Jiang Feng. It was a Divine Artefact that he looted from a god at the Celestial Court. It could be used at melee or at range, and it could also be used with both physical and magical attacks.

With a brave face, she slowly raised her feathered sword.


The moment the feathered sword was raised, a crane appeared from the sword and danced on the swords tip.

When all the players from the Huaxia Server saw this scene, they felt passion and boldness begin to overcome them. Their body shook not because of fear, but because of anticipation, of excitement.

Xiao Yatou came over riding on a Frost Sparrow.

She slowly floated upward as she sat cross-legged on the Frost Sparrow as the Fuxi Zither appeared on her knees.

The Fuxi Zither now had five strings, and the pictures of the stars and the Bagua began to spin, sparkling with lights.

Her hands slowly placed on the strings, waiting for Ling Feiyus command.

Xue Yingqis body had also transformed, her feet took on a serpentine form as she held a vine in her hand.

The vine was no mortal item, it was also a Sacred Artefact. It was the leftover vine that Nuwa had transmuted and used to create Humanity.

Xue Haifeng threw out a giant Bagua, and the Bagua instantly enlarged in the air. He jumped and stood on the Bagua. He opened his hands and placed it on top of the many runes.

Qiu Sis Divine Dragon Sword separated into three swords, floating behind him.

Wen Yan stepped on a three-colored flame, Miaoer stepped on a wave.

Players were not the only ones that had joined the World War. They include some of the NPC inheritors and those that they led.

As they were also part of Huaxia, naturally they would be part of the World War.


At this moment, all the players from the Huaxia Server held their breath and prepared for the attack.

The players from the other five servers were also doing the same, waiting for the time to attack.

Ding. World War Prompt: 1, 0. The World War has begun!


The moment that the prompt was made, Ling Feiyu waved her feathered-sword toward the players in front of them. Next, the crane that was on her feathered sword let out a cry and headed straight toward Johns and his cronies.


At this time, the Golden Cloth that Jiang Feng gave to Ling Feiyu appeared and covered her, and she rushed straight into battle with her feathered sword.


The moment she made her move, Xiao Yatous hands began to play her zither and played the song "Surge of the Turquoise Tide."

As she played, it began to rain heavily. All the players that had been touched by the rain began to emit a soft flow and their powers increased.

As Xiao Yatous power and the number of strings she gathered increased, the area that she could buff also became wider. She could affect an area up to a thousand meters wide.


The moment Ling Feiyu attacked, the commander of the five nations had also ordered their attack.

"Attack! Attack!"

At that moment, the sound of slaughter rang through the platform.

The players from the five servers began to rush over from the other side of the platform, and the players from the Huaxia server greeted them in kind.

Other than the ground, the air was also filled with players.

The moment both factions clashed, Xiao Yatou pressed on the Fuxi Zithers string and silenced her song.

The rain stopped in the middle of the air.


Xiao Yatou concentrated and the rain that froze in the air became arrows of ice.



As soon as she said that, the ice arrows quickly flew toward the players from the five servers.


Xue Haifeng stood on the giant Bagua as his hands moved and weaved. Each rune that flew out from the Bagua transformed into rocky mountains and flew toward the players from the five servers, attempting to crush them.


Ling Feiyu waved the feathered sword in her hand and it instantly transformed into a feathered fan, and then she waved it.

Next, Miaoer and the water-elemental wizards and members of the Waters unleashed their water-elemental skills on the players from the opposing factions. Waves after waves slammed at them, forcing them back as they were flipped and thrown over.

"Earth Wall!"

Seeing what was happening, Johns quickly commanded the wizards of the five servers to create an Earth Wall to block the torrential wave.

Ling Feiyu waved with her palm and said, "Metal!"

As soon as she said that, the metal-elemental wizards all used their buffing skills and buffed the warriors that were in front with a metallic shield.

The warriors upfront quickly rushed over and rammed the Earth Wall into pieces, then fought with the warrior players from the other side.


Vines and roots sprout on the platform, entangling the enemies.


A firestorm engulfed the middle of the platform, and even the entire sky turned scarlet in color.


Earth spikes appeared from the ground, and many players that did not manage to dodge in time were attacked by the spikes from below, and cries of pain could be heard across the battlefield.

As Ling Feiyu was employing her strategies, Johns was countering each of her moves.

"Haha! Feiyu, not bad! But have you forgotten, we have 5 times your number!"

After handling another wave of Ling Feiyus attack, Johns merely sneered at her and said as he waved his hand, "Surround them, go!"

As soon as Johns had said that, Kitazawa Hinata led the players from the Japanese Server to attack from the left and Adam led the players from the European Server to attack from the right. The players from the African Server and Korean Server then sailed on the ship and directly attacked them from behind.

Suddenly, all the players from the Huaxia Server were surrounded in the middle.

"Its still not enough?" Ling Feiyu mumbled with a pale face as she saw that the players from the Huaxia server were surrounded in the middle by a swarm of endless players that was beginning to advance upon them.

"Defensive formation!" While she felt that she was already stretched beyond her limits, she would not give up. As long as their numbers did not fall beneath 50,000, she would hang on until the final moment and persevere until Jiang Feng appeared.


The Anti-Magic Prison within the pyramid in the African Server.

Jiang Feng kept on feeding the little demon with his blood. The World War had already started 10 minutes ago, and he was even more anxious now. He had even taken a Coming of Spring Pill, and kept on bleeding on the Little Demons gaping mouth with his fresh blood.

"95%. Just a little bit more! Keep going!" Jiang Feng ordered his followers as he looked at the progress bar on the Blood Cocoon.

When some of his followers that had recovered saw that his HP was almost depleted, they quickly ran over and bled on the Blood Cocoon.

Gulp gulp

Despite drinking their blood, the little demons size did not change at all. However, a black horn began to grow on his forehead.

"A again!" The little demon said excitedly.

Jiang Feng gritted his teeth and ate another Coming of Spring Pill to instantly recover his HP. He then continued to feed the little demon with even more blood.